GTA V playful marketing starts

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 2, 2012

We have been told not to believe any rumors about Grand Theft Auto 5 until the news shows on the official news wire, although Rockstar are contradicting this warning considering their latest marketing of GTA V. There is a new website and Twitter page kicking-off something called the “Epsilon Program“, which a quick Who IS search reveals Take-Two and Rockstar Games are behind this website, so what does American religion and gaming have in common?

Grand Theft Auto V is behind this playful marketing – we have seen viral campaigns for a number of movies and games, and in fact it seems that most new launches start with some fun these days. Don’t believe Rockstar when they say hints towards the impending GTA V release date will only come directly from them, which is clear considering this new website is a silent type of marketing for the next Grand Theft Auto game without a mention on their news wire.

The domain registration shows that Take-Two are behind the new religious website, originally registered 8 years ago, and we can tell it’s for GTA V after a quick look at the testimonials page. The quotes on this page can be seen below and you might notice some hints for GTA V, and the areas these people live in are clearly from the game (San Andreas). You can see the viral website at, although if this isn’t clear enough then when you click any of the links in the navigation you’ll be redirected to the official Rockstar Games domain but the content doesn’t reflect this.

Have a look around this website and let us know what you think about this silent marketing for GTA 5? Do you find this teasing fun, or do you want more direct information from Rockstar in regard to GTA 5? It will be interesting to see what happens throughout the rest of this month and September, especially considering this is the first visible promotion for the next GTA since the trailer many months ago.

At the time of writing there’s nothing official on the release date for GTA 5, and we cannot even point to a launch month, but considering the latest financial results it seems Take-Two need this game more than the fans, which is clear after their recent loss in the millions.

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  • Carl

    You guys are morons. Epsilon site was around since 2004 and was used for marketing GTA SA. All the people in the testimonials are minor characters from 1992 San Andreas. It has nothing to do with GTA V.

  • Romano Bruce

    drop a few cheeky hints let the fan base pick them up and there you have it the cheapest and best way to advertise. all you keep talkin bout it it spreads and before you know it bang its on the shelves and your all buying it :D. oh and btw voice acting is now all complete. 

                                                                                        happy gaming
                                                                                              Romano Bruce

    • Nooneisfooled

      shut up troll, no one would believe you unless you said that on the GTA 5 site. now go away

  • AdamT

    Just right click on the site, click ”view page source” and Rockstar is linked on there, click it and when it opens up the little yellow rockstar logo appears to represent the site. 
    Just reading through the site you can instantly tell it is for GTA, the wording and dry humour just instantly makes me think of those random adverts on the radio stations in GTA 4 about products etc. 
    Something else i noticed, which is probably just me thinking too much into it, if you click the ”Give Money” sign. It shows this.   ”Cris Formage Epsilon Cult of America PO Box 10012 Cayman Islands” 
    As people keep saying the are hoping the release date will be October, take a 0 out of the address and you have 10-12  October being the 10th month (For any kids reading this). Also, the last part of the address, ”Cayman”  Wasn’t that a car meant to replicate a Porsche in GTA 4?  That is just what i noticed anyway, i hope GTA 5 releases this year, but if not then i don’t mind either, i would hate for Rockstar to rush through the game and advertising to try and get the game out quickly and the game not be up to scratch, would ruin Rockstars pretty much perfect GTA quality record. 
    Iv been holding off on Pre ordering GTA 5 because i wanted to wait for an official release date, so i wouldn’t forget i pre ordered and pre order somewhere else a 2nd time. (As i use a few sites to buy things)  But i’m off to go pre order it now, don’t want to miss out. lol  

    • Fergietim

      It wasn’t called Cayman, that’s an actual name of a Porsche. It was the Comet that was modeled after a porsche in gta sa and gtaiv.

      • AdamT

        Ahh right i see. I haven’t played GTA in a while so i wasn’t sure.

  • Fd

    This is Rockstar’s parody on Scientology.

  • Proctor1

    jezz torrent wasn’t he the lead vocalist in the band love fist in gta vice city??

  • Officialjarealjuicy


    • Officialjarealjuicy

      **1 or 2 years 

    • Helps?

      usually it is supposed to be about 6-8 months for advertising purposes but, seeing as GTA have a f*ck load of advertising recently anyway, it is unlikely they will need that long for advertising.BOTTOM LINE: it is for advertising so they can get loads of sales from day 1
      hope that helps, if not, w w w has all the answers

  • BigStew

    i beleive it will come out on the 10,01,12  sorry for the wrong typing here but dont want to give it away

    • Helps?

      i hope so 😀
      but i will warn you, GTA fans go ape sh*t if you say anything about what you think the release date will be so please expect some resistance and try not to have a fight with some 2 year old troll 😀 sorry if that made me seem like a douche

  • UnknownWarrior

    maybe they trying to say that gta 5 will have the pcs with internet on it linked to real life websites…..

