GTA V critical for finances

By Alan Ng - Aug 1, 2012

We have known that Grand Theft Auto 5 has been in development for a while, so hearing that Take-Two made a loss in the millions last quarter only shows the need for GTA V to get a release date as soon as possible. The loss reached $10.8m and included development for GTA V, and what some people call bad launches for Max Payne 3 and Spec Ops: The Line. Does this now mean that GTA V takes on extra pressure for Take-Two and Rockstar?

If you have no idea why finances are being brought up, it’s probably a good idea to listen back to Take Two’s investor’s call which took place yesterday. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the crucial release date that the whole gaming community is patiently waiting for and deserves, but we did hear a brief glimmer of hope when Take-Two conceded that GTA V is making substantial progress.

It’s fair to say that we all knew Max Payne 3 would play second fiddle to GTA V and the overwhelming demand for the game seems to have negatively impacted on Rockstar’s financial expectations for the game. Max Payne 3 may have underperformed, but we doubt Rockstar will be too concerned since GTA V is inevitably going to bring in mega bucks for Take-Two.

We’d even go as far to say that GTA IV’s one day milestone of 3.6 million copies sold is up for the taking – although Activision may have something to say about that when they unleash Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on November 13. Is GTA V now even more important for Rockstar now that Max Payne 3 has bombed?

Talk about putting all of your eggs into one basket. Let us know your thoughts after Take-Two’s investor call. Are you disappointed that we still don’t have a release date and surprised that Max Payne 3 didn’t perform so well?

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  • Hervey_13

    I never played max payne, all I care & most people care about is red dead redemption and gta,As long rockstar San Diego & North make it a good,perfectly & clean professional development, We have to wait as long as it takes, the good thing is that, it will come out soon.

  • Westknox705

    It will be worth the wait if Rockstar can give us a good quality game. Gta  4 had lots of problems -including the direct input issue with controllers.Hopefully problems will be solved before release.

  • DJKrispyK

    I’m actually ok with them not releasing much info. Personally it keeps me more interested in the game. CoD for instance, now that we know so much about the campaign, new info won’t catch my attention as much. With R* keeping quiet, it has me constantly checking for new info and when they releas it, i will absorb every bit of it and build more anticipation for them to release more.

  • Beezleboss

    They’ve done it backwards. Rockstar would have done better if they released Max Payne 3 before even mentioning Gta. The hype gta has created led people to just about ignore max payne and in turn hurt their sales.

    Also while its a frustrating marketing technique I’m sick of hearing people say they aren’t going to buy gta because there has been an information blackout. Don’t kid yourself, when it comes out you will buy it.

  • Butthead

    just noticed something. The official IV trailer on YouTube has 1.6 million views to date. The V trailer has 20 million to date. IV is over 4 years old and V obviously hasnt come out. Me thinks V will be the mother of all releases 

    • As I agree with you, YouTube wasn’t what it is today 4 years ago, so there would be no reason for the views to be higher for something 4 years old, but yes GTA V will KICK A$$!

  • jeterboi

    Love gta an I’m going to gt the new 1 regardles

    • Guest

      gta* and how can you be sure it will be good? based on other games?

  • What12311

    The longer the wait, the better, it means it is gonna be a higher quality game in all aspects, sure I wanna play but it is gonna be worth the wait

    • Shutup

      shut up.
      people were told about the game 1 year ago, few months after, they got a trailer and 10 months with nothing other than 2 uninformative screens and they’ve been told “information is coming soon” and soon went ages ago and now it has been a while. 10 months of patient waiting for nothing more than a middle finger in the face.
      fans need information, not to be promised something and that turns out to be a lie and them to ignore us

      • England

        They shouldn’t have announced gta 5 if they were not ready to give us more info. They should have released the trailer during the E3 conference which would have been appropriate. 

        • Sincererity

          i agree completely 😀 

      • Disgruntled GTA 4 player

        Absolutely. This is taking years and years, literally. There is no excuse not to have this game released in 2010, let alone 2011, let alone 2012. At the rate it’s going, the game won’t be released until the cars in the game look old. I’d be surprised if it releases before Christmas 2014.

  • Sincere

    GTA 5 IS the most important game to R* and Take-Two now. unfortunately, the information blackout is driving people to get other games such as AC3 and Sleeping Dog and the longer R* and TT maintain this info blackout, the more people will begin to think “screw GTA 5”, the less people will have the money to afford GTA 5 and eventually, r* will lose a hall of a load of money.
    i will be blunt here and i will say, i wont be getting GTA 5 for these reasons:
    1, GTA don’t seem to care about their fans enough to give us info as to why they have this blackout, why the hell should i care about them?.
    2, there are many other games, like AC3, which i know a lot about and am willing to get because their company respect their fans and, seemingly, r* don’t.
    finally, 3, why should i save up for a game now if it wont release until (what is likely to be) mid spring 2013 at the earliest? or even a next-gen game?
    you’re going to be reading this thinking “what a snobby little c*nt” but it is the way not only me but thousands of fans worldwide are thinking. R* clearly don’t care about us, so why should i care about them?

    • Vladislav

      they dont talk about GTA5 because they need to sell Max Payne 3 DLC

      • Sincere

        very likely. but it would be nice to know that from them instead of being ignored, having our questions evaded and being told false promises

    • dillonski4

      Don’t be an ungrateful prick. Rockstar is one of the most talented developers out there and they certainly care for their fans. If they didn’t care about their fans, they wouldn’t bust their asses at work everyday developing innovative games like GTA, RDR, Max Payne 3, LA Noire… The only reason they are doing a blackout is because they sincerely are trying to make the game as surprising and fun as possible. Do I think that’s a bad reason for withholding information? Well, it’s not the best… but to go as far as to say Rockstar doesn’t care? Get a hold of yourself.

