Skyrim 1.7 patch missed a few things

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 1, 2012

It has only been a few hours since Skyrim patch 1.7 went live for steam users and we’ve already heard about numerous things missing from this update to Skyrim, and minor fixes for Dawnguard. It is expected that this patch also brings compatibility for the first Skyrim DLC on PS3 and PC, although no release date has been given just yet and patience is wearing thin with gamers waiting to purchase the downloadable content.

What did the Skyrim 1.7 update miss? It has only launched on PC so far and will be submitted for approval on Xbox 360 and PS3 later this week, but the patch notes, seen below, only show a few fixes and miss out more bugs than it fixes. The update has also caused a few issues for some PC users, although this can be related to mods in certain circumstances, which include Scriptdragon not recognizing the 1.7 update and this means some PC users will need to give Scriptdragon mods a miss until this problem is fixed.

The bugs Skyrim patch 1.7 missed – Some users still experience constant crashes with the PC platform, and while this is a common problem reported it’s also something that only affects a smaller number of people, so we’d expect this is related to PC hardware/software configurations.

There are generic quest problems that involve going to a random location and killing a random creature, which an issue arises when the creature is already dead. This has caused problems for a lot of players and affects a number of quests. Some Skyrim gamers want a fix at the Riften prison so they can do a break out of prison, and another bug a couple of users reported to PR surrounds the disappearance of Eorlund Grey-Mane from the Sky Forge.

When trying to gain all the trophies on PS3 we’ve heard of a few gamers not being able to obtain the last few, which is due to broken quests and one player attained 49 of the original 50 trophies, although had problems getting the last one. This involved not being able to complete the Civil War quest because there is no one at the Stormcloak camp to report to.

New features wanted in Skyrim – the new legendary dragons are good fun but some people want them to spawn more frequently rather than at the higher-level requirements. Seeing a number of fighting styles added while on horse back had been welcomed by most gamers, although there are some people that want this expanded to using magic while riding a horse.

After spending hundreds of hours in Skyrim we love to use the bow and arrows more than most weapons, also the cross bow in Dawnguard, but it would be nice to see a critical hit when you get a headshot with a bow or cross bow. Hitting a number of bows through the head is a little stupid really.

Within the first one hundred hours of playing Skyrim we had to get a house, ours had been obtained by getting married rather than buying one, although a new feature for Skyrim that could be added in a later DLC would be the ability to build your own house. Imagine how this could add a lot more customization to the game, and also a lot more hours spent doing mindless things?

PC owners are enjoying a massive amount of mods and while consoles shouldn’t expect this level of add-ons, they could do with a few realism enhancements via DLC or a patch update. This includes feet that look like feet, especially when you are a barefoot assassin, and also capes and hair that move more realistically.

Since Dawnguard the love for Serana has been hit and miss with gamers, but there are a growing number of players that want to marry her, so adding this would be welcomed but also adding an option for divorce would be great as well. This divorce option would also bring a few fixes for broken quests.

What bugs did patch 1.7 miss, and also are there any features that need to be at the top of Bethesda’s list? Some quests that look broken might just be something the player is doing wrong, and this has been seen a number of times with the main Skyrim game and Dawnguard, so it’s worth checking online first before reporting an issue to Bethesda.

New features are great but Bethesda should always put the bug fixes first, although PS3 owners might disagree here when they are waiting for Dawnguard to land.

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  • Lawadronedubstep

    Yesterday while playing skyrim on my ps3 a Monmouth fell from the air and died was rather random 

  • in relation to building a house, i’ve got approx 6 so wouldn’t be building any more.  especially because i only use the house in solitude.  if i could rent out the other houses and make a bit of income like that, i’d go for it lol 

  • Gassinnio

    Great, but unfinished game. There goes my £50

  • Darkdinoguy

    They should make riding on odaviin available all the time

    •  I’ve thought about that a couple of months ago when I did that mission, how good would that be??  Rather than fast travel, jump on the back of odaviin and you’re there in no time 

    • matt


  • Bethesda should put bug fixes ahead of new content if they can discern that a percentage of users above a certain threshold are experiencing game-breaking bugs. I believe we’ve been past that point for a while and that most rage-filled complaints are merely a vocal minority.

    The PC base is a different story, from hardware/software and also mods, like you point out. But no amount of work on Bethesda’s end can assuage that.

    For 99.5% of users on PS3 and Xbox, the game is now running stable, so it’s definitely time to move forward with content.

    •  agreed, after approx. 300 hours, there’s not much to do

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    Shoulda given it to ps3 first not a bunch of geek ass modders

    • Hellraiser2020

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  • InDIGnation

    When you say you are “waiting” for the DLC, that implies that you’ve spent the past 36 days lurched over the computer screen waiting for news. Why are you even reading this comment? Go away and get a job, or go for a walk or just do something more productive than sit here whining about game developers not doing their job when it’s publishers (Beth Softworks), not developers (Beth studios) who should be blamed for the wait (I’ve a PC gamer, so don’t bother pointing out that I haven’t had to endure the wait).

    • Sxs5

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  • Kyuubikid18

     I wish they could fix Shavee’s  (the female Argonian in Windhelm) quest…its really bugging the hell out of mea nd I’m tired of re-creating a new game  over and over again!!

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  • I like how ps3 has been waiting forever for the 1.6/1.7 update, and 50% of what it does is frikin kinect bullcrap.

    • Hellraiser2020

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      • Torres9green

        Warning: 9 year old ^

  • Randomguy

    screw this shit,i will spend my money on the new killzone 3 maps or on the ac revelations new dlcs but not on the next 2 dlcs….if bethesda can screw her customers like this then her customers can screw her much worse!

    • What a whiner… How are they screwing you? How? Making you wait? Nope, if your waiting, thats your own doing… Go outside. And if your on PS3 you will be missing out on some of the best dlc out there, PC I doubt your missing much with all the mods a available, but nontheless you are just whining about nothing. Explain how beth screwed you? They did not state that PS3 and PC would get Dawnguard exactly 30 days after, but merely stated that XBOX would have its normal minimum exclusivity of 30 days. If you wanna talk companies that screw people over lets wander over to Blizzard Entertainment.

      • kratos112f

        im actually going to half to agree with you because YOU Sir ARE RIGHT

        • Sxs5

          no he is not…
          PS3 and PC are paying customers, just as Xbox customers are, therefore they should get the same bonuses, DLC, etc, etc, etc, as the Xbox customers, if 30 day playground bragging rights is not bad enough, this is properly taking the piss out of paying customers, As most xbox customers are spotty little 14yo I d love to see the kevin and perry type hissy fits if the shoe was on the other foot…. go outside hahahha

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        actually Blizzard Entertainment are doing better job at actually communicating with there costumers than bethesda.

      • matt

        i agree and disagree, because i play pc (not skyrim) and ps3 (skyrim). I agree that pc should not whine as much as ps3 should, because its much more ps3 who got the shitty end of the stick, but i disagree because mods often are buggy as hell, incomplete and just plain crappy quality compared to the vanilla game. Often its corrupt too, and there are tons of requirements and compatablity issues, the textures (how it looks) often clip, they disapear deppending on the angle you look at them and sometimes you get the mod that is completely boring and impossible to play. and about blizzard, well i have no clue what they did so i have no opinion there

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