  • Fergietim714

    There will be NEW information regarding GTA5 this month, I’m counting on it. I’m surprised no one has noticed this yet, look at the last Testimonial, “Cris Formage is a genius. It’s a religion without homework!” – Morgan August, Los Santos, San Andreas. MORGAN AUGUST sounds like More In August. I don’t want to sound like a know it all but it sure sounds like more news is coming sometime in the month of August! Wooohooooo!

    • EpicRapBattles

      no it sounds like morgan august 
      i do see your point. if the release date is announced in august (given all the recent popularity) it MAY be an Oct, Nov or Dec release

      • FergieTim714

        Actually it IS Morgan August, BUT it’s sounds “Like” More In August. Correction to you. Wow dude, wow….

        • Dontstart

          morgan august is what i put. morgan august sounds like morgan august. how can morgan sound like more in when more in is pronounced moor in not moor-gan?
          don’t be rude to me please. i didn’t start on you, don’t start on me

        • findtheturth

          “More aga(in) August”

  • findtheturth

    November 20, 2012


           OCTOBER 26 2012 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Read”NOTE”carefully

      here’s hoping. if you look at the cop car’s number plate you see “OCT” as the expiry date and 72 (inverted) is 27, 28 and 286 (remove the 8) and you have 26. could mean one of them id the release date.


      • Reale235

        No offense buddy but where do you even come up with stuff like that? 72 inverted is 27 and remove the 8 from 286 and its 26? Give me a break, you actually sound comical. I hope it does come out in October, but considering were in August and we havent heard anything I wouldnt hold my breath.

        • Don’tstarttroll

          what has my nationality go to do with anything? look at 27 and flip the numbers so it says 27 and *gasp* magic, you have 27. 286 now remove the 8 and what do we have. 26. WOW! magic! you have 26. you sound like a f*cking douche don’t insult me again cos i used the wrong word. 
          where did i say i knew it was right? 
          when did i say it was right? 
          where did i say i believed it was right?
          before you insult people, maybe you should read carefully 

        • B-Fair

           Yeah dude, stop insulting peoples nationality!

  • tddddd

    this could be a cheat, looks like a similar format to gta 4! ”OR FAX US AT —>1-555-FUN-CULT.<—HERE

  • The Epsilon is the 5th letter in the Greek alphabet. See how this comes into play? Epsilon is the 5th letter, 5= GTA 5

    • Guest

      The Epsilon program was in GTA: SA too

  • PleasepleasepleaseGTA

    please GTA 5 be a 2012 release. if it is any later than January 2013, i won’t be able to get it 🙁 Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec (2012) or Jan (2013) release date please

    • Why wouldn’t you be able to get it after ? o.O

      • PleasepleasepleaseGTA

        i have many different things going on and i would be saving up for a new house… not that that was any of your business but i’d rather you know that than think i was one of them attention seeking trolls 😀

  • Tuskin

    Yeah, this site has existed since 2004, the twitter link HOWEVER was added this month.

  • Dave

    all the people saying “this was for san andreas” “its been around for ages” “nothing will come from it”

    if this website was originaly for san andreas, then think about it? where is gta 5 set? exactly so this website is being used again because it going back to san andreas!”some of it”. think people.

  • Dave

    right click on the website then click view source. you will find out straight away its from rockstar.

  • Giggitygiggitygoo

    this should dhut the fans up for 2 days. GTA 5 RELEASE DATE NOW!!!… oh, look at that, 2 mins

    • Spelllingmistake


  • Joeygetzo

    i think it seems legit, the casting call for gta 5 did have a character that was like apart of a cult, and if they are tweeting and stuff, seems likely its a marketing scheme.

  • Fluffy

    This isn’t for GTA V… This websites been around for ages already! It was originally a teaser for GTA San Andreas (which came out in 2004)

    • Dave

      where is gta 5 set? SAN ANDREAS! so they are starting to use this site again!. it could mean a sooner release date then we thought.

      • Here’s-hoping

        i’d drink to that 😀 

    • LarryBoBarryFeFiFoBerryLarry

      Yet the last testimonial says “Los Santos, San Andreas” 

    • Deeeeez Nuuuuutz

      The website was developed for San Andreas but it was recently updated with new content and a Twitter account. Sounds GTAV related to me 😉

      • EpicRapBattles

        Deeeeez Nuuuuutz? have you been watching darth vader vs hitler erb vids?…
        hey, why was that in bold???

    • Rob

      The Contact page says that “The Epsilon Program does not exist in just one time or place.” That could point to it being in both games…

  • SOOOOOOOOconfused

    i want more direct information and…WTF did i read?!… i mean… WHAT?!… i am not sure if i know what the f*ck that was…… ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Nelson

    Damn…For people saying this isn’t marketing though I is o.o …Go to the website and go to contact us, their last tweet was today.

  • Cyimking13

    Maybe this is a website for GTA 5 (like you can get on the internet on a pc in GTA 5 like GTA 4 …). Hopefully you can travel to liberty city , and other cities. 

  • Kappler1216

    This website is a tie in for gta san andreas.