New Wii U price aligns next-gen value

By Alan Ng - Jul 30, 2012

Another day, another Nintendo Wii U price rumor. In fairness, it has been a while since we last heard whispers on the crucial price point for Nintendo’s upcoming ‘next gen’ console, but we think you’ll be fairly pleased on the latest estimate being discussed online.

To give you a reminder of previous price estimations for the Wii U , we once heard rather speculative rumors suggesting that Nintendo’s new console would come in at a whopping $600. This would have been on par with the PS3 back when it originally launched, but it’s fair to say that nobody in their right mind is going to pay that amount for a next gen console now in today’s economic climate.

Step forward GameTrailer’s seemingly knowledgable sources, as they have recently said that the Wii U is going to sell for $299 – which most of you will probably agree with us in saying that this is a lot more reasonable. Nintendo has yet to announce a price officially of course, but we certainly wouldn’t mind forking out $299, given that it is just $50 more expensive than Nintendo’s original price for the Wii back when it launched in November 2006.

For that touchscreen controller technology alone, a $50 upgrade really doesn’t seem bad to us, although we have a feeling that some of you may still feel that this is too expensive. How low can Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo really go though to put a smile on your face? It wouldn’t be a long shot to assume that the Sony PS4 is going to be the most expensive out of the three next gen consoles and Nintendo the cheapest.

Does a $299 price point for the Wii U spell danger for prospective PS4 owners who may now be looking at a $300-400 price? Then again, the Vita still sells for $249 / $299 depending on WiFi or 3G, so Sony really are not afraid to go premium from the start. Let us know your thoughts on this latest price for the Wii U and if you are willing to pay $299 for one.

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  • lon

    absolutely, or 350 if it includes the new mario game.

  • I’d be okay up to 350, really.

  • Ben Dover

    i will be willing to pay.

  • Toni_albi98

    he escrito y sale todo alrevés las frases, no tienen sentido, lo único que sé es que yo no lo he escrito así…–…

  • Toni

    Según he visto en algunas páginas web, se ven imágenes de la presunta Playstation 4 y la forma y todo lo que he visto de ella lo veo muy pobre, incluso la veo mas pobre que la PS3, y esa imagen no creo que sea verdadera. Para mí opinión es falsa, no sé vosotros….

    • Khirnyan

      BR noob