GTA V investor call may conclude 2013 release date

By Alan Ng - Jul 31, 2012

Are you still clinging on to the slim hope that GTA V is going to be released before the end of the year? Without still knowing any details on the game since the 2011 trailer and now the GamesCom no-show, it looks likely that we’ll see the game release sometime in 2013 instead.

That’s not confirmed though of course, but we could be seeing some clarity on this very subject during Take Two’s upcoming investor call. We can tell you that the publisher will be holding an investor call on Tuesday July 31st, at 4.30pm Eastern Time. Grand Theft Auto V is obviously to play a big part in some of the discussions that will go on and the good news, is that you can listen in live to hear what happens yourself.

Simply head to Take Two’s website here and wait for the event to start. Will we hear a release date window discussed or not? Considering that we have practically heard nothing as mentioned above since that November 2011 trailer, we have a feeling that something has to budge.

Gamers are obviously very disappointed that there’s not even a slight update at the GamesCom event in August, although Rockstar did apologize for this with the release of two new screenshots and the promise that more are coming soon. It’s to fair to say that we are well overdue on some new details for the game, so let’s hope that this investors call brings up a few gems in 24 hours time.

Investor calls are often useful in finding out prospective release date windows for when games are going to launch. Are you hoping that we finally find out if GTA V will release in 2012 in 2013? A 2012 release looks very unlikely in our opinion now.

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  • Once_a_Fan

    Because Rockstar and Take Poo have Pi**ed me off with all this bo**ocks  im going to wait a lil longer an buy a 2cnd hand copy off Ebay. Hey theyve made me wait so long i can wait an extra month after release to get a 2cnd hand copy. It will be the first time that ive not bought a brand new copy on release day. 

    This is how much your pi**ing your fans off Rockstar!  Hope your sales figures bomb.

    • GTAofficial

      Take-Two* btw

  • Billy_whizz

    I can really see GTAV sales being seriously damaged because of this. Me and many of my friends got excited when the trailer was released but now were like “Ahhh dont care anymore,will just move on to something else” We had a discussion about it down the pub whole bunch of us, we went from searching GTA news everyday for a few weeks,now there is only me who bothers to check once a month or so now.Even when i finally noticed Rockstar had released 2 screen shots last weekend my mates werent interested at all. We are the original GTA fans who are now in our early 30’s, we are a HUGE part of the GTA market. They went about this all wrong.

  • Monkey_mannn

    Rockstar have annoyed me with all this. If it comes out in 2012 ill buy it, if it comes out in 2013 i wont be buying it.  They should stick with their original October date. All other GTA games launched October (apart from GTA IV because PS3 version had bugs) May is a TERRIBLE time to launch, October is better because its the start of long cold nights and Christmas when gamers get much more chance to play games. Come May ill be far to busy outdoors. I will buy Sleeping Dogs instead,give that a try.

  • If they were to release it before Christmas everyone knows it would cast a massive shadow over every other big game that’s being released, GTA always sells. I remember when GTA IV came out, Its was sold out in almost every shop I went into… I managed to get one of the last 3 copies from GAME, then I went home and had a wank. :L

  • Johnnyromance78

    And They raaaan,

    They Ran so Far awayyy…  They just Rannn… could not get a Play… 
    I guess they coulndn’t pay!. 

  • NiCk14AlPhA

    To be honest everyone here saying about R* and TT not caring, thats untrue. 

    I agree its annoying to have no news but the fact is, they are obviously fine tuning the game, and it sounds like they are planning a big advertising campaign, as it will probs be the last on this generation.

    The fact is, no news, is good news. Im pretty sure a trailer with the release date will be out in the next couple of months or so. 

    Its how it is with games. I bet you all anything it was hoping for this year, but learning from past mistakes they didnt fully give a release date.

    GTA IV and Red Dead were both delayed and fans were annoyed, i thnk they are ironing it out as much as they can so that whe its done, it truly is, and they can focus a huge advertising campaign to a release date they wil lbe confident wont be knocked back.

