Samsung Galaxy S3 fast battery drain

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 31, 2012

It has been almost a month since we first heard about the Samsung Galaxy S3 battery drain issue that creates a much shorter battery life than users expect, although Samsung did promise an update to fix the problem. We’re hearing from owners still suffering and looking for a fix to the Galaxy S3 battery problems, and it seems there’s a fix that can deliver some extra juice.

The easy solution is meant for international users, only these people seem to be affected, and involves changing a few settings but doesn’t require any root or software update, so head to the settings section although be warned that this Galaxy S3 battery drain fix doesn’t work for everyone.

How to fix Samsung Galaxy S III battery life issues – after heading to settings go to the Wi-Fi area, then select advanced and make a small change by turning off connecting to Wi-Fi while you’re asleep. This setting should be changed to “never“. Users that have tried this small change are seeing a notable improvement, although there is extra juice to be had from also installing the CPU Sleeper as well.

This reminds us of the problems the iPhone 4S users experienced and had also been confirmed by those behind the smartphone (Apple), so users should expect a total fix in time with a software update for the Galaxy S3. It took the iPhone a few firmware updates before the battery life improved dramatically, and in most cases these issues are software not hardware.

Have you found ways to improve poor battery life with the Samsung Galaxy S3? While the issues are mostly causing problems for users in Europe, it is worth trying this change on United States Galaxy S3’s considering it’s likely to improve battery life for these users as well. Share a comment with how your battery life is, and let us know if you found ways to fix the drain.

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  • D

    I have my S3 for a few months. For the first few months, my battery was fantastic, listening to music playing games switching WiFi on and off, brightest settings, tons of apps running….i was doing all the things that could drain a battery the fastest. It still lasted 2 days before needing to charge.

    Now, after a few months…my screen cracked, and i have downloaded a few games and apps…
    My battery cant last half a day!! I am on the minimum screen settings, everything is off! All apps killed, in standby mode…my phone charges and the battery drains faster than it is charging!
    It takes me many many hours to charge my phone while in standby and i can charge all day long and stay on the same battery % if i am using it while charging.

    This is NOT NORMAL. Is it my screen? Is it an app? I never have those WiFi settings that you guys speak of and my phone used to run just fine.

    Wanted to know if anyone else has problems like this with S3

    • shaz

      Hi my phone does the exact same thing, have you got yours fixed yet? Whats the best

  • Erika

    Ive had my phone for 4 months now and it worked great! No problems at all. On Tuesday evening I downloaded a stupid game.. My battery still had normal charging with the game but then the next day it started to decrease. I thought hmm ok I will uninstall the app/game. So I did and my battery still dies super fast. I go to work at 830am with 100% charge. By 10am it is already at 59% charge. Keep in mind its just sitting in my purse, not being used. I replaced the battery, still same issue. I also removed the memory card, and new battery. Put the battery back in without the memory card because I was told that the app could still be on the memory card even tho
    it is uninstalled? I still have the same issue. I dont use WiFi, GPS or
    bluetooth. I “kill” all my apps when I am done using the phone. I have the
    brightness on the screen almost to where I cant see it. I dont know what else to
    do. Any suggestions

  • The new USER

    i suggest you turned off MObile Data, and all unnecessary running apps… i did some experiments, stopping some apps to free some ram space. recently downloaded the software update from samsung… i think it did great because my Cell Standby percentage goes down from 50% to 5%… ill keep you updated for the battery performance after the CELL STANDBY percentage went down…. thanks

  • dyums

    i factory restored by sgs3. my cell standy fell down to 15% from 35% of battery consumption. i am hoping that it will be ok in the next hours after completely charging it.

