Black Ops Zombies Android release needs exclusives

If you are hungry for a new Call of Duty zombies experience and simply can’t wait until Black Ops 2 arrives in November, we could have some good news for those of you with an Android handset. We’re hearing that a portable version is finally coming to the Google Play store and you’ll soon be able to participate in zombie multiplayer sessions with your friends directly on your Android phone.

Black Ops zombies has been available on the iOS store for over half a year now and it has obviously been a frustrating wait for Android users who were wondering when they would be getting the mobile version too. It looks like that wait may be coming to a pleasant end though, as Activision appears to have slipped up in posting the information on the official COD forums a little prematurely.

Although the details have now been removed by the publisher, a post which you can view here explains what was visible before it was taken down. Like iOS, it appears that the Android version will have access to the Kino Der Toten map to start with, and also the ability to play through all of the levels of the sub-game Dead Ops Arcade as well.

Reception for the iOS game has been well received it seems and following on from its launch in December 2011, the iOS version has since been updated with the Ascension and Call of the Dead maps, along with a series of new weapons to use that previously were not available.

Android owners will naturally be wondering if the same levels will become available to them at a later date, or even better – if the Android version will come with some exclusive maps to make up for the 6 month delay. FIVE is a great map that would be a nice addition on Android, or you could even include Moon to make it a great precursor to the new zombie storyline that will take place in Black Ops 2 zombies.

Have you been patiently waiting for the Android version of Black Ops zombies? Take a look at some recent iOS gameplay and let us know your thoughts on the mobile spinoff. Worth the money or not?



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