Steps taken for Dawnguard on PS3 and PC

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 31, 2012

Most gamers expected Skyrim Dawnguard to release on the PS3 and PC around a week ago, although signs that this wouldn’t happen came 2 days before the 30-day exclusive had been up. This came with Skyrim patch 1.7 entering PC beta, which had no chance of reaching PS3 owners considering there is an approval process to be completed first. Today we have heard the 1.7 update has left beta, and should be submitted to PS3 and Xbox 360 later this week.

Considering Skyrim 1.7 patch is available now to PC users through steam it means Dawnguard is likely ready for PC, although it is yet to be seen if Bethesda will launch the first Skyrim DLC on PC and PS3 at the same time. If this is the case then PC users need to wait a few weeks for the PS3 patch process to complete, which might upset PC users but not as much as it would upset some PS3 owners for being last to download Dawnguard.

The update from the official blog came just a few hours after seeing an official tweet, which told gamers information is coming soon in relation to the Skyrim patch and Dawnguard for PS3 and PC. You can see the message directed to console owners below, and while this doesn’t directly explain when Dawnguard will launch for these platforms it is expected soon after.

It is not completely clear why the wait for Dawnguard on PC and PS3 is taken a lot longer than 30 days, Hines did explain they never announced a launch for these platforms, and if things are delayed much longer after this latest patch reaches all platforms we fear some gamers might lose faith in Bethesda to put gamers before profit (exclusive deal with Microsoft).

Do you think Bethesda care more about the gamer than profit, especially when it comes to Skyrim Dawnguard? We’ll update you when patch 1.7 goes live for consoles, and also when an official release date is given for the DLC on PS3 and PC.

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  • Djjw29f

    i just hope there can be a new dlc that would meany spells and new places to look at and different style backgrounds and more shouts and really powerful artifacts and weapons and more fantasy like in the magic because i would think it would be cool too fly and teleport or transform into a dragon doing all shorts of things if it goes with the story line and don’t you think there should be quest where you see these “gods” like we do in the quest with the daidra lord gods or what ever they are called it would be pretty cool tho  

  • kieguru

    I’ve got a feeling PC will arrive first followed by PS3. We are receiving some PC inserts for the DLC for dummy boxes tomorrow so I’m guessing a SKU will follow shortly. Still no word on the PS3 DLC though. I’m Actually still unsure how they are going to implement the PC version, whether it will be on a disc or just a generated steam code. It will probably be the latter to save distribution costs.

    • Nathanael Della Ventura

      Why would it be different from how Steam usually handles DLC? Buy it, download it, play it. Like Brink and Fallout DLC. Just like buying a game, sort of.

      • kieguru

        I’m talking from the point of view from high street retail. When selling game add-ons and expansions for console, generating codes is a common thing. For some reason when it comes to selling it for PC it becomes a bit more of a rarity. 

        • Nathanael Della Ventura

          You said, ”
          I’m Actually still unsure how they are going to implement the PC version, whether it will be on a disc or just a generated steam code. ” So, it was hard to tell what, exactly, you were talking about. 
          They probably wont do any kind of high street retail using Steam redeem codes for PC. Why would they? But console will likely, if not already. Right? Seen that a lot with some stuff for XBOX. PC on the other hand probably will not see that. Like I said, it will probably just be like Steam usually does it. To be honest, I didn’t know Steam even did that for PC except MMO type things like Runescape, kieguru, and why would they? Not sure if there is even a large enough demand for prepaid options like that. Maybe? Dunno.

  • Skyrim-Fanatic

    Bethesda simply dose not care about customers after they have given them their money. If they did then there’d  be information, at least a rough release date for ps3 and pc users. Microsoft have money to throw at Bethesda so bethesda pretty much don’t care about anyone else.

  • guest

    lets face it if someone said to you i will pay you to be my friend we would all do it, which is pretty much what mircosoft has done with many game makers

  • Dave! Yognaut

    I’m just gonna do what I did with New Vegas. Wait until a version of Skyrim comes out with all the DLC included and get it for £15 instead of probably nearly £100. I would have happily paid full price for the dlc’s if they had come out a few weeks back, but having already learned all the interesting stuff in Dawnguard, i’m not all that bothered. Bethesda can have a few quid off me in a year or two instead. They’ll probably need it, most of their fanbase will be gone by then…

  • Insanity

    I believe most companies care more about the money,afterall even if they put customers above the money it is only because they want to attract more customers.More customers = more money….Let’s not forget that “money make the world go ’round”

  • pc & xbox & ps3 gamer

    To those on a console whinging because they chose to play on a console that is tightly regulated and has delays in getting approvals for patches….

