HTC Rezound ICS update is dead end on Verizon

By Alan Ng - Aug 1, 2012

It would be nice if we could write some positive news on the HTC Rezound for once, but unfortunately it appears that Verizon is stopping us from doing that. It’s now August 1st and there is still no official Ice Cream Sandwich update in sight, despite initial promises that it would be coming.

It was almost a month ago when we last wrote about the Rezound’s update plight, informing you that HTC Support had seemingly confirmed that the official update to ICS for the Rezound would be out before the end of July. Skip forward to today and there is no indication from Verizon or HTC support that their previous comment had been with merit.

As you can imagine, it is a very frustrating experience for Rezound owners who were originally promised a swift update by HTC and Verizon when they purchased their device back in November 2011. Without being too harsh, it does seem clear that Verizon and HTC have broken that all important trust barrier with their paying customers.

Some customers will now feel that they are at a dead end, locked into a two year agreement and only staying on Verizon purely because of signal reception purposes. The carrier has made no attempt to reassure customers that the Rezound update is still coming, leaving the masses having to deal with rumor after rumor to no avail. How hard would it be to send out a simple Tweet stating that the update is coming we wonder?

We asked you in our previous article who you thought the blame should be placed with. Having read through the feedback you gave us, it’s clear that a lot of you are now pointing the finger at Verizon and not HTC. Are you a Rezound owner who also feels like it’s a dead end situation with no update in sight? Give us your thoughts on the ongoing saga.

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  • Kcandline

    ICS is out there now. I just upgraded my Rezound. So far, very happy with the improvement!

  • Why does VZW have a problem with ICS if the rooted copies out there have been working fine for months?? Adding bloatware???

  • Nynvolt

    Like everyone else, I bought the rezound because of hardware specs and the promise of ics since 2.3.4 doesn’t maximize said hardware. If I had known it wouldn’t get the update until July I wouldn’t have bought it. It’s now August and no (legit) word on if it’s even in the works much less being pushed out. I’ve been on the leaked version which has improved the phones functionality quite a bit and handles switching connection far better. Makes me wonder why it hasn’t been released. Could it be a financial issue? If so that’s completely unethical and Verizon deserves to be called out.

  • YaoHuang

    I got the rezound because of two reasons.  One it had good hardware.  Two it was promised ICS.  I could’ve gotten the Galaxy Nexus or the S2.  Oh well, at least HTC and verizon make my choice of phone company and phone maker easier.  Two less companies to compare with.

  • Roywood06

    I picked the Rezound over the Nexus in December. What put me over the edge was the assurance that ics was just around the corner. How disappointing.

  • Azoreanseas

    I used to enjoy Verizon products, but will rethink my contract.

  • Dr W. Kemp

    Any fault lays with us for buying android knowing that this has been a problem for the past generations of android phones. I’m going with the iphone 5.

  • Ferris Buhler

    The Rezound is the last android I will own. I bought it go bridge the gap until the release of the iphone 5 and will gladly give it to a homeless shelter for use by the needy. I can’t think of a better place to dump the dam thing. 

  • Trbolin30

    Rob says,
    I too was promised the update when I bought my rezound . It’s never going to come out. If I had known I would have went with the razor as I was coming from a Droid X2 and already used to how Motorola does things. And I actually was pretty pleased with the DX2. I have went ahead and root/rom’d my rezound and found out that no matter how good the phones hardware is I will never get to know how good it can be because ALL CUSTOM ROMS HAVE BUGS !!! So I’ll suffer with the time left on my contract and then switch to at&t. I’m tired of Verizon!

  • Sar5y

    You said it exactly. I feel stuck with this phone

  • Caponeprincessny

    I’m guessing they don’t want to upgrade our Rezounds until they drop in price or when they stop manufacturing them so there’s no competition with new phone that just came that already has ICS like HTC Droid Incredible 4G I guess.

  • Tong Heng1977

    Although ICS is a better platform, I regret updating to it. I enjoyed flash support. Now I just wish my Ice Cream Sandwich would just melt away.

