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Nexus 7 tips and tricks on Jelly Bean

How are you getting on with your Nexus 7 so far? Due to the huge demand for the device, some of you have probably only just received your lovely new tablet in the post. Google perhaps senses this too and they’ve provided a quick video offering some handy Android 4.1 Jelly Bean tips for the Nexus 7.

After watching the video, we’ve concluded that it isn’t going to be too appealing for those users who are already exploring the inner depths of the device via custom tools from places like the XDA Developer Forums. Instead, this is more of a introduction video for those that may be having difficulty navigating around the device upon first use.

The video shows how you can use Face Unlock to unlock your Nexus 7, but also a new Face Unlock feature which lets you unlock by simply ‘blinking’ – the wonders of technology. There’s another look at how to bring up the Google Now interface, the company’s new personal assistant which is arguably even more advanced than Siri.

You can input acute searches such as searching for a specific resturant in your town and like Siri will be able to in iOS 6, Google Now also has a sophisticated instant sports result feature as well. Google Now is definitely one of the highlights of the Nexus 7 and most of you will probably agree with us that it brings up a lot more successful searches compared to Siri at the moment.

Finally, the video gives you a look how the new Jelly Bean notifications menu works, allowing you to pinch to expand the notifications you want to keep and swipe away ones that are not important. Check it out below and let us know how you are getting on with the Nexus 7 so far.

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