    • Erika

      Did you lose all your stuff when you restore it? and how do you do that

  • robpark

    I just recently got my s3 then I have noticed that the battery drain easily even without using it

  • play13

    Wow, in order to get a full days worth of use out of my S3 smart phone, I need to,first dummy it down in all the setting, basically turn my display brightness down to nothing, and not talk,surf the web, or check emails and secondly leave it plugged in most of the day…No thanks, I’ll keep my iPhone 4s and not have to do anything to it but use it. BTW fr all you Samsung droid lovers, I did own a S3 for all of two week and took it back before the 30 days and paid $35 for restocking because of this battery issue. Plus the OS on this phone is horrible. Thank goodness I did sell my 4s.

    • Joyrider

      I hear u S3 sucks,can’t wait for iPhone 5

  • Ali

    I have had my phone for a couple weeks now. The battery life has always been disappointing. I agree that I should not have to monitor the phone’s battery all day. I had a ton of widgets and other things on my screens that I have since turned off hoping that I could at least get to work and back without completely draining the battery. I even uninstalled programs. Wasn’t this thing supposed to has 6 hours of talk time and 300 hours of standby time or something crazy like that. I barely made 10 hours of standby. I haven’t even called anyone today. Anyone else notice that when you clear the memory of the RAM it closes like 50 applications? Just me? Could that be it? My android system, media server and cell standby drained 80 percent of the battery? What is the deal? What can I do? We’ll see if this one “never” setting will do it. I hope so.

    • Ali

      Wow, I can’t believe it. Totally fixed the problem. Phone’s been on all day. Talked for an hour. Used the latitude. Several emails, lists on Got Milk. Kept the screen on for 40 minutes. Lasted all day and still have 55 percent. Yesterday, I was at 1 percent by this time. Wow what a difference. This will be the first time I will charge my phone at night without really needing to. Thanks for the great tip.

      • Sandy

        Please share with me what you did. My phone is draining as we speak and I’m not even using it 🙁

  • thechosen1

    I have had several smartphones i.e. EVO, Droid Razor, Galaxy Nexus and all the IPhones. In my opinion as long as you turn off the constant wifi sleep and manage the screens auto brightness you will have excellent battery life. I have taken my phone off the charger with 2hr talk time, back and forth text and web browsing on wifi and on seen a 33% decrease over an 8 1/2 day of work. I can say that if you have minimal signal strength wherever you are, battery will drain alot faster as the phone will continue to search for a signal.

  • Brandon Bauman

    People like me having the real battery problems shouldn’t have to turn off all the syncs, disable all the widgets, disable GPS, blutooth, ect ect. This battery is supposed to be the best on the freaking market and instead I have to constantly babysit it with power saving controls to get through my workday without it dying on me. There has to be a real fix out there. My Droid Incredible lasted longer than this and that was without reconfiguring everything to make it last.

  • Tyggerdev

    I’ve had my Galaxy S3 for a little over a week now.  I have absolutely fantastic battery life!  I don’t have 4G in my area but I keep it turned on in case I go to an area that has it.  I keep my 3G on always, wifi, GPS, Mobile Data, Data Sync all stays on 24/7.  My phone is lucky to get down to 60% from the time I wake up in the morning to the time I plug it back in before bed.  I could probably go another day without a charge.  I’m not sure why everybody else would be having battery issues, maybe goto battery status and see whats sucking the life out of it.  If its an app, fix it.

  • P. Parton

    I must have the freak S3. I have no battery issues at all. It lasts longer than my wife’s iPhone 4S. I just utilized this fix, because my wireless setting was to “always”. I will say that I am not using 4G (Sprint) and I have a brightness toggle that I use (auto brightness off). Maybe the brightness toggle is something that could be looked into as well for slower drain.

  • This Works , Thanks Alot !!!

    I bought S3 10 days back ..i was experiencing the problem battery drainage during standby!
    If i dont touch phone for 12 hours Battery will drain from 100% to 30% ..

    After doing this ! I WONDERED !!
    After 12Hours standby from 100% to 96% Only !!! 



    • Sandy

      What did you do to fix? Please share. I need help!

  • Vmrules2003

    All I have a US Galaxy s3 (sprint). my battery life was also draining fast and my wife’s wasnt. I turned things off made adjustments and downloaded task killers. try reseting all settings to factory and keep everything on (gps, wifi, even a live wallpaper.) try it for a day. the battery lasts all day. 