    • Scarletspider

      if you updated it, then you rooted it, then you should side load flash and be fine, then if you dont know that why are you rooting?

      • This isn’t even necessary.  You don’t have to side load Flash.  Flash officially supports Ice Cream Sandwich.  You can still get it from the Play store.  I’m not sure what problems Heng1977 seems to be having with it, it works fine.

        • trob6969

          Yeah, jelly bean is the version that doesn’t support flash.

  • Kevincochran22

    When I brought my phone,back in November,I was told that my phone the rezound,would be getting the ice cream update in January,then April,then the end of July,and still nothing,now I’m locked in this two year contract.which is some BS.I think Verizon or HTC,should let us upgrade for free,with a free phone of our choice.

  • Uncletoygoat

    So i dont know if anyone else out there has gotten this, but i just did a software check on my rezound and it is downloading now….just a heads up…been reading these discussions and following this whole fiasco too.

  • Undertow1979

    Just downloaded the update , the real one from Verizon.

    • Tony Perez

      If you’ve installed the official update, please go to Settings, About Phone, and Software Information. Then hold down your power button and quickly hit the Home button below. That should take a screen shot and post it somewhere public. Then please let us know where you posted it so we can see for ourselves that it’s really happening. I’m sorry to doubt you but if what you say is true, congratulations! I want my ICS too!

    • JB


  • Boogie

    Just spoke with HTC and they are saying that the update has been given to Verizon and Verizon is the ones who are dragging their feet on the release. HTC speculated that the release would be before the end of August. 

  • buggietechnica

    I just cancelled by contract with Verizon and will never use Verizon or HTC again. I’m heading back to iPhone (using my old one for now, and the 5 when available), where they actually give you update information you can trust, and frankly, a much better product.

    Screw Verizon. Screw HTC. 

    • trob6969

      So even though gingerbread is much more functional than ios 6 you don’t care as long as you have the ‘latest’ update? Oooooh kaaaay…and you think the iPhone is a “much better product” than the rezound?! LOL! C’mon now!

  • JJ

    While I am a bit upset about the delay for the ICS update on my Rezound, it does not make me want to ditch HTC or Verizon. For most of you complaining and searching for company blood, do you even know why you want ICS? Do you want it simply because it is “new”? I owned an Incredible and loved it. Now, I own a Rezound. The phone is great. Do I want ICS? Sure. Am I dying without it? No way. I still have a great phone.

    • Bootymunchin

      Well some people like myself need the update to fix bugs in the phone… My clock is always off bye an hour, n changes randomly so just adjusting to the time is not an option. I was told the update would fix this… So for me it is necessary. I need it….

      • tonkadong

        ICS doesn’t fix the time zone issue. I’ve been running the 3.14.605.10 leak since the day it was leaked and still have to manually set timezone. It’s a VERY minor bug with a simple fix.
        Settings>date and time>uncheck automatic timezone.

        • Bootymunchin

          Tried that, but then certain apps such as the my Verizon app are shut off. They require the autoclock settings. Nothing to cry over, but still very annoying….

    • trob6969

      You make a good point JJ, the vast majority of people making a fuss about ics mainly want it because its ‘new’. I buy smartphones just as I buy everything else: for their out-of-the-box features. So I’m still more than happy with my rezound and wouldn’t care if it never got an OS update.

    • tonkadong

      I personally don’t care either. The only reason I want the update to drop is so we can get kernel source shortly thereafter.

  • Mrizzo3516

    Well verzion can not win on this if there is a problem and they admit it they will hear about it so they just keep quiet. This is a very large company with great coverage and as long as the keep the speed and coverage up this ics upgrade is just a small nucance to them.
    Lets get real people.

  • Sajmonides

    Root it and install the leaked ICS. I’ve had it for months on my rezound and it’s amazing!

    • acejavelin

       Root is not necessary, the leak can be installed on a bone stock device!

