Dawnguard will release on PS3 and PC

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 28, 2012

What a week it has been for Dawnguard and the anticipation of a release date for the PS3 and PC two days ago, which never happened and currently it’s not known when the first Skyrim DLC will arrive on platforms other than Xbox 360. We did report that Skyrim patch 1.7 would arrive on the PC before PlayStation 3, although a comment from Pete Hines has created confusion and some gamers think the Dawnguard DLC might never launch.

The PS3 will be last to receive the Skryim Dawnguard DLC – as we expected earlier this week, Dawnguard would release on the PC quicker than the PS3 thanks to a certification process Sony require before patches launch. This takes 1-2 weeks and PS3 skipped the 1.6 update, needed for Dawnguard, so this only causes more delays for the PS3 gamer.

Hines tweets and some Skyrim gamers worry – after the Bethesda employee commented exactly 30 days after the Xbox 360 received Dawnguard, to calm frustration, he only added fuel to the fire. You can see Hines tweet below, which explains that Bethesda hasn’t announced Dawnguard for PC or PS3, so this obviously led some people to think its never coming. He also explained that no “timeline” had been given, although we think you can’t blame people for speculating considering the lack of release date information for Dawnguard on PC and PS3.

While the above tweet can be understood in a number of ways it has been clarified in a later tweet from Hines, which he touched on the “unfounded” expectation for a launch 30 days after the Xbox 360 release. He also pointed out this hadn’t been a reference to news “never coming“, so by stating this he is explaining the PS3 and PC will see Dawnguard at some point.

How do you feel about Bethesda’s lack of information surrounding the Skyrim Dawnguard release on PC and PS3? Following hundreds of comments on PR it’s clear the biggest problem is with Bethesda providing no information, and most gamers are willing to wait longer if they had some feedback. The idea that Dawnguard isn’t in the works for PC and PS3 users is crazy in our opinion, but we totally agree with Bethesda’s bad handling of the situation and lack of information being given.

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  • The_Moseph

    Bethesda, in my opinion, owes it to PS3 owner Skyrim fans to at least give them a definitive answer instead of this non-answer garbage. Stop teasing them….give them a yes or no. Either they are or they are not getting the DLC.

    I do believe the tweet does indicate that they will, but it’s still uncool they haven’t given a more specific answer.

  • I am in the same boat as most people here, i own both a PS3 and of course a computer that i own Skyrim on both for, so i am waiting trying to be patient but yes it is frustrating but i am now going through on my PC and going through the game as slow as possible discovering every little nook and cranny, i have 50 hours on one charachter right now and have not even started on the main questline, just a suggestion to some of the people here try it i am having more fun this way than i did when i first got Skyrim on my PS3 and blew through it.

  • Sup

    I’ll never buy a Bethesda game again and if I ever do it will be a used game from eBay or amazon.

  • Gbrennan311

    God dang it bethesda I thought we understood one and other but my trust has been shaken. First favor pc and ps3 gets screwed up the a hole then you favor xbox and ps3 gets rained on wait that’s not rain

  • AwesomeTiny

    if it came out on time i might have bought it but since its not i don’t think i will get it until Christmas. Because not only is band taking a TON of time but also all the homework I’ll have.It doesn’t make sense to buy something you don’t have time to play 

  • Wow!  These are some serious first-world problems!!!!  I mean, really!  How are you guys ever going to get past this?!?!  People are losing their homes to bank fraud, losing their retirement investments, losing their jobs, families and more… but that is NOTHING compared to having to wait longer than someone else for some pixels!!!  My gawd!!!  It’s like the pixelpocalypse!

    • SuldaisAFAGGOT

      bad troll is bad.fuck people losing their homes.

    • Orkboy

       This is much worse Sulda. Losing your pension, bank fraud, death. It’s all meaningless when you compare it to getting an expansion pack delayed for your console.

