Black Ops 2 is adaptive and original

By Alan Ng - Aug 1, 2012

Black Ops 2 is going to be one of the standout games of 2012 and easily the most anticipated game of the year with possible exception to GTA V. Aside from bringing a new multiplayer mode as well as a new zombies experience, Black Ops 2 is also gaining interest thanks to its new ‘interactive’ campaign mode.

As far as we’re aware, this is a first for the franchise, where players will actually be given a multiple choice scenario during campaign. Making your decision will determine different outcomes and routes during levels and players could even be treated to multiple endings – hopefully not bordering on Mass Effect territory though.

We previously had an early look at how interaction will play a part in some of the levels. To give you another idea for those that missed it the first time, check out the footage below from the Jimmy Fallon show where we see some Strike Force gameplay. Pay attention to the fact that you’ll now be able to reposition troops and set them up ready to mount a huge offensive. Since when was tactical gameplay like this a part of Call of Duty?

It’s great to see that Treyarch is going all out to give gamers a fresh experience as possible and we think that they may surprise one or two with the adaptive new features in campaign. Everyone is picking Black Ops 2 up for multiplayer and zombies at the moment, but imagine if the campaign ends up being the best aspect?

James C. Burns who voices Sgt. Frank Woods in the game has even gone one step further to say that Black Ops 2 is going to be ‘a very original experience’. He’s also mentioned the ability for player interaction and the fact that your choices will affect the outcome of the game.

Has this taken you by surprise? Black Ops 2 may be the Call of Duty game that changes perception from the ‘arcade game for kids’ tag that everyone labels it at the moment.

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  • emofox41

    who cares if the game is received poorly or good people will still buy it and who cares what becomes game of the year they are just games it’s hilarious how people get asshurt and argue about it and LOL halo being the most anticipated game of the year LMFAO 

  • Y12salazar

    It’s funny how every year ppl complain about cod, but they end up getting them lol

  • guest

    i love how people are complaining about black ops 2 saying it the same old crap well i dont know what u been seen but i see a new call of duty with aload of new things been put in.

  • A Dawson150

    That looks crap…lol…games have gone down hill since COD4 ..playabilty beats eye candy hands down. B/ops 2 =Halo?? no thanks

  • To me, just another money grab for the same recycled game.

  • Jjahghg

    LOL assassin’s creed has been crap since the first same with Halo they arent even contenders for game of the year

    • Alecknock

      …and BLOPS 2 is? Don’t get your hopes up this trash will not take Game of the year.

  • Stephenh

     im more xcited for ac3 and dead space 3

  • Bey-Tech Video Game Battle suit

  • Jack

    no, its actually ur mom thats most anticipated.

  • BoredOfFPS

    Call of Duty is clutching at straws now and trying to make each one of their games unique when really they are just adding crappy attachments for guns online. Each CoD has been said to have something different and new but they always end up being the same i honestly don’t see why people are still investing their time and money into such poorly made games, not even to mention how much people are being ripped-off with the DLCs which are disc locked….

    • Viralxcow

      what about halo for the past couple of games and assasins creed is going down that road aswell but cod does repeat itself alot but for me what makes this game is deffinantly zombies

    • treyarch has made very different games and yes at the low level are not big tweaks but treyarch listens to the community much better than infinity ward. At east treyarch has a variety in scenarios. While IW has literally released the same title 3 times. I  barely touch the MW franchise but i will be excited for something by treyarch

  • Marhorn

    Funny that…..Halo 4 is the most anticipated game of the year. 

    • FU Marhorn

       Nope, AC3 is the most anticipated

      • Jeftowitzen

        Not it’s actually Halo

        • Viralxcow

          im not sure about that

        • Dragoschronos

           How exactly does one measure anticipation?

        • guest

          its funny if  AC3 or halo is the most anticipated game of the year how comes it never beats call of duty

      • Dynasty2201

        Halo4 most anticipated….


        And just because CoD sells more, doesnt mean its the best.  It means people are idiotic and gullable and addicted.

        Beginning of August, most pre-ordered games on Amazon in order:

        Fifa 13 (x-crap).
        WoW – Mist of Pandaria (PC)
        Guild Wars 2 (PC)
        Fifa 13 (PS3)
        New Super Mario Bros 2 (DS)
        CoD Blops 2 (sigh)
        The Sims 3 Expansion (PC)
        Sleeping Dogs (x-crap)
        Halo 4 (x-crap)
        Borderlands 2 (x-crap)

        So, as the public show, Halo 4 is barely in the top 10 most pre-ordered games so far.

        Yeah, ‘MOST’ anticipated my arse.

        Lol, even the Sims are being bought more than Halo.

        • Marhorn

          Funny that….at least 10 sites i just visited are calling Halo 4 the most “anticipated” game of 2012.