GTA V investor call may conclude 2013 release date

Are you still clinging on to the slim hope that GTA V is going to be released before the end of the year? Without still knowing any details on the game since the 2011 trailer and now the GamesCom no-show, it looks likely that we’ll see the game release sometime in 2013 instead.

That’s not confirmed though of course, but we could be seeing some clarity on this very subject during Take Two’s upcoming investor call. We can tell you that the publisher will be holding an investor call on Tuesday July 31st, at 4.30pm Eastern Time. Grand Theft Auto V is obviously to play a big part in some of the discussions that will go on and the good news, is that you can listen in live to hear what happens yourself.

Simply head to Take Two’s website here and wait for the event to start. Will we hear a release date window discussed or not? Considering that we have practically heard nothing as mentioned above since that November 2011 trailer, we have a feeling that something has to budge.

Gamers are obviously very disappointed that there’s not even a slight update at the GamesCom event in August, although Rockstar did apologize for this with the release of two new screenshots and the promise that more are coming soon. It’s to fair to say that we are well overdue on some new details for the game, so let’s hope that this investors call brings up a few gems in 24 hours time.

Investor calls are often useful in finding out prospective release date windows for when games are going to launch. Are you hoping that we finally find out if GTA V will release in 2012 in 2013? A 2012 release looks very unlikely in our opinion now.



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