  • irene botecas

    i would like to buy one……. but with all this problem with the battery ???? it is worth it !!!!!!

    • Gary Swart

       This phone has many must have features, imho – biggest ones being the dual core processor and 4G LTE technology.  I’ve had opportunity to travel to Seattle and Las Vegas with it where 4G is working.  OMG its fast. Battery life was killing me. Very Frustrated.  However, after this simple adjustment battery life is excellent. Do what you want, but I’m sticking with the Galaxy S3.

  • Parag Upadhyay

    i have get S3 recently 3 -4 days , this is a very big problem , i have also sold my Blackberry 9700. Compair in S3 more Fuction avalable but battery is not good

  • Droid user

    Turn off data, GPS, bluetooth, and wifi when not using. Manage your smartphone.  If you have this fancy piece of equipment and don’t know how to manage it….maybe you should get an iPhone.  They are perfect for Noobs

    • DarthStrawberry

      Yes provide advice, and then be nasty about it, very clever. I’m sure the iPhone comment was ment as a deterrent to stop anyone from complaining about a legitimate software failure on Samsung’s behalf. Also I am certain Fandroids will consolidate the fire now and trample on all ifans who complain about “false issues” like battery drain, which supposedly affect their devices. Ludicrous indeed, (watches as battery decreases).

    • Brandon Bauman

      People like me having the real battery problems shouldn’t have to turn off all the syncs, disable all the widgets, disable GPS, blutooth, ect ect. This battery is supposed to be the best on the freaking market and instead I have to constantly babysit it with power saving controls to get through my workday without it dying on me. There has to be a real fix out there. My Droid Incredible lasted longer than this and that was without reconfiguring everything to make it last PS, I’d rather go through battery problems that switch to iphone.

  • Anton Basson

    I’m planning to get a contract on the S3, is their software that i should”load” or “not load” to elimenate the battery problem 

  • Leo_swe1994

    My battry drains so much, can use it max half day each day

  • Leo_swe1994

    I got very much problem with the battery, drains insanly much

  • JLeo

    i’ve had my S3 for almost a week now and the battery life is really poor.  My iPhone battery life was leap years better.  I really love the features on this phone, so I hope they come up with a fix soon.

  • Psk Kanna

     Its really a big dis-avatage to S3

  • Chris Senior

    I have had my S3 for just over a week; battery has been “OK-ish”, not as good as my old Blackberry, but better than expected. Have applied the tweak suggested and will see how it goes. Thanks for the advice, greatly appreciated.

  • Steve

    I’ve had mine for 2 days!  Moderate use 1st day, almost no use the second day (Really!  2 calls under 5 minutes, 3 txts and 20 minutes of reading email).  The battery dies in this POS every 6 hours.  The posted fix above I could see helping, if you didnt have to have it plugged in all night already.  Really disappointed.

    • Guru


  • Sanket Shirke

    I had mine for over a week now. I anyways turn off wifi and data while sleep. Other than that the data is on, I dont have to charge my SG3 before 1.5 days. with 2-3 hours of music daily. 

  • Ben

    I have had mine for a little over a week now and I do notice a very rapid drain if I’m downloading a lot or if I’m using a few apps at once. But for normal use the battery has lasted all day. And using the built in power saver mode also helps.

  • Harry

    I’m a (new and very proud) owner of the S3, and the phone so far has been a great upgrade!
    But my battery drains almost completely by the end of the day with simply moderate usage! I did deep cycle charge last night and have did the fix suggested above, hoping that something will work!

  • S-purvis

    Ive only had my S3 for a few days now but ive been using it as regularly as I did my old iphone, 2-3 hours music a day lots of texting an hour or so of facebook and the odd bit pokemon but my battery’s still goung strong when i plug it in at night and i havent done anything suggested above, however i havent put the first software update on my phone so that may have caused the problem for some