      • Sxs5

        why would you even consider comparing this to death or losing your home…????
        Is it wrong for all the PC and PS3 owners that have invested time and money in this produced to be pissed at Bethesda for screwing them over for a few quid from Xbox, just so they can have some sort of playground bragging rights????
        Right get it, people losing their home cause some multi national company got greedy…..i see the link

        • PS3 User

          yeah Orkboy alway over re act  he like a rabbit     hahaha

          first he said he waiting calmly now he is about to die not getting dawnguard haha

      • Booga

         Once again, fuckman harry

  • PS3 User

    Get OuT of here Orkboy you must be bethezda spy you alway come in here and jam us up like this

    At least if you didnt help then dont try to Escalate the situation 

    WE PS3 user are on a blink that about to break and we will break on you instead of bethesddaa

    LAST WARNING !  Get out of here NOW

    • Orkboy

       I will ignore your warning. Proceed to… break… me.

      • Booga

         Fuckman harry

  • Austin

    I once loved a company and that company was bethesda, I own a ps3 and it was an honor playing a game as meaningful as sky rim, until the day came when i heard about dawnguard. I was so exited, I quickly looked it up and was crushed to find out that bethesda gave its rights to xbox. I felt sad, then betrayed, then angry, now i just lost all hope for the ps3 and bethesdas relationship. I search day to day for answers but nothing, may worse than nothing, I find doubts, and sad betrayed pc and ps3 users with no hope, longing for their quetions not to be ignored, but answerd I am, well once was a bethesda fanboy, but ill take their bullying no more, sorry bethesda, sorry sky rim, sorry tamrial, sorry nirn, i am leaving you until the prevailing evil is stopped. 

  • Nicholas

    Might as well not get it now, as good as I’m sure it is, I doubt it’s gonna be good enough to justify the wait.

    • Austin

      I once loved a company and that company was bethesda, I own a ps3 and it was an honor playing a game as meaningful as sky rim, until the day came when i heard about dawnguard. I was so exited, I quickly looked it up and was crushed to find out that bethesda gave its rights to xbox. I felt sad, then betrayed, then angry, now i just lost all hope for the ps3 and bethesdas relationship. I search day to day for answers but nothing, may worse than nothing, I find doubts, and sad betrayed pc and ps3 users with no hope, longing for their quetions not to be ignored, but answerd I am, well once was a bethesda fanboy, but ill take their bullying no more, sorry bethesda, sorry sky rim, sorry tamrial, sorry nirn, i am leaving you until the prevailing evil is stopped. 

  • Dsfblaze

     I’m done with Bethesda games after this. if thay cant even keep there promos to release a simple dlc there is no way thay will ever keep there pormos to release any game on time or rember what platform thay promos it to so i am neve going to get a Bethesda game ever agen

    • PS3 User

      Yeah agreed with you there

  • Cas113322

    Look on the bright side a better game by a better company is coming at the end of october stoked for acIII ill prolly just sell skyrim bethesda is a joke

  • Rhamon3

    just calm down people, after Darksiders 2 gets here you will all forget Dawnguard. i know i will.

  • someone!!!!

    and yes i am a ps3 user

  • someone!!!!

    It’s freakin obviouse that it aint comin out for ps3

  • Ted Doran

    I’m done with Bethesda games after this. 

  • GregD

    I’m not going to sit here and whine like some of the other PS3 users as I have a life outside of my ps3 but I have personally had nothing short of a nightmare with Skyrim, from YLOD (yellow light of death, google it) to the freezing lag that Skyrim had before it was patched. I have had to restart the game from scratch 4 times. I had over 200+ hours on one save file and my PS3 went BANG (not Bethesda’s fault I know but as you can imagine i was not amused in general) , got to lvl 89 with my second character and got the lagging issues, the patch couldn’t save my save file lol, third time around i just didnt have the heart to play it anymore so just shelved it and now months down the line I decided to dust it off and give it another chance, now that the VITAL patches have been released I am having a good time playing the game again and my anger has subsided so its a pleasure to play again. I have lost confidence in Bethesda as of late though due to their tactics and overall quality of their releases not being finished. I for one wont be buying any of their dlc seperatetly, if I do want to play it I will buy the game of the year edition when it comes down in price (Fallout GOTY are being sold as little as £10.00  in the UK nowadays and oblivion goty is again £10.00)

    Have a good one and stop worrying so much about Dawnguard, I’ve heard that it isn’t even that good!

