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Halo 4 playable in August at Xbox 360 event

If you were hoping to see Halo 4 at the GamesCom 2012 expo in August, you may want to be reminded that this won’t be possible. Microsoft won’t be attending the event, nor will they be attending the 2012 Tokyo Game Show, instead deciding to take their games to smaller events around the world.

We are here to inform you about one of those smaller events, as we’ve found out that there is a chance for you to play Halo 4 as soon as next month. The game is not releasing on Xbox 360 until November 6, but those fortunate enough to be living in Japan can visit the Xbox 360 Summer Annual Festival.

It is being held in two Japanese locations – Tokyo and Osaka. The Tokyo event will take place between August 25-26, while those interested in attending the Osaka event can do so on September 1, as detailed by AndriaSang. With the event being held in Japan, this obviously puts it out of the reach of most of our readers, but there are some lovely rewards for those willing to make the trip.

Aside from getting a rare playable preview of Halo 4 before anyone else, you’ll also be able to play several other big games coming out too, including Borderlines 2 and Resident Evil 6. Halo 4 is obviously the highlight though – how much of a fan are you we wonder?

It is surprising to say the least that Microsoft has chose to no-show both GamesCom and TGS 2012, especially since Sony will be at both shows unveiling their latest and greatest. If you can’t get to this event in Japan, there’s probably a good chance that it will be on at the Eurogamer Expo in London this September.



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