Despair over HTC Desire HD Ice Cream Sandwich update

By Alan Ng - Jul 30, 2012

While plenty of ‘Nexus’ handsets owners are still basking in the joy of getting an official update to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, we have some bad news to share with you for owners of the HTC Desire HD smartphone.

The Desire HD launched with Android Gingerbread back in 2010, but was initially on a list of handsets to be given an official update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. However, owners biggest fears have been realized over the weekend, with a new statement from HTC confirming that in actual fact, the Desire HD won’t be getting an update to ICS and will stay on Gingerbread for the rest of its life.

Obviously, a lot of you are not happy about this, with the most frustrating aspect being that HTC already stated that the device would be getting an update. In turns out that our old friend, Mr memory limitation is back though, as HTC has said that the device won’t be able to perform to a high standard if they were to install Android 4.0 on the device.

A re-partitioning of the device storage would be required, according to a lengthy statement that HTC has put out, as well as the ‘overwriting of user data’. HTC admits that it is a controversial move, but decided that ultimately, they were not going to put the user experience at risk.

Do you accept their explanation for not bringing Ice Cream Sandwich to the Desire HD? It was only last month when we told you that someone had ported a working Android 4.1 Jelly Bean build to the legendary HTC HD2, so is this a case of HTC can’t, or won’t?

This isn’t the end of world though in actual fact, as if you are willing to install custom software, you’ll easily find a selection of Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs that are already available for your handset. The fact that HTC initially promised this is the main point here though, so if you have this handset still, let us know how you feel.

If official software updates are really important to you, our advice would be to just pick up a Nexus device next time. These memory limitation statements are becoming far too frequent these days, and having a Nexus device would save you from all of the hassle.

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  • lostboy

    I’d gladly backup and restore if it means getting an up to date o/s. 

  • Ben

    I’m already running ICS on my rooted Desire HD. The Video Camera app doesn’t work because of driver issues etc, so I have another video camera app that I use that replaces the one that comes with the ROM. It runs much faster than Gingerbread and battery life also seems to be improved.

    • Hi Ben – Can you provide me the URL to download this custom ROM ?

  • Well well well, How many versions of android are there also more likely current handsets will not get the update and those that do will get it in months time, I wonder what would be the reaction if Apple did this?

  • Mayur Harkison

    prove it htc. release the ruu which will repartition. we dont mind losing dats