    • SaddenedDistrust

      Its actually alot of fun though… If you’ve watched underworld its kinda like that series. But only you get to play it or make serana a human. There I said it. Now everyone can QQ some more

  • isaac


  • Dmaul97

    All Bethesda likes to do is screw PS3 users over. If PS3 were to disappear off the face of the earth, I know Bethesda would throw a party. Thanks for nothing Bethesda. You lost hundreds of thousands of customers because of how you treat us.

    • Surely a bit hyperbolic, but I do sense that they’re approaching a loss in the PS3 user base significant enough to nullify the cashy-money they got for the delay. Not that the delay is the issue — if they had given a clear statement even 10 days before the assumed release date, there wouldn’t be a fiasco or a major loss of PS3 users from their customer base.

      As it is, it’s days AFTER the assumed release date and STILL no clear statement. I suppose we’re supposed to admire the magnificence of their looming, prominently extended middle finger as the rising sun crests its lofty apex.

      But that’s just not happening. My excitement for this DLC has reached almost zero, an erosion process greatly accelerated by this horrible customer service. Hell, I might have been able to wait until 2014 if it hadn’t been for these antics.

  • Jaker

    Hey, guess who’s going to be torrenting Dawnguard when it’s released for PC?
    This mother fucker right here.

    • Rippa1981

      Hope you and your pc catches a virus too. Lol. Double click these nuts.

      • Jaker

         omg you trolled me so hard what am i ever gonna do

  • Shadowkat1991

    CONSOLE WARS! Okay I have owned every console in the run at this time and Yes PS3 has a better power output and better graphics then the X-Box. Why? Because the xbox came out first as a rush to the market and it took a lower end more stable graphics card. The payoff? well look up the number of X-Box RROD destruction videos vs. PS3 YLOD destruction videos. BUT out of all the platforms that Skyrim came out on PC takes the cake on all levels. One because PC as a general rule is always going to have the potential to have much much more power then any console at the time. This is because of the development of PC Hardware. When they make a console they attempt to take the most stable set up between its pieces which is why you don’t have to worry to much about a game not working on a system as much as you do on a PC. But as far as Skyrim alone is concerned I have it both for the PS3 and the PC and have chosen the ability to mod the game with higher end graphics and all kinds of custom armor over the PS3’s lack of updates texture popping and random load crashes to the quick seamless load times of the PC. I am less then pleased with the lack of support for either platform from Bethesda and will most likely skip their next game if they decide to sell out future support of DLC to Microsoft as I don’t feel it is right to ignore 2/3rd’s of you market regardless of how many Xbox’s the general public owns. When it comes out I will buy it and I will most likely enjoy it but I do not appreciate the treatment I have received as a result from my choice of platform from Bethesda.

    • Guest

      Wii is obviously the best!

    • Spot on, except I feel that mods and cheats ruin the game as far as immersion goes.

  • dwolfman22

    it doesn’t matter xbox users we are not treating it as a cult or anything like that it’s just not fair that you guys have had it for a month and now we have to wait till september or whenever the heck thy release plus we have no info so of course we are upset you know you would too

    • Orkboy

       waaah waaaah it’s just not fair waaaaah

      • joshleolionleon

        It’s not fair at all, and he has the right to be upset as do all who are experiencing this delay.

        Try owning a company and mocking your customers as they express their lament for something that’s your fault. It’s frustrating, and it chips away at the integrity you have for the companies (Bethesda and Sony) that are responsible. 
        Personally, I think I’ll take a break from Skyrim. I was hoping to learn more about Volkihar vampires today, but I’ll save my energy for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts.