  • In5an3187

    I feel us rezound users should be able to file a class action lawsuit against Verizon. We payed good money for something that they sold on a lie that our phones would be updated to ics. Me I got very tired of waiting I have called HTC and Verizon multiple times and I don’t get a straight answer from either of them. So I bought the galaxy s 3 and I’m very happy with it. But I shouldn’t have had to do that because I was promised something and never got it. I will never believe Verizon ever again. To me they are the worst company that has ever existed.

  • If you want to avoid this in the future (and I made the same mistake by buying the Rezound and just recently got rid of it for a Galaxy Nexus) buy “Official Google” phones. They get stuff first all the time.

  • jcollett

    The HTC Evo 3D got an ICS OTA update on July 31st, 2012 for my friend on Sprint so there goes the notion that HTC does not continue development for their handsets.  HTC has had an ICS ROM ready to go for the Rezound for months now.  Where do you think those who rooted their phones got it from?  Developers got ICS from HTC leaks of the OS.
    If you don’t want to root, that is your business but please stop the endless bitching.  All sorts of things in the world are falling apart that need the collective citizenry’s attention to fix but so many are lazer focused on smart phones.  If you have insurance on the phone and are unhappy, bite the bullet and sell the phone on eBay then buy whatever the hell you want.

  • MeatRocket

    I guess I’d be pissed except I was able to buy new Rezounds (3) for my
    family for a penny each on Amazon Wireless about 3 weeks after they came
    out. I’ve left my kids phones as GB but unlocked my bootloader and
    upgraded to ICS on mine. Honestly, I like GB better. The battery isn’t
    lasting as long on ICS & Wi-Fi tether isn’t working anymore. Think
    I’m going to flash back.

  • Next phone – Iphone – get my updates when I should!  Disappointed in Android for this reason only!

    • trob6969

      What good are OS updates if they still don’t have the functionality of older versions of another OS?

  • Rexmarvin

    This is the same game they always play. Google blames Verizon, Verizon blames HTC, HTC blames Google, and it goes on and on and on.  I am actually happy…I am going to just wait out my contract and go to Apple and Sprint and be done with it.

  • Mg578

    IS rooting difficult?

  • Stev12m

    At this point, it’s unknown who’s at fault.  is it verizon, is it htc.  either way, you don’t get a straight answer.  Call HTC at 866-449-8358 and just start hammering them.

  • John K

    it is always verizon’s fault. they have the i can do any thing i want mentality…

  • JYgood

    I see people taking the blame away from HTC but lets be real, its been 9 months and still no update, even if its been done since June 20th that means it still took them around 7 months, embarrassing. The whole android operating system upgrades is really annoying, it shouldn’t take so long to update software. Even the galaxy nexus isn’t getting the updates that at&t is getting.

  • Amanda Kostik

    I went with an htc at my friends urging. he had some apps I wanted but when I couldnt ge tthem because I needed ICS I started to anticipate getting the update. it still hasn’t come, which is really annoying. A lot of people were saying it’s HTCs fault but it looks to me like HTC did what they needed to do and it’s verizon that’s not pushing.

    I’de love to root the phone and do it myself but I pay insurance and that would void it. I know I could get a flasher so no one would know (if it did happen to break) but that seems like a lot of hassle.

    It’s not the end of the world but I’m kinda disappointed because I want the new apps. Shame on you verizon. I remember going through the same thing with our BBs we had through them, and again with our DroidXs. not getting updates. Yet another reason I blame verizon and not HTC. 

    • IF you brick it just bust the holy piss out of the display so that it won’t turn on or “lose” the device if your plan covers theft or loss… 

  • Elsidburk1969

    I encourage anyone with facebook to go to thier page and tell them how you feel and what they need to do to make it right…

  • walksoft

    I too bought the Rezound in November 2011 with the thought I would have ICS in a few months.  My first and last HTC.  Possibly the end of a very long history with Verizon (especially now that Verizon is not grandfathering unlimited data).  In the future I will buy my phones online and buy one of those inexpensive pay as you go services(do the math, you get unlimited voice, text and data for less).

  • i’m not terribly upset. i just unlocked, rooted, and rom’d mine. much better phone now. i’m happy.

