BF3 Aftermath DLC ‘modified’ vehicles, weapons expectations

By Alan Ng - Jul 27, 2012

We didn’t expect to hear details so soon on further Battlefield 3 DLC after Armored Kill, but DICE and EA have pleasantly surprised us. They’ve just gone live with the first info for the upcoming Aftermath expansion, which is due out sometime in December this year.

Just like the Back to Karkand, Close Quarters and Armored Kill expansions, you’ll be getting another four new maps to play on. However, DICE are going to shake things up again though, as unlike Armored Kill which features the biggest Battlefield maps in history, Aftermath is going to provide you with four smaller ‘urban’ types of maps.

To give you an idea of the scale, think along the lines of Operation Metro, Seine Crossing, Grand Bazaar and Tehran Highway – nothing too big, but obviously not as small as the Close Quarter maps. The expansion will also contain one brand new unannounced game mode that DICE are keeping secret for now, as well as all new assignments and achievements to unlock again.

Interestingly, DICE has said that new vehicles are coming, but it looks like these may just be modified versions of the existing vehicles in the game. Check out a line from the official wording from DICE to see their explanation:

”New heavily modified military and civilian vehicles – ingenuity and firepower combined”

What does this mean we wonder? You may also like to know that new weapons may be coming as well. EA didn’t state this on the official Battlefield website here, but new weapons are stated for Aftermath on the Battlelog Premium page here – so that needs some clarification for sure.

What are your thoughts on four new urban style maps – are you happy with this? We enjoy the likes of Seine Crossing and Grand Bazaar so we’re definitely looking forward to more of the same, especially with a post-earthquake theme to the maps. Would you like to see yet more vehicles, or would you rather see more weapons?

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  • Father

    jungle map or snow map

  • Ehartenburg

    Wait.. Unannounced game type?? Could it be possible that dice listened to us and put in, dare I say, DINOSAURS???

  • tiller659

    Still lovin close quarters. Excited for Armored Kill and now Aftermath. I never owned a BF game before BF3 so I never played the BTK maps and I have to say I’m not the biggest fan of them. I really like close quarters and the new game mode Gunmaster. Wish they could shrink down some of the existing maps to allow for more variety. Those 4 maps get old quick. Either way i’m looking forward to both Armored Kill and Aftermath DLC’s.

    Hopefully when the next gen xbox and playstation come out they are packed with enough hardware to at least come close to allowing the same size maps, vehicles, and players as computers do. I love the game but as a console player, there really are some maps I wish there was more than 24 players.

  • Dynasty2201

    As much as people are hating on DICE, I think they’ve done a pretty good job in appealing to everyone with their maps.  Yes, the vanilla maps are kind of smaller than we expected, but that’s due to consoles and their limitations, so they have bigger maps in Armoured Kill.  Close Quarters appeals to the CoD in us all with hip fire and lasers, f2000s, P90s, shotguns and AEKs dominating. 

    This new expansions sounds like they’re just adding more vanilla-sized maps.  Grand Bazaar and Seine are actually decently sized when you play them.  But as always, the action just focuses around a few points so you think the map is smaller than it actually is.

  • Sasas

    need new ass

  • Sgt cream cake

    Please just add another night map. Tehran was great.

    • izayoi

       I agree with this. Having only one night map, and one that wasn’t particularly dark anyway was an odd direction to go in. I’ve always felt that Damavand Peak should’ve been a night map too. At least that would’ve made a little sense, instead of the WW1 type meat-grinder charge it is now.