PSN down in US to continue ‘best gaming experience’

By Alan Ng - Aug 2, 2012

If you live in the US and thought you got off lightly last week with the heavy European PSN maintenance, think again. Sony has revealed that the PSN maintenance is due to go down in America, but luckily only for a few hours.

The good news is that you’ll still be able to play games online, as long as you are signed into your account before hand. At the time of writing, we’re now just past 12am Pacific Time, so the network should be starting to go offline in your area.

According to a brief message from Sony on the US Blog, the period of downtime will last for two hours and should be back up by 2am Pacific Time or 10am UK time for those that plan to get an early gaming session in. Just like the last maintenance update, Sony has said that their reasoning for doing this is so that they can offer you the ‘best gaming experience online possible’.

Xbox 360 owners may have something to say about that though as they continue to enjoy a service which doesn’t encounter maintenance periods at such a severe rate as Sony. Perhaps this is the downside to a free service on PS3 though and it’s going to be interesting to see just what improvements Sony make to their network infrastructure once the PlayStation 4 arrives.

It’s fair to say that we can probably kiss goodbye to the possibility of cross-game chat appearing before the next-gen PS4 is out. Along with the poor web browser, Sony seems content on leaving the PSN as it is for the time being, as when can you remember the last time that a meaningful firmware update came out?

If you can’t sign into the PSN at the moment, relax as it should be back up within two hours.

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  • well, even if it was down every few days, it would still be better because it’s FREE!!!!!!
    seriously though, PSN is just as good as XBLA

  • Thenewkid Lucha

    I’ve your planning on playing the ps3 between the hours of 12am and 6am I’m guessing you’ve been logged on in the past day lol. I really don’t mind this maintenance things, they’re less than 10% of one day of the week maybe.

  • That is Exactly why I have Playstation Vita =D