New MW3 DLC update for Xbox 360, PS3

We have now hit the month of August and for Modern Warfare 3 players on PS3 and Xbox 360, it only means one thing – more DLC goodness to play. We have some early details on the Elite content drops for Xbox 360, and also the delayed content which is now hitting PS3 users.

If you head to the official MW3 content calendar, you’ll see that Infinity Ward has yet to reveal the maps that are coming. We can see two slots for Spec Ops missions and another slot which has ‘classified’ on it. However, thanks to yet more leaked information, we can bring you details on those two Spec Ops missions before IW even has the chance to reveal it officially.

The two Spec Ops missions will be known as Light Em Up and Special Delivery respectively. Thanks to details from VideoGamer, we know that Light Em Up will put you in the role of an SAS operative who travels to Eastern Europe to rescue a teammate who is being held hostage.

Special Delivery on the other hand sounds really fun, as you’ll be able to take control of an Osprey Gunner and deliver care packages to your teammate below who is trying to eliminate a ground target. Those two missions should be available soon, but don’t forget that there is still one classified item left to come, so stayed tuned for further info on that.

PS3 users will get the content that Xbox 360 Elite members received in July. This means that PS3 players will be able play on the new Offshore and Decommission maps, while there’s also the little matter of MW2 remake Terminal hitting PS3 as well. All three maps should be available from August 16 onwards providing you have an Elite account.

What do you make of the new Spec Ops missions for August’s Xbox 360 Elite drop? What do you want the classified drop to be, a new map or another remade map from MW2 like Highrise?



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