  • Stephen H

    In an interview in November, just after Skyrim was released, a member of Bethesada said “The game will see a release of two dlc packages. X-box (Microsoft) Will recieve the packages 30 days before ps3 and P.C users.” 

    The dude just couldnt hold up to his word. Dont get me wrong I understand it it just a game, and I do alot of other things with my time, it is still rather aggrivating with the lack of info.Hopefully it will be worth the wait.

    • PS3 User

      It not worth anything now im too pissed off about it , when it come out im still gonna buy it though…… 

      But  JUST TO BURN IT with my own hand haha   

      • Meh

        doubt it.

        • PS3 User

          I will buy  IT ON DIsc  not onlinee     o_O

        • Nicholas

           Which’ll be on a Skyrim ultimate collection containing all the DLC, probably released for the PS3 around 2020 at this rate.  So bit of a wait.

        • PS3 User

          hahaha  Then we should burn the company instead

      • That_Guy

        I don’t think you can burn a DLC…

  • PS3 User

    The fact that they cannot beat PS3 that Ps3 is better in everyway graphic engine and shlT   so they do it the dirty way to expect us to given up on ps3 and turn to xbox but that never gonna happen There is a lot more game to be play  The world is not going to end for us ps3 user if we dont get dawnguard there is a lot more game out there to be play and about to come out   


    The only thing you gain from what you tryin to do is  you gonna lose ps3 support and customer that what you gonna get so think hard before you jump bethesda I hope microsoft pay you more when you lose all ps3 customer ha ha ha     

    THIS PHENOMENON IS  BUTTERFLY EFFECT  GUY Bethesda think of us as a minority  but this minority gonna cause them a lot of money out of their pocket     This here  We call it   PS3 Butterfly effect on you bethesda

    • Rippa1981

      So true

      • PS3 User

        Yes SiR !

    • Orkboy

       Wow. You are the actual definition of a fanboy. You feel such devotion for a product you bought, as if it were a religion or a creed. It’s just a PS3.
      It really makes me laugh that you think Bethesda released Dawnguard only on Xbox 360 as a ploy and conspiracy to get PS3 players to abandon their consoles and buy an Xbox.
      No, that is not what is happening. Man did land on the moon, 9/11 was not an inside job, and there is no world conspiracy to kill the PS3.

      The reason Dawnguard has only been released for Xbox 360 so far is simply because Microsoft paid more than Sony was willing pay in order to get a few months exclusivity. Get over it. In a couple of months, Dawnguard will be released for PS3, probably with less bugs and better stability. Not 100% bug free though, because making games is hard.

      I am sitting here laughing at all you PS3 users cry and whine as if you’re a victim of domestic violence. Meanwhile, I’m playing Skyrim on my PC, at 1920×1080, with all the graphics settings to the max, with pinpoint mouse control and Nvidia 3D vision and an endless supply of gameplay enhancing mods, sipping some orange juice, waiting patiently for Dawnguard to arrive.

      • Rippa1981

        You just mad because you console sucks. With. Your non blue ray playing ass

        • Rippa1981

          Microsoft just recently come up with the idea of wi fi being put in the console. So who has the dominate console now lol. Yall still paying to play online. Gold membership my ass.

        • Orkboy

           Rippa1981. My platform of choice does indeed play Blu-Ray. Because it’s a PC.

        • Orkboy

           I don’t pay for Xbox Live Gold, because I don’t have an Xbox.

        • Orkboy

          My platform of choice does play blu-ray, because it’s a PC. 

      • Krann

        Look mate thats easy for you to say, you got all the dlc’s that bethesda released for oblivion, and will likely get more than what ps3 users recieve in skyrim. Additionally you will recieve it earlier than us if we recieve it at all. pluss you guys have mods to fill in the gap whereas most of us are sitting here with an outdated copy of skyrim waiting for a patch that actually gives us some sort of recognisable addition to the game. So you will excuse us if we are a tad frustrated with bethesda’s behavour thus far.