      • Sincere

        they don’t care for:
        1, there is no info despite constant asking. 
        2, there is no reason given for their silence. 
        3, they don’t even care enough to say something like “we just need a few months for (something) to happen/get fixed and we will give you info”. 
        4, why did they give us a trailer in 2011 and nothing (excluding 2 useless screenshots) in 2012 and then release the game in (likely) 2013? is that fair? no. 
        5, they promise info soon and soon went and now it has been a while. 
        6, they aren’t saying anything other than “it is in full development” which is as useful as telling us their kitchen sink is on the north side of their house
        don’t call me an ungrateful prick cos i have an opinion that is different to yours. don’t tell me to get a hold of myself cos i don’t like being promised things that turn out to be false. if you don’t like what i say, ignore me or. better still, calmly say you disagree and why and then we will know we disagree and go our separate ways. i think you are many things judging by your comment, but i wont say so cos it isn’t my place. don’t be mean

        • Criddy420

          Do you have a personal relationship with R*? Do you have sex with them? No. You buy their games because those products fulfil your wants and needs as a consumer. Simple. You buy for you, not for them…remember that next time you think they should give a crap about u. Dont beat yourself with your own stick.

        • Pezzodimerda

          just die you little sh*t stain. suck a hobo’s c*ck and wish he was your step-dad. i hope the hobo has aids so we don’t need to live with c*m piles like you for much longer polluting the air with your bullsh*t and using up all our oxygen. die m*th*r f***er. no one will miss you

        • Jackie C.

           WTF? The whole thing seems to be a simple marketing strategy. I otherwise can’t make sense of R*’s behavior. Is there any reason for not releasing anymore information about the game? Anything from a simple “we are working on THIS” or “we had the idea to do THAT” would be appreciated by us, the fans, and R* knows that. They know that 1000 fans check the internet for updates, statements and new footage of the game daily. The argument that they don’t want to make false statements seems ridiculous given the fact that they already made substantial progress and even released a trailer one year ago. They are teasing us. It’s the I don’t tell you more about the thing you are waiting for strategy. Like a hot girl telling you she wants to F you but doesn’t take her clothes of until you almost come into your pants.

        • Giggitygiggitygoo

          there is no reason. i mean, look at assassin’s creed 3, sleeping dogs, resident evil… need i say more? they all have the marketing strategy of “let’s tell the fans what they want and get them into the game before release” instead of GTA’s “let’s keep everything from the fans until there’s 0 left. GENIUS” and that is damaging sales… but seriously, wtf is with the scientology thing?!

        • Sincererity

          what?! what’s a personal relationship and sex life got to do with my reasons why it seems they don’t care about us fans? when the f*ck did i say they didn’t care about me personally? what stick you talking about when you say ”
          Dont beat yourself with your own stick. “? i think you need to shut the f*ck up and learn to read you dumbsh*t piece of f*ck. don’t be a douche cos it makes you feel big cos all you are is a pathetic piece of cum that has dried up on your dad’s face. you shut the f*ck up now

        • Enga Land

          I disagree.
          1. They told us that they don’t want to ruin any surprises
          2. They release more games than just GTA.
          3. If your a fan of Rockstar you wouldn’t just care for one product.
          4. You sound very impactient and don’t realize the potential they are putting into the game.
          5. Every GTA slightly inclines on the time scale to make because they are constantly upgrading and adding new features plus an awesome Story.
          6. It’s their project and they can do what ever they want.

          You can say you agree it disagree just don’t be an ass okay? Thanks(:

  • Ozsystem82

    Waiting for a GTA game is longer than waiting for the next world cup or olympics to come around 4-5 years currently it’s very poor. GTA is their flagship money maker yet way too much energy is put into other projects. COD is out every year making serious £££ don’t release GTA every year but don’t wait 4-5 it’s commercial suicide.

  • Sharpz

    F**k GTA now basicly i aint being lead along like an eager child, all about gta IV 🙂

  • John

    Doesn’t matter how other games perform, GTA always needs to sell! And it will come out NEXT year. Probably around the same time as IV – October releases for GTA are over

  • Jovanni

    well i called gamestop and asked the most stupid question of all… “is gta v out yet”? and i could tell it was a teenager talking. He told me the it was most likely going to be a dlc to max payne 3 because new games usually cost 60$.  if you purchase max payne 3 brand new theres a slip inside that says the rockstar pass which is 30$ and you get halph off every dlc thats out for max payne 3… maybe gta v will be sold for 30$ to people who have the rockstar pass but in the end your really paying the full price and might get a bit of a win. hope this gives some clues or makes some sense and some of you can make any other connections

  • Legion

    Am i surprised that Max Payne didnt do so well… in a word no.  No-one cares about any other R* game except GTA. Sorry to burst your bubble R*. But many of us just dont care what else you do.

    • R* Fan #1

      i disagree with you there.. about not caring for any other game.. although GTA will always be my fav R* game but i cared alot about Red Dead and L.A Noire, and so did alot of people, wasnt all that fussed about max payne 3 as GTA V had already been announced so i was all hyped up for that…

      • Glensaysgiggity

        i think what he means is at this present time no one cares about any other r* game. i would agree completely with you that r*have made games in which most of us cared about, but since the announcement of GTA 5, it seems as though most of us only care about GTA 5 and no other game

      • Legion

        Yeah but you’d throw them all in the bin for just 5 minutes on GTAV.

        God knows i would.

  • Rendal

    Love it