  • Bootymunchin

    Honest… On Saturday the 28th my phone had a message in the status bar that read update failed, n displayed the icon for software update(the circle n downfacing arrow). I hit the clear button before I had a chance to look into it further.

  • Leahbug89

    It’s the principle of the matter really… They should’ve communicated with us. I’m dropping HTC and going Nexus. This is absolutely ridiculous.

    • Nope.. this is the internet.  Anything a company promises or even hints at ends up being a Committed date and if they slip on it the internets flame them.  If a timeline slips for whatever reason be it HTC or VZN or Google it doesn’t matter internet people will come on forums or threaten to sue them.. if they are just silent at least they aren’t putting any commitments out there I don’t blame them.. 

      • Leahbug89

        I’m just saying that people probably wouldn’t be making such a big deal out of it if there was communication. But instead we are left in the dark… Which causes confusion and frustration.

        • Tony Perez

          That is THE key. We are educated enough about how things work to understand a reasonable delay. If either HTC or VZW would only share that with us, we can let it go for a while. I learned this long ago. A client or customer may not want to hear bad news but they will respect you more if you are honest, open, and sincere. I may not like hearing if I need to wait another month but at least I’ll stop checking my handset to see if the update is available. 

      • Tony Perez

        Both Verizon Wireless and HTC posted information on the ICS update on their company websites and the most current I recall is when HTC stated that they were confident the update would start hitting our handsets by the end of July. June-July 2012. I would have kept quiet if I heard there was a limited number of people starting to get the update even yesterday. However, if it is, it’s not enough. I’m happy with GB on the Rezound for now only because the hardware is so fast that it overcomes most of the lag in the GB OS.  There are a few services I don’t want to sacrifice if I root my handset and I’m not 100% sure I’ll get the complete functionality I enjoy today if I use a leaked ICS ROM. I do know that I pay $360 a year for a fraction of the data usage I get at home and I expect performance including software that insures I have a stable data connection and quick functionality. That’s part of the reason I’m also paying a premium for VZW service. By the way, I have 3 LTE handsets in my family plan so triple the expense and you can understand why I want as much as possible for the price I pay no matter what brand or model of handset I purchase. If we’re told that we can expect at least one OS upgrade while we own a handset, it’s part of the purchase experience. If they meet their obligation to us, we stay happy and stay with the company and we may even refer others to them for new business. However, it’s too risky to bet people won’t get upset when the company defaults on it’s obligation. It IS a matter of principle and one that most other industries would not get away with if they promised an enhancement during the life cycle of a product and didn’t perform. The customer would demand concessions or the vendor would risk loss of business and reputation. 

        With the speed at which information spreads today, we DO need to be critical of what we hear and ensure we verify it with a few other sources. How about we take a break from this and check back in next week? Give it a break folks! Enjoy a superior handset and if you just can’t wait for ICS. You do have alternatives to get it…

  • When I purchased the Rezound, I had been debating between it and the Galaxy Nexus. I chose the Rezound mostly because I had really loved my HTC Incredible. Since I was being told that I would receive ICS in the early part of 2012, I thought I chose pretty wisely.

    At this point I am frustrated and disappointed. I would have just purchased the Nexus or kept my Incredible if I’d known this would happen. I understand that there are sometime circumstances that delay expectations. But, I really don’t understand why they can’t give us simple communication about it.

    I prefer Verizon service, so I won’t leave it… but, I have a phone upgrade in January that I plan to use for something different. I was a big fan of HTC phones, but it sounds like it’ll be time to move on to something different.

    • Therockermom

      My thoughts exactly Debbie Heath!

    • Debbie my story is identical to yous.  I did uncover Samsung is offering Rezound owners $220, if you can get Verizon to give you an upgrade now – it would only cost around $80 to change phones, which is what I plan to do.  Verizon and or HTC really needs to make this right.  And they offer nada, I went int he store and tried.  They did offer to let me purchase a new phone for $300.  Really now – didn’t I pay $300 for this one 6 months ago.  Now had he been smart enough to offer the buy back into the equation I might have been interested.  But he was not that smart.  I think we need to tweet HTC and Verzion to death until they do something.