        • Orkboy

           Fair enough, I understand frustration. I don’t understand indignation. Refusing to ever again buy a Bethesda product just because one expansion pack was released for Xbox before PS3 is too much. Being slightly annoyed is understandable. How do you think I feel about Red Dead Redemption flat out not being released on PC? Annoyed is the answer. But only annoyed. I moved on. You will get Dawnguard, we will all get Dawnguard, just a tad later. It’s not a big deal.

        • degraded

          Hey maybe you can get a red dead redemption mod for your Skyrim, dickface.

      • Rippa1981

        Hope you and your pc catches a virus. Ha ha ha!!

      • That_Guy

        Well, aren’t you cool? It’s pretty easy for you to say. You have mods to keep you busy. And nobody cares how good your computer is. Not everybody can afford the hardware for a gaming computer. So, why don’t you take your Nvidia 3D vision graphics card, and shove it up your ass.

        • Orkboy

           Because I don’t like things up my ass. And also, it was expensive.

      • Aragoth

        Yea, and you don’t sound like a PC fanboy at at all.

      • PS3 User

        Only reason you could say that because you got the dlc and you are xbox fanboy you P*NK arse

        Too easy  to say  Durr

        • Orkboy

           I don’t even own an Xbox. I am in the same boat as you. I am also waiting for Dawnguard. But I realise Bethesda is not my personal slave, and I am not 12 years old. I can wait a bit longer for an expansion pack without getting up in arms about it on the internet.

        • PS3 User

          then you should do something than sitting there like nothing happen 

          i know deep down inside your heart you wanted to do something too deep down you want it to come out  deep down you are upset too there are two type of people one that stand up and fought for their right the other one is sit tight just like you and do nothing

          so WHO are you to JUDGE  you think you better than US ? 

          If what we do here is some how accomplished and you too will get the beneFritZ 
          So why you treatEZ us like BeTHEZDA  ???  You just like theM 

        • Orkboy

           I’m starting to think you’re just a troll. In which case, well done. You had me going. beneFritZ was your best moment.

      • PS3 User

        Yeah and you said that bethesda not releasing dawnguard has nothing to do with ps3 user to convert to xbox  you said like it even didnt irrelevant  it has everything to do with everything If bethesda dont release dawnguard for ps3 then what will us do  if some of us want to play it badly the only way for us to get to play it is to buy an xbox  this is one of their market stratigie to make us give up on our platform and turn to xbox so dont you said it doesnt has anything to do with it  and the way that the bethesda said to us it like they didnt given us anything just a smoke in the air we cant even have any hope  for it to come out for us ps3 user they treat us like a bug or some dicease or something  

        ****  and you said that we are a cult ??  hah friend if they treated you the same way as they treated us you will do the same thing as we do right now so dont you say something like that to make us look like a maniac or something and i dont belive you play it on pc i bet you already has an xbox with Dlc
        on it

        ********     Hell yeah PS3 player never gonna back down

        • Orkboy

           I struggled to read what you’ve written there, as you write like a 12 year old mongol. But I think I got the gist of it in the end. You seem to think Dawnguard will never be released for the PS3 at all. You are wrong. Bethesda isn’t retarded, of course they will release it on PS3 and PC, they want as many sales as possible. As I have already explained, Microsoft paid to have a few months exclusivity. Sony refused to pay as much. Dawnguard will eventually arrive, probably after Darksiders 2 is released. As far as being treated badly, I will remind you I am in the same boat as you. I am not able to play Dawnguard, it has not been released for PC.

