Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit about inspiration

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 3, 2012

The Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit might involve a lot of politics and interesting stories, but in a nutshell it’s about Apple trying to make a jury see that Samsung has copied the iPhone, although for Samsung they believe their smartphones were inspired by Apple and they didn’t steal patented designs. The outcome of this trial is hard to predict at this stage, and currently the Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit is proving to be entertainment for fans that is also delivering some behind the scenes insight.

We have seen some interesting things emerge from the first few days of the Apple vs. Samsung trial, and you can see most of the highlights explained in the videos below this article. This includes a testimony that revealed some real insight into the design process for Apple, and also what Steve Jobs thought about the potential for the iPhone.

Some people feel this trial is more about winning public opinion than the court’s outcome, which couldn’t be more obvious after Samsung were forbidden from releasing some evidence, and then the Koreans went ahead and did it anyway. This key evidence included some photo slides, seen in the video below, which paint a picture that Samsung had been designing a smartphone like the iPhone before the first Apple phone launched.

The Samsung F700 had been one of the concepts before the first generation iPhone released, although we’d love to hear what you think about these early Samsung designs when compared to the iPhone. The Judge, Lucy Koh, is certainly not happy with these slides becoming public and has put Samsung on her bad side, but this reveal might have won some public opinion and certainly made things clearer for Android fans.

Do you think Samsung stole design ideas from Apple? Watch the videos below to see the latest news in regard to the Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit, and keep connected to PR as we cover the outcome of this high profile case. With some people well and truly supporting their favorite brand it could be that no outcome will sway fans from Apple or Samsung smartphones.

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  • Hansolo

    Apple is being a cry baby…most of its chips are madein Korea and one of its vital chip is from Samsung. Now Samsung is becoming a leader and Apple is running out of idea to compete against all the Android phone manufacturers, Apple is crying like a baby…complaining this and that….have you seen iphone5 review? Terrible. Just shut up and use that money in developing better product!

  • Mattyb77

    Apple were first to market. Samsung really are quite pathetic and completely unoriginal. At least Microsoft are trying with something different.

  • Denisimo

    Apple SO deserve to win this as it IS their advanced tech that made this advanced product available for ALL of us. NO ONE else has the total connectivity of Apple, but the REAL story is that the iPhone copiers have made this extraordinary tech available for the ‘me toos’ and there is real benefit in that.
    Legally and morally though, Apple deserve their rightful win and copiers should at LEAST be paying royalties to the originators .. Again as is usual Apple are by FAR the best!
    That greatness should be recognized and paid for!

    • Nabil Jaser

      Spoken like a true iSheep. Thank you for your complete unbiased opinion. Very factual may I add.

    • Joe

      I love it when fanboys comment; shows their ignorance. They show they know no IT history and do zero research. They truely believe that Apple came up with all inovation first.

  • Lanyx17

    All this is just a cry for help from apple, they know their ship is sinking and the just want something to hang on. They havent made a single innovation to their products since  the iphone and ipad came to, every single model from there is the same thing. As for the patent lawsuit, its as if ford sue toyota because their cars have 4 wheels, 4 doors, and engine and it moves, so its a copycat. Right now we have come to an era where the looks of a device doesnt count anymore, what does count is its functionality, how it works and how it interacts with its user. I could also design a cellphone almost equal to the iphone and put crap in it, people wouldnt buy it because its still crap with a nice look.

  • Sympnerv

    This whole thing is bs… Apple didn’t come up with the concept, and the idea that you can try to claim people are infringing on rectangular with rounded edges and black… stupid.  And this Ipad nonsense, Star Trek came up with it first, apple should be paying Gene Roddenberry if you want to be equally stupid about it.
    The whole thing is a crock, and the only reason it got anywhere is because this is happening in America where Apple can buy support.  Notice how Apple got little to no traction elsewhere in the world when they tried to pull the same stunts….

  • Cliffr2004

    I think roberts comment is absoloutly right. The telephone was around way before apple made the iphone and the layout of the phone simply represents what we see on most modern computer screens ( i.e applications that open up a program or software) how can apple claim these as their own workings. It is more the natural progression of things. Wasnt the pocket pc running windows here first?

  • Robert Pilcher

    This is not so much about the design but the concept. To use the transportation analogy… where would we be if the first company to sell the train or the car had said to others that you stole the design?
    I’m sure that everyone would laugh if the descendants of Alexander Graham Bell decided to file a suit against all phone producers complaining that they’ve stolen his concept of talking to people via electronic means…

  • Sdamle100

    This is so simple! If Ford made a sports car that looks almost like the Porsche or Ferrari escept for a few differences on the head lights or tail lights it would be blatant stealing and Ford would be guilty of copying.

    • StdSteve

      It be a simpler if Ford used the same suppliers- there would be no contest, both would preform well to the person who would pay the price. These gadgets are functional, just need to decide what you are willing to pay. Folks the telecom companies are locked into contracts to sell both products it all depends of which telecom has which models. There are smaller cell companies losing bad because of these contracts hail to the winners in this game. What if there were discounting for this “smart phones”, would this go down to reasonable. Frankly paying over $100 for a cell is a sign of being lead by the nose to what is being marketed as smelling pleasant.