      • I actually just traded in a Galaxy S3 for the Rezound because at it’s core I need a phone and the samsung radios suck HTC and Motorola were both better.  The Rep at the VZN store told me that the Galaxy Nexus has been more or less a giant flop and that 40% of the units they put into customers hands come back to them… 

  • TheMortallyWounded

    I installed 3.14.605.10 myself, no root. I also filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

    • NgTurbo

      Any response from them by any chance? I could follow up on this if they comment on it.

  • Tom Rolfson

    Last November HTC stated: “Here’s our new phone, in collaboration with Verizon Wireless, meet the HTC Rezound: The first phone with an HD 720p screen, and is ICS Upgradeable” 

    This is my second and last HTC phone. Whether it was Verizon delaying it or HTC is a moot point to me, from here on out I’ll run only pure ICS devices and not be dependent upon either company. I still believe the Rezound hardware is superior to the Galaxy Nexus, however I expect both good hardware and current software in a phone. I’m not asking them to support something forever, but to deliver what they’ve boasted and promised for 9 months. 

    *Yes, I’ve been running a leaked Release Candidate of ICS on the phone for more than 4 months. It works, well and reliably but is not perfect. If HTC & Verizon can’t get it together to test, fix and release a relatively minor upgrade in this time… shame on them both for being so incompetent. 

  • Hernandezjc3

    I blame Verizon. Not htc. Don’t promise something you don’t plan on delivering on. At the least Verizon should have come out publicly and announced that they were and are sorry for the misleading advertisement. I for one onl got the device because of the promise of ice creak sandwich update. Verizon needs to just take a huge loss and lesson learned and offer any device to resound holders that has ice cream sandwich. Or let all resound holders out of contract with no penalties or credit their accounts in full of the last 7 months of their bills. Like I said huge loss lesson learned. Verizon needs to be held accountable.

  • KvaY2k

    If I knew how to put ICS on myself I surely would because at this point my trust and faith in this company called Verizon is DEAD.. even if I get this OTA update from them today it won’t shift my disappointment in them.. The only thing that is keeping me around is my company discount and my grandfathered unlimited plan + calling plan.

    A happy customer is the best salesperson for a company.. word of mouth goes a long way.. and I can assure you that I will certainly be doing part as a dissatisfied, disappointed, mislead and hoodwinked subscriber of Verizon By letting anyone who asks me about them know that THIS VERIZON COMPANY NO GOOD AND NOT WORTH YOUR EXTRA DOLLARS.

  • I just filed my official complaint with the FCC.  Enough is enough.

    • TheMortallyWounded

      Fenseral Trade Commission will get you further.

    • What is the process for filing, I want to join, cause I am not happy!

  • Mora_baltazar

    They advertised ICS in early 2012 when I bought this phone in Nov 11 and now nine months later still no ICS. We were mislead by Verizon or HTC, really who knows at this point but enough is enough already. Just let us know when we are going to receive this update or why we haven’t had the update yet?

  • Christian_baller01

    Just talked to my friend who is a Verizon rep. He said rezound was never even going to get ics. Pretty disappointing…

    • Thisguyisadouche

      So your friend is definitely lying to you buddy.

    • Au0614

      That makes absolutely no sense. There are already leaks of the official builds that you can install while being completly stock. You were lied to.

  • Guest

    No skin off my back, but there will be some off of Verizon’s and HTCs, I’m sure. I have to fill my obligation with Amazon Wireless until November, after that I’m going to tackle my phone like U tackled my tablets that OEMs didn’t want to update, by taking another trip to the Play Store. Hello AT&T and Google Nexus phone

  • joe

    Good article, Ill be done with Verizon in 4 months when my contracts up.

  • I got tired and put ICS on myself. This is beyond ridiculous w/ Verizon and I’m no longer going to hang on every fake date/picture that’s put out on the internet. I have ICS and I love it. Screw you Verizon. 

  • This is why I rooted and put ICS on myself!