The iPhone 5 you’re not meant to see yet

By Alan Ng - Jul 30, 2012

Well what do we have here? After countless component leaks for the next generation iPhone 5, we now have what looks to be a fully assembled unit and the closest look yet at what Apple is seemingly going to unveil in the flesh in a few months time.

Without going into Gizmodo prototype leak territory, this is probably the closest it gets to seeing the next-generation iPhone in its entirety. We have all heard about the component leaks referencing the taller screen and redesigned speaker grills, but now we can finally give you a proper look at this, without the aid of renders.

The images come courtesy of Japanese repair specialists iLab Factory, who claim that this fully assembled iPhone 5 has come from components from China. Unfortunately, we still don’t have a confirmation on if the next-generation iPhone will use a quad-core processor, but we do get a look at most other aspects of the device.

Firstly, we see another good look at the taller display screen and how it looks assembled with the other parts of the device. It looks certain that fans are now going to get the 4-inch display that they’ve been craving, although the smaller connector dock is again featured, along with the new speaker grills and the relocation of the headphone jack which is now situated at the bottom of the device, compared to the iPhone 4/4S design where it was at the top.

After initially having doubts about the use of aluminum materials for the next iPhone, we have to say that the design shown here when fully assembled looks rather good. It is a unique design indeed with Apple mixing it in with their plastic panels and it will probably look even better once we see the white iPhone 5 with its aluminum back cover.

Apple obviously doesn’t want any one to see their new prized asset until September or October, but it looks like they will be powerless to stop this latest leak. Do you like the look of the design – yes or no?

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  • Bobbo

    no, I think they’ll do the same as the iPad and call it “The new iPhone”

  • Hh

    Again… 6th iPhone = iPhone 5? :/

    • Well the 5th should have been the iPhone 5, but since apple though they had more capacity to press out the most juice out of their current product, they just brougth us something with a little more tweaks so they may push further their Gain even if is for our pain. Apple is getting disappointing and I hope they’ll be able to fix it with this new product.