Assassin’s Creed 3 graphics debate after AnvilNext

By Alan Ng - Aug 3, 2012

It’s no secret that Assassin’s Creed 3 looks incredible in the graphics department. You may not realize it, but Ubisoft are actually powering the game with a brand new engine called AnvilNext.

The developer has decided to brake away from the recent screenshot and trailer unveils by instead showing us what the AnvilNext engine is capable of in a gameplay montage. We’ve seen some pretty jaw-dropping stills for the game so far, but this video perhaps gives you a look at the graphics in its fullest form.

At the start of the trailer, there’s even a few environments on show that wouldn’t look out of place in Skyrim. Skip to 0.38 and you’ll see the how good the AnvilNext engine is when churning out realistic lighting effects.

One of the key elements of the AnvilNext engine can be heard from 1.00 onwards, as we learn that the AnvilEngine possesses the ability to include around 2000 non-player characters on the screen at the same time. We’ve seen some screenshots of these epic battles previously, but it is going to be an incredible experience playing it first hand with all of the action going on – 2000 soldiers is quite an achievement you have to say.

If ground battles are not your thing, Assassin’s Creed 3 will also give you the option of participating in sea dogfights with rival ships. Some of the destruction elements seen in the clip below look absolutely fantastic. Dynamic weather is going to be another highlight of the AnvilEngine and you can see an example of this at the 1.40 mark.

A lot of people are saying The Last of Us is the best looking console game at the moment, but looking at Ubisoft’s new engine here, do you think that Assassin’s Creed 3 has a claim for that title? The game is easily going to be up for several awards once it’s out.

Check out the stunning visuals for yourself and let us know how you think it compares to other games.

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  • Cherokee Assassin

    So another idea people have been discussing on forums is the game feeling alive. You know in uncharted 3 or just the series itself. They do one main thing in the game that makes it feel alive. The characters speak while youre in gameplay as you progress. What if in the trailer when Connor pulls the soldier behind the building and assassinates him, he says something to himself. It speaks quietly like Drake does. That was close… You know just as an example. Just ways to improve the game. Not putting ubisofts great franchise down just saying ways it could be further improved. I hope Alex Hutchison follows through with the promise and this game has some length. Angry joe is the voice of true gamers that are not slobbering idiots on thier mothers couches!

  • Cherokee Assassin

    So disappointing when they build a game up to be do much and you blow through the game and it feels shallow. For assassins I think they should take an approach to stop making them soo short.. Okay nothing is going to be as long as skyrim but they could definitely make it feel like it was worth it. You can have amazing details, graphics and a serious processing engine to power your game but like Angry joe says… You have to have compelling side quests that are nearly equal to main quests and the have to be meant to push you through the grind so it feels like a memorable experience.

  • Cherokee Assassin

    They alwayss have short story’s though. The games on take a day or two to play…

  • Muskian

    AC 3 defiantly looks great and, given the fact that it’s an open world game, I’m surprised that they could make it look that good AND jam in so much new content!

    Be that as it may, you cant compare this games graphics with The last of us when NEITHER of them have released yet. And remember, all we have seen of the last of us is one gameplay demo, and some trailers. Naughty dog haven’t released a trailer detailing the games full graphical capabilities yet.

  • ag95

    “America before it was America” what idiot came up with that line, it always was America just not the united states

    • AnonyMoose

      i think it means what america was like before the america we know today

  • Insanity

    Just because a game looks good it doesnt mean that it is fun to play…

    • Jc1334

      That goes without saying… But this article is focusing on the new engine. So talking about the graphics is kind of the point. Derp.

  • Jose Cohen

    Why do people think The Last of Us looks good? It’s just this tendency to conflate “good” and “photorealistic.” I don’t see why we have to do so. There are countless historical examples of games that have highly stylized graphics, and look absolutely amazing. Further, attempting photorealism can actually break verisimilitude, because you know that it isn’t real but it’s disconcerting because it’s clearly trying too hard to be real.

    • Muskian