        • PS3 User

          Sorry bro english is not our main language here in russia i wonder the same thing for you to speak russia like 12 yrs old   why dont you speak our language then smart ass born speaking english then act tough   cant wait to c u speak russian

        • PS3 User

          haha you might be black dude from africa that born speaking english then think  i BORN SPEAKING ENGLISH  and i am more superior  IN english    Wow Congrate  hahaha 

        • Orkboy

           I do not believe you. You are not from Russia. Your grammar and syntax mistakes are not typical of someone who speaks English as a foreign language, they are typical of a moron. You know how I can tell? Because I speak English as a foreign language. Nice try.

        • PS3 User

          I speak english as forign language  not you  

          Dont copy me you cacksucker   

        • FappablePopcorn

          Microsoft paid to get the DLC (1) month before the others. It is past the deadline, Bethesda is writing checks its ass cannot cash.

        • Troll-Detector

          That is all.

      • Lukejam

        and i’ll bet your a xbox user. because bill effing gates can afford to buy out bethesda.
        anyway i bet if this was the other way around and ps3 had it and xbox didn’t you would be one of the biggest it’s not fair wah wah fanboys.

        • Lukejam

          damn it replyed to wrong person.anyway everyone gets what i mean .

  • Padds-11con

    I have it on xbox and when it came out i was not IMPRESSED i feel sympathy for you ps3 gamers but bethesda say they try to fix it YAH! Skyrim thanks to dawnguard on my console has become the land of fressing and stuip random encounters impressed with whiterun i think not…after you get dawnguard vampires will randomly spawn and Slaughter everyone Cheers bethesda I SLAP YOU TODD HOWARD

    • Rippa1981

      Lol. That’s just how skyrim was when it first came out

  • Zermel

    I don’t care when it comes out because I don’t think many people know how frustrating it can be to run a company with thousands of twats complaining about how impatient they are.

  • Sxs5

    I got skyrim on both the xbox and PS3, and as paying customer of bethesda they proper mugging me (all PS3 users) off , I wouldnt take this sh1t from from any other retailer, and wont be taking it from them.. they ll be getting no more of my money on either platform

    • Rippa1981

      I agree

  • Aiky_1313

    i think bethesda might have to sit down and have a think as a company if thay are going to keep making multiplatform games or just go with exclusive to microsoft.fair enough that microsoft gave bethesda a suit case full of $$$$ for early releaces and what not but for the lack of communication to other platforms is not nessasery and quite rude.its dissapointing to see this from profesionals like bethesda,bethesda has the brightst minds in game creation of this era and probily still will in years to come,as a fan of the company for a long time iam disapionted, i got screwd with fallout 3s dlc and had to get the game of the year edition (being in australia fallout 3 on release was $110 as the goty it was $99 that was $200 i had spent yes that is my fault blah blah blah) to tell the truth i dont mind spending the money on something worth while playing but it would be great to see this dlc sooner than later as the game of the year will be out soon.that might be there plan for more money ?? but i think that and most people would agree is that bethesda is getting lazy with marketing and ther communication. it will come to pc and the ps3 but not when we would like it and not till thay have spent the money thay reseved form microsoft. and screw u haters

  • IMsoLOCO

    how annoying now because of this that bethesda are being stupid i think if there another dlc for skyrim we should get on the same day xbox gets it

  • Rippa1981

    I’m tired of waiting. I bringing my 20 dollars some were else like pre ordering black ops 2. It’s bullsh*t. About time the ps3 gets it everyone would already beat the damn game. They are just spoiling it for ps3 users. Mainly with the reviews. Xbox sucks you are paying double for the internet and to play xbox live.

  • Adam1k

    i totally agree with mumbles mcphatty  its summer go outside and do something! sure dawnguard is going to be great but dont just sit inside complaining about it!  just do something else until its out!

  • Bergioyn

    I must say I’m deeply angry with Bethesda. I’ve been loyal fan and customer all the way since Morrowind, and bought almost every one of their games and DLC after that. In all my time as a gamer I’ve never come this close to boycotting a game/DLC. I’ll propably still get it, but if Bethesda continues down this path, I might have rethink my stance on buying their products.

