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iPhone 5 connector may be MagSafe like MacBook Air

It now looks very likely that Apple has decided to banish the veteran 30-pin dock connector from their upcoming iPhone 5 smartphone. The 30-pin format has been adopted on a whole collection of Apple mobile products, but now evidence is mounting that the new iPhone is going to feature a smaller dock connector.

Today we have some more information to give you on this, as new rumors are again suggesting that Apple may turn to a MagSafe style connector for the iPhone 5. Owners of Apple’s MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops will be very familiar with how the connector looks, but for those that aren’t – we could be seeing a magnetic charging solution for the iPhone at long last.

We really hope it happens too as we would definitely prefer a MagSafe connector over a standard 30-pin one. An article published by iLounge this week claims that Apple in actual fact will use an 8-pin connector, as opposed to a 16-pin or 19-pin connector that has been rumored in the past.

The barrage of iPhone 5 component images have already shown us Apple’s smaller connector port in the flesh, while a previous article we wrote here suggests that there will definitely be an adapter available to connect up old iOS accessories to the new iPhone 5 connector.

Moving to MagSafe seems like a logical step to us, so hopefully we find out some further information on this. Would you be happy with a magnetic charging dock, or would you prefer Apple to offer a different solution entirely? How does a design similar to the image above look to you?



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