Dawnguard PS3 release latest from Bethesda

By Alan Ng - Jul 30, 2012

We’ve now entered a fresh week and unfortunately, there’s still no sight of the highly anticipated Skyrim Dawnguard DLC expansion for PS3 and PC users. It’s not all doom and gloom though, as Bethesda’s Pete Hines has given a fresh update on Twitter for the masses of impatient fans.

We previously told you how some recent Tweets from Bethesda’s PR man had created a fair bit of confusion over the weekend. Many had expected Dawnguard to release at the end of last week due to Microsoft’s 30 day exclusivity already up, but it wasn’t to be.

As you can imagine, PS3 and PC gamers are sick of the wait, sick of watching numerous gameplay videos on YouTube and just want to jump straight into the expansion themselves and roam around the soul cairns on the new flaming horse Arvak. Hopefully, just hopefully, Dawnguard may be releasing this week.

Pete Hines has been doing his best to answer the inevitable barrage of abuse that he’s been getting due to the current no show on PC and PS3. Here is what he had to say on Twitter recently when replying to a fan who asked him why Dawnguard had been ‘cancelled’ on PS3 / PC, even goading him to ask if it was due to ‘low sales’ or the amount of bugs in the Xbox 360 version:

We think Pete Hines handled that reply pretty well, as he was well within his right to send a sarcastic little reply back. Hopefully his reply means that we’ll be seeing that information this week, as you can bet that most PS3 and PC users will be expecting Dawnguard to arrive this week and no later.

How are you handling the wait for Dawnguard? Are you playing a bit of MW3 or BF3 while you wait? Sending out Tweets to Pete Hines like the one above surely isn’t the best idea though.

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  • Hardcoregamer

    I made a new character for skyrim, and leveling him up as much as i can for the release of dawnguard; GOD WHEN? -__-

  • Metallicagav

    i love Bethesda’s games (oblivion, fallout etc) and have always liked them as a company but as i ps owner throughout all its generations i feel bethesda have shown its true colours. As a company, they truely dont care about the loyal customers, just the money and this attitude will be the end of them. As much as i think Skyrim is an absolutely amazing games, i will not be treated like this by a games company so i’m doing all i can as an individual- i am selling all my bethesda games and will never buy another. There are plenty of other quality games out there by companys who do care about they’re fans. To everybody else i say if it bothers you that much- make a stand, choose not to be treated this way and hit bethesda where it hurts- their bank balance! everyone take your hard earned cash elsewhere

  • Dougfazz

    I got bored of running around Skyrim, nothing left to do except the quests that have bugged and aren’t completable… So I’ve gone back to playing Black Ops… Really fed up waiting and my enthusiasm has lost momentum.

  • Pattondaniel2000

    Ugh, I wish I found out about this later because I have been waiting do long for it to come for ps3, kinda pissed but got my fingers crossed! 🙂 everyone get those fingers crossed because no way am I missing his…. Cross those fingers 🙂 reply in your story’s below that you guys have your fingers crossed. 😀

  • Knuck5150

    I have both PS3 and XBox. Dawnguard has already ruined a few started games. Bugs, freezes and just messed up scripting. I don’t think that I’m giving anything away when I say that (siding with dawnguard) prompts gangs (1 to 5) of various level vampires to appear in towns. They kill anyone nearby. That includes vendors (Adriane, War-Bear, Belathor, and numerous quest givers) and that’s just in Whiterun. This can happen in any city that you visit. In one game, the vamps managed to kill off every named character in Whiterun (except the annoying kids…DARN !!), even ones that I thought were un-killable. Some new characters are glitched. Items disappear then reappear on shelves. New vendor takes money or items and gives you no monet. I wound up uninstalling it and won’t install Dawnduard until it’s fixed. PS3 and PC guys: feel lucky !!

  • Bob Bobman

    You know what I don’t get?


    Why no PC Dawnguard?

    • Headcrabs

      Not all PC is Microsoft….

      Windows is what Microsoft runs on most PC. Skyrim on PC is distributed through Steam, which is ran by VALVe. Bethesda needs to submit the update to VALVe and Sony first for us to get it.

  • I love these Xbots who come to any place where someone is expressing a criticism and pretend to be “The Most Interesting Man In The World”, spending all their time globe-hopping and rubbing elbows with celebrities whilst drinking Dos Equis, when obviously they spend their time trolling people on the internet to make themselves feel better about their poor purchasing decisions.

  • Doremeister

    In preparation for Dawnguard I put a considerable amount of money into my ps3 account so that when it came out I wouldn’t have to go out, and now I might as well not have put that money on it and gone out shopping with my friends instead, I even missed an opportunity last week as I expected it to come out on thursday so i didn’t go on a camp/convention where i would have made some new friends and had some fun because i was going to be one of the first to play Dawnguard, alas it was not so and my brother came back from the camp and exclaimed how amazing it was, I on the other hand was extremely annoyed. It seems as if, with this lack of communication between bethesda and pc/ps3 users, as if bethesda really doesn’t give a toss that they are getting us all riled up, and when skyrim originally came out for ps3 it was buggy and they still have bothered to fix that, when your save file reaches 5mb it starts going much slower, my save file is now at 10mb and is completely unplayable and my friends on xbox is the same and perfectly fine, its as if bethesda hates us ps3 users and cant be bothered to make us happy as we arent paying them extra like microsoft clearly must be.

    • Doremeister

      I also think that they should, when it comes out, give a small period of time may 1-2 weeks where the dlc dawnguard will be a percentage cheaper since we have had to wait and xbox have got more than what they bargained for with their exclusivity period, but you know just me saying that wont make any difference in the grand scheme of things.