    • Trevor MacEwan

      I can’t argue with your logic. Bethesda pretty much is going down a path of destruction if they continue to piss off multi platform users. I don’t know if I could boycott a game. But, I do know that doing stuff like this. Will eventually ruin their fan base on all platforms. If I was them I would re-consider offers on 30 day exclusives. 

  • Mumbles Mcphatty

    I think most of you have your priorities outta whack – it’ll come when it comes – aside from kiddies whining about lack of excess playtime if they must wait til September all the griping and consternation is pathetic! It’s a game – it is for fun and y’all obviously aren’t having any. Sure – Bethesda are a bunch of nerds with communication issues – no surprises there really – and apparently people who own PS3 are over privileged little brats who like to complain!

    ITS SUMMER!! Shut up and go outside!

    • Disgruntled Guy

      i don’t even want to go into why this comment is retarded

    • Rippa1981

      Lol apparently someone already has the game and beat it already. That message was retarded

    • dwolfman22

      why don’t you just shup up we are not spoiled brats us ps3 users I had to buy my own system with my own hard earned cash and I am not over privillaged I live with my family of six in a four bedroom house also how can you a xbox player say that you guys get alot more then we do halo, stars war old republic, and many others if all else you are the over privillaged brats who need to sit back and shut up

  • SaddenedDistrust

    this is degrading really even though I am an xbox player i still want the game for my other systems.  I for one see 0 reason as to why each system should get benefits towards release dates at all. It makes no sense to throw away money like this by post ponding the release date.  Considering the amount of PS3 and PC players there are that is like throwing away 40+ million down the pooper.

    • Orkboy

       Degrading? Geez get your priorities straight. Racism is degrading. Violence towards women is degrading. Having an expansion pack released on one platform before others is not degrading. It’s annoying, at most. I mean, big deal. When GTAIV came out for Xbox and PS3 a year before PC, I didn’t feel degraded. I’d have to be a real sad, pathetic, lifeless individual to feel so strongly over a game not being released for the platform I chose to buy instantly.

      • Orkboy

         And regarding the reasoning, it’s simply because Xbox 360 chose to pay more money for a couple of months’ exclusivity. Get over it.

        • dwolfman22

          you know what it’s guys like you that piss us ps3 users off “get over it”! you get over the fact that it isn’t fair that they not only gave you guys a months long elusive but now it might be a few months if at all we have no info and are pissed you would be too if you were left in the dark like this.

        • Orkboy

           I’m not telling you to get over it. I am annoyed. I am also waiting for Dawnguard to be released on PC. It is a sucky thing that Xbox users get to play it many months before me. But you know what? It stops at that. It stops at annoyance. It does not graduate to frustration, and it certainly does not go over into feeling degraded. I would feel degraded if I was raped, or  humiliated. But all that’s happened is that I have to wait a few months to play an expansion pack. Don’t be pathetic.

      • That_Guy

        Seriously, don’t you have anything better to do than yell at some frustrated gamers?

  • Hayden

    i love Bethesda and have followed the elderscroll games since daggerfall and i also am a huge fallout fan which makes me go on to say that i am not surprised that they are doing this because fallout 3’s dlc did not get onto the PS3 until after mothership zeta  which was the 5th and last dlc for fallout 3 and i know guys its not cool that they doing this but hang in there because i strongly believe that dawnguard will be worth the wait! 

  • Greg

    I can wait.

  • Reece

    The thing is they never said it was coming to ps3/pc on the 26th July, and that is going to be Hines excuse. It was a bit sly really.

  • Gleisner

    I’m really starting to hate bethesda. Never fixing the bugs, never releasing any info, taking Microsofts Bribes to release it only on X-box (I’ve started doubting a PS3 and PC release at all). The only thing they seem to do is suing other game-producers…

  • Otherpeople

    I think it is stupid, I wish I found this out later because I really had my hopes up… 🙁