2014 Battlefield 4 deadline sways gamers

By Alan Ng - Aug 1, 2012

With the Battlefield 4 beta already announced for Fall 2013, many gamers had been wondering if the game would ship before the end of 2013. EA has provided some further clarity on this, by confirming that Battlefield 4 will release by March 2014 at the very latest.

It now means of course that players could preview the game in September or October 2013, but will have to wait until the following year to buy it. If the beta launches in September, but the full game doesn’t hit stores until March that is an anxious seven month wait you’re facing, theoretically.

The Battlefield 4 2014 deadline was announced by EA during their Q1 earnings call, where they also made no secret of their pleasure in shifting 1.3 million Premium packages to Battlefield 3 players since it launched. At $50 a pop, EA must be pretty happy with the way things are going at the moment, despite plans to maybe move away from one-time fees in favor of free-to-play.

How would you feel though if Battlefield 4 does end up releasing in March 2014? A lot of you have already said that Battlefield 4 has come around far too early, so is it a case of ‘the longer the better for you’? With no Battlefield: Bad Company 3 on the horizon, BF4 is now going to be DICE’s next project straight after BF3 without taking a period of absence.

The debate on whether Battlefield 4 will release on current or next-gen consoles is still very much up for debate though. Let’s hope that DICE are making it compatible on both current and next gen though, so gamers won’t have any problems on deciding to pick up the game.

Does a March 2014 release date for Battlefield 4 suit you or not?

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  • tiller659

    As long as it doesn’t release on the current consoles I could careless when it came out. I’m tired of playing huge maps with only 12 players to a team. The smaller maps are set up perfect for it. Not to much congestion and not dying every minute is nice, but getting into the larger maps there is just nobody on the ground. I want to be able to have much larger teams, but the current gen consoles just can’t support it. Not with the hardware they have. Please wait till the next gen consoles are ready. That way consoles are at least a little closer to the PC version of the game.

  •  A extended beta is always nice, however EA does not do REAL betas, its more of a promo to get people hype, all about the dollar.

  • KiwiJake

    A xmas 2013 date seems more sensible if they are intent on 2013… I personal thing they should be waiting for the next-gen consoles and sticking to them.. giving bf3 the longer lifespan it deserves and hopefully is similar to bf2. In any instance, i will be buying it

  • Mr Bombastic

    Rumors are that late 2013 is when the next gen consoles coming out, it would be in everyones best interests for it to be released on the next gen consoles. More sales for EA, more sales for microsoft and sony, and better graphics and possible more people per game for us.

  • Jestonxi

    everyone forget bf3 released late 2011?

  • mrvicchio

    I’d rather they wait till it’s DONE, then ship a product that needs patching.   That goes for any game.

  • Wait