    Just everyone bloody chill, play GTA IV or something for a while, or play other games, theres a HUGE selection coming out this autumn to look forward to, just play them and keep it in your head that R* must be making a bang up job on this new GTA, which is said to be a lot bigger than any GTA made before.


    LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. GATHER AROUND. it is official, GTA and Take-Two do NOT respect their fans

  • Ayaaajackieeee

    Hurry up god damit

  • ThatSUCKS

    no release date for GTA 5 yet. it becoming more official with each passing second, GTA and TT don’t care about their fans 🙁 

    • ThatSUCKS

      it is now official 🙁 ;(

  • Phaedra90731

    Im listening to the conference call right now.  They said GTA V is in full development as we already know.  They mentioned Borderlands 2  (Sept 18th)and Bioshock Infinite which they announced the release date as 2-26-13.  You can officially forget 2012 as an official release for GTA V.

    • TT

      they really dont like talking about gta v !!

      • Phaedra90731

        They can’t even hint on a possible release date, ill even take a guess at this point

  • HaroldGold

    if they announce it now, the game could still be released by the end of 2012 but it will mean they only have 4 months of advertising and sales which MAY mean that they wont hit their $1,000,000,000 (1 billion) target they wanted. though, if info or the release date is given to the fans today (July 31) then they may hit it because it is all the fans have ever really need in order to keep the hype up and the announcement would lead to a significantly higher number of people getting the game due to the information blackout causing people to drop out. Take-Two, we need release date and, given the (nearly) 10 months of damn near silence, we deserve it.

  • This call either will, or will not, include details. The speculation is pointless. I’m guessing it will not, but i’ve been wrong before.

  • Losingpatience

    i think that for the past 9 nearly 10 months, we fans have been very patient. if take-two don’t tell us the release date, i think it will be disrespectful and like a massive middle finger to all of us fans. nearly 10 months with NO info other than 2, frankly, uninformative screens is a very long time and we deserve info.

    • Losingpatience

      the have just stuck their middle finger up at us by saying “we can’t comment about that (meaning GTA5 release date) when we have not got a release date for” and then not volunteering anymore information besides “is in full development”

  • NiCk14AlPhA

    It will NOT be out this year, as much as we would all want.

    I mean, its August tomorrow, any autumn releases would have the hype engine started in like spring. Mind you i guess you could say they would want to focus on Max Payne, but nah, i think next year. And im going to reach out at it being March/May. Probably May before E3.

    I say that because i could see like more than just a release date today, i could see a trailer within this week. First week of August seems a good time to tease fans a bit more, when they said more would be soon. Not only that, but the trailer would possibly have the release date at the end.

    And i could see then a lot of hype coming about ready for next year.

    But GTA V probably wont be out this, if it was planned to, they would have teased at the end of the teasrer, “2012.” No specific release date but the year. But they didnt so im inclined to think it was actually a tactical trailer to boost Max Payne, after announcing not long after about the crews and all being in MP and GTA V. 

  • People need to just stop bitching and play Max Payne or something.

    • UnknownUser28


  • Edwstewart1992

    These speculative GTAV articles are misleading once again.

    Rockstar never apologised for not going to Gamescon – they apologised for the lack of information over the past months.

    Also, how is it ‘obvious’ that GTAV will ‘play a big part in the discussions?’ You write this as if it is 100% confirmed. You don’t know that! It’s a speculative point, not a fact.

    Nevertheless, I do hope some information is released over the conference call.

  • Irayates43

    Come on take two you can publish it any time now. Just some advice from a loyal fan. DO IT NOW FOR CHRISTS SAKE!

    • Rob

      Because you know better than their marketing team and you must know that the game is already finished right?


      • Djroonie

        Rockstar North in the UK who make the GTA games advertised for games testers to test GTAV and become a games tester for £14,000 a year back in January 2012 (you can still find the adverts up online as proof) They warned games testing isnt all its cracked up to be and that you would be testing the same tiny segments of GTAV over and over again for hours. Add this to the fact someone who did voice work for GTAV (is on their CV) said GTAV was pretty much finished and the lil details and voice work were being added back in late summer 2011…..chances are its finished.