    Naww diddums….. drink some concrete.

    I’m more than happy to wait a few extra weeks for a better quality DLC rather than a buggy heap of crap that will be unplayable for the first 3 weeks anyway.

    • hyperion

      When you speak stupied ideas can be heard by others.

    • Mmmm… Concrete.

  • Dblk_25

    I think this long wait is unfair to all gamers on any console! This long wait has made me loose my interest in the add-on, I’m just going to invest my money in another title!

  • Skyfox15

    I have a feeling it might be out tomorrow or Thursday just have a feeling! I hope I’m right!  

  • Huffcreeker44

    Bethesda can keep their Overrated, overpriced crap.

  • Skyfox15

    Can someone help me. I got the patch on steam and now Skyrim wont start. I get a ScriptDragon critical error Your game version is not supported, supported patches: all have dates beside them except the last two. I tried everything! Downloads off the internet, re installing, everything. Bethesda wont send me a replay back so I’m kinda worried. Like once Dawnguard comes out and I download it will everything be fine? So just someone help me because Bethesda wont.  

    • PS3 User

      haha  They will make you wait until it come out for the rest of us PC user  : P  

      One of their Excuse  another one  haha     you thought once you get 1.7 then you ready to play dawnguard  No No No No  it wont be so easy as it sound not with bethesda they alway have some more surprise for us PC and PS3  Trust me they will DRAG IT LONGER AND LONGER AND LONGER until we blow our head off    THEY try to drive us Crazier  that al .

      • Skyfox15

        Can you at least tell me how to fix my Skyrim. 😛 

        • I’m pretty sure he can’t.

        • Skyfox15

          So I should just wait for Dawnguard and it might be fixed by then? 

        • No, look it up in Skyrim forums. Some random troll on PR isn’t going to help you. And keep throwing messages to Bethesda. They do get around to this stuff when they can.

        • Skyfox15

          Thanks man! It’s good to know there are still kind people out there. 

        • Glad to help.

        • Voncrown

          Scriptdragon throws that error when it doesn’t recognize the version of Skyrim you’re running, last I checked the 1.7 update for scriptdragon wasn’t out, so you’ll either have to do without scriptdragon mods until it gets updated, or wait until AB updates Scriptdragon. Which shouldn’t take too long, based on comments from him I’ve read.

  • RWhitl

    Very upset with Bethesda for this.  I understand from a business perspective why they took Microsoft’s offer, but they should have been ready to roll out the DLC once the 30 days was up.  Instead, those of us on PS3 and PC now have to wait an undetermined amount of time?  This is bullshit.

  • Jazeek

    im just pissed of waiting… :b

    can we just agree on that?

  • PS3 User

    It better be

  • Sxs5

    and my comments are being mediated why?? this website in Bethesdas pocket???

    • Kainvalor

      Vampire Lord…there is no dragon lord

    • Sxs5

      that should say moderated, but this being the internet… cannot correct, oh well

  • johnny depp

    in the picture with the dragon lord why is there a guy drinking behind him hawhawhaw no way am i getting dawnguard…….. until it comes out hawhawhaw 

  • MacDaddy

    It is perfectly clear which option Bethesda would choose when it comes to the gamer and the profit with their current actions. Mind you the economy is tough and they gotta make money to keep going, much like the human body. I honestly don’t blame them for taking the money from Microsoft for the 360s’ dibs,however, they should have been much more aware on their situation with the progress on the DLCs for the other consoles. I, and my PS3 community will remain furious for the actions of Beth, but i will still purchase Dawnguard for the  sake of a good game.

  • its stupid its a multi platform game and if your gonne have a multiplatform game you need to have dlc ready for all platform s ny the release date wether someone pays you for first rights or not you should still have the expansion ready to go on other platforms once the exclusivity runs out they are just making excuses sitting back counting there money i have nothing against any console as i have been a owner of each and game on each all i am saying is that i currently own a ps3 since my xbox took a dirt nap and i would like to have seen hey your 30 days is up we were prepared here you go everyone else sorry for the wait basically… the only thing that really angers me about this is the xbox gamers acting superior and rubbing it in our faces that they have it that doesnt matter enjoy it we will have it soon enough its not like oblivion where you had certain dlc that the ps3 never got at all