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Windows 8 embarrassed by Valve’s Gabe Newell

Some people have been impressed with the preview of Windows 8, others have not. Valve boss Gabe Newell is one of the individuals who definitely hasn’t and he’s decided to go public on what he exactly thinks about Microsoft’s new operating system.

This is the same Gabe Newell that has previously worked for Microsoft for thirteen years before departing to create Valve remember, so why does he have so much beef with the newest software for his old employers?

In a rare appearance at Casual Connect, an annual gaming event in Seattle, Gabe Newell has been quoted as saying that ‘Windows 8 is a catastrophe’. In comments picked up by AllThingsD, he also went on to say that Valve will lose some of their top-tier PC/OEMS as a result of Microsoft’s new operating system.

One of the company’s focuses now in the meantime is getting the entire library of Steam games, running successfully on the Linux platform. Newell calls this his ‘hedging strategy’ and says it is always good to have alternatives. We’re guessing that he isn’t really a fan of that new Metro style UI, but does the problem stem deeper than that?

The great man is famous for his outspoken comments, but it will be interesting to see if Microsoft decide to respond to this, as calling their newest product a ‘catastrophe’ is a pretty big deal. Do you agree with him that Windows 8 is a bad idea from the start?

If you have already installed the Windows 8 preview build, let us know how you are handling it. Gabe Newell obviously sees a lot of potential in Linux, but do you?



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