    • Bethesda is a comercial floozy, show her some dollars and she will do anything, from mild to S&M.

    • Mikeythebrin97

      Thats odd because my save file is over 14mb, god knows how many hoirs and it was my first ever save file on Skyrim and i have about four more at the same sized file and i have never had my skyrim crash, freeze, all quests are do-able and im still using the first ps3 to come out without a fan on so i really do fail to see what all this fuss is about the bugs, but when inheard about the water bug i made sure i fixed it without needing to so yeah theres no point comPlaining about the bugs and crashes i think

  • I find it interesting that people actually care if Dawnguard will be released or not for the Ps3. The main game is so bugged that adding a DLC will just break it to pieces (and that is very likely the reason there is still no Dawnguard for Ps3).
    The investment in fixing the Ps3 bugs just to release a DLC, and then fix the DLC bugs (that breed like rabbits on the XBOX btw), would be enormous, and Bethesda simply doesn´t care that much about the consumers of their games (after 8 months the main problems are still there, no further proof required).
    I sold my copy of Skyrim after playing it for a month (and don´t think i didn´t play enough, i had nearly 120hours of gameplay in a single save) because i couldn´t stand the performance issues and broken quests anymore, and honestly, i don´t miss it that much.

    • Of course I care. I’m not going to get a failbox after past experiences and I’m more concerned with saving up money to consider buying a gaming rig. Additionally, very few games interest me except Massive Open World Free-Roam Sandbox Roleplaying Games — so I don’t have much choice but to play Bethesda games on PS3.

      But don’t feel sorry for me. I’ve put 500 hours into it and like most people, I have no apocalyptic game-breaking bugs. And actually, I’ve never even seen a broken quest on my own saves, unless you count the fact that they cut out solutions to the Greymane/Battleborn quest. Murder on the Ice did break for my wife, but no game is perfect, especially one this big.

    • Headcrabs

      I don’t really care about the bugs. I have never encountered a game threatning bug yet. As a matter of fact, a bug actually saved my ass at one point. During Hircine’s quest, I forgot to pick up Sindig’s fur and got the ring. I was sad for an hour, until I entered the jail in which you start the quest. Sindig was alive and a werewolf in his jail cell!!! But I killed him?! I asked. I left, disapointed I couldn’t kill him, but then he spawned outside next to me acting friendly 😀 Then I killed him and harvested his fur and the quest was finnaly marked completed and I recieved both items 😀

  • asian boii >.<

    hahaha dawnguard might not even release next week 😀 God its great to be an xbox user, moreover the second dlc will also have a 30 day exclusive for xbox. i friggin love you beth <3

    • Insanity

      yeah must be great to pay money in order to pay online…

    • You love Beth for not treating paying customers with respect?

      I guess it says all we need to know about Xbots that they have to derive satisfaction for their system not from superior technology or games, but from business practices that are detrimental to users of other platforms. That’s like feeling great about yourself because you got on ‘F’ on the big test but someone else got an ‘Incomplete’ because they weren’t able to show up.

      It also says a lot that your chosen name is “asian boooiiiiiiiii” but let’s not go there. And, yes, even someone with a preposterous pseudonym like mine can criticise someone who actually typed the “word” boii into the name box.

    • Daniel

      Dude I am always going to stay with ps3 and not say stupid things on this because I have hope, unlike you, a stuck up loser that has no time doing anything else except trying to post false or idiotic things on this… So go get a life “Asian poop>!<"

  • PS3 User



  • Insanity

    well microsoft definetely knows how to make its customers happy…..and the customers money definetely knows how to make microsoft happy

  • Harryround

    I was a bit pissed originally but as long as it comes out before I start school again I think I can wait

  • Your mom

    Actually, a quote from IGN taken from something Hines said was this “Nothing has been said/announced about it.  We should have info later this week.”

  • kingblob531

    i just want to play it T_T

  • Spyderauto07

    Wow. As a ps3 user myself yea I hate that xbox got itbefore us but come on ppl give the man a break its just a damn game go outside and get sum sun of Ur pale white skin and sum exercise and before you know it u will be a little more fit and tan and maybe then they will release it.. Jesus you would think this is a life and death lol

    • Doremeister

      not all people have sun constantly even in the summer, in england where i live we have had one day of sun in the past week, and yes its a damn game but it is a fully immersible game so its almost as if it is an extension to ones’ own life. please don’t take this as abuse i just mean it as in not every is so lucky.

    • You dunce, it has nothing to do with the game being out or not.

      By the way, I can tell that you have a vibrant and exciting life, the way you look for people to troll on the internet — that’s the surefire sign.

  • Sedraen

    How the hell can you justify once more assuming there will be information this week? We ASSUMED Dawnguard was going to be released as soon as the exclusivity with Microsoft was over. We ASSUMED Bethesda was going to do a decent job at keeping a large portion of its userbase informed as to when the DLC will be released on the other two systems. That’s why everyone’s so pissed-off. So don’t dare say anything like “We’ll have information this week” if he didn’t directly say that, because you know Bethesda is being unreliable about this anyway. Don’t add fuel to the fire.

    • Sedraen

      In retrospect, I’ll give it this: You DID say “hopefully” and “expecting”. But it’s that kind of thing that caused people to assume and get disappointed to begin with.

  • PS3 User

    Yeah sure we pc and ps3 user can wait while we waiting we screw Pete hine girlfriend that keeping us busy while dawnguard about to release : )

    • Liamrobinson42

      I like it up my ass too

    • Ugh, let’s not sink to the level of the Xbots.