Windows 8 embarrassed by Valve’s Gabe Newell

By Alan Ng - Jul 26, 2012

Some people have been impressed with the preview of Windows 8, others have not. Valve boss Gabe Newell is one of the individuals who definitely hasn’t and he’s decided to go public on what he exactly thinks about Microsoft’s new operating system.

This is the same Gabe Newell that has previously worked for Microsoft for thirteen years before departing to create Valve remember, so why does he have so much beef with the newest software for his old employers?

In a rare appearance at Casual Connect, an annual gaming event in Seattle, Gabe Newell has been quoted as saying that ‘Windows 8 is a catastrophe’. In comments picked up by AllThingsD, he also went on to say that Valve will lose some of their top-tier PC/OEMS as a result of Microsoft’s new operating system.

One of the company’s focuses now in the meantime is getting the entire library of Steam games, running successfully on the Linux platform. Newell calls this his ‘hedging strategy’ and says it is always good to have alternatives. We’re guessing that he isn’t really a fan of that new Metro style UI, but does the problem stem deeper than that?

The great man is famous for his outspoken comments, but it will be interesting to see if Microsoft decide to respond to this, as calling their newest product a ‘catastrophe’ is a pretty big deal. Do you agree with him that Windows 8 is a bad idea from the start?

If you have already installed the Windows 8 preview build, let us know how you are handling it. Gabe Newell obviously sees a lot of potential in Linux, but do you?

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  • Lloyd Franklin

    Steam sucks and needs to die. Windows 8/8.1 is fantastic for gaming.

  • I really like Windows 8.  I have used it on my main desktop that isn’t touch and it works just fine.  I use Metro for my main sites (fb,news, photo editing, and xbox live games) and it works like a “charm”.  When I need the desktop I’m used to it’s right there for me.  There may be a learning curve for many, but I think it’s a great upgrade.

  • Robert Varga

    Windows 8 is a fantastic version of Win, finally a snappy one, modern! That Valve-guy is just saving his pockets, that’s all! Only thing he does good is giving game choices for Linux users too, that’s good, but make no mistake: at every company is about one: profit

  • After trying  windows 8  I will not be upgrading. Totally hate the metro layout and having no start button. It has fail written all over it. Sticking with windows 7.

  • Skyhi101

    If Android decides to make a proper Desktop OS, Microsoft is f*cked.

  • DRY411S

    I think most of the comments here are missing the point that newell is making. Steam is the PC online “games store” of choice. But with Microshaft embedding and app store into Windows 8, Newell sees this as catastrophe for Valve because he is frightened that the big games developers will choose Windoes app store as their online sales channel and leave Steam.

    So, he’s not dissing the OS, it’s the closed software distribution channel that is the catastrophe.

  • Nothing but a repackaged Windows 7 money-grab.

    Look for Windows 7 to replace Windows XP (the lives-on-forever preferred OS).

    • supertweaker

      Windows 7 is the Flagship Operating System from MIcrosoft that is the culmination of experience and feedback from users around the world.

      Windows 8 is something from HELL. No one asked for two desktops, no Start Button and different system navigation.

      Anyone who thinks Windows 8 is great is simply a young kid who wants to rebell against (the old ways) which are tried and true. Windows’ Start Menu was it’s HallMark and is how WE PC USERS work with our machines.

      My god! Windows 8 is as if someone bought Microsoft and decided to through a piece of junk at the population to destroy any desire to use another Windows OS.

      Total Recall of this product is in order. Or at least give the consumer the first SP1 with a Windows 7 Interface Option. I told over 100 people to NOT buy Windows 8 last Augst 2012, that to rush to the store and buy Windows 7 on a desktop or laptop. Thank goodness everyone listened! Even a few Vista users have purchased the appropriate Windows 7 Upgrade so they have the disk in-hand to uprgade their machine whenever they feel like it over the next couple of years.

      This fellow techie explains the stupidity of Windows 8 to a tee!

      Search YouTube for: Windows 8 The Animated Evaluation

  • Jackhemsworth33

    windows 8 looks rubbish anyhow, too much windows-phone, too little desktop, and no one said valve HAD to be compatible with windows 8

  • I really don’t get why people think that the Metro UI is the only part of Windows 8. Guess what, it has a desktop too! You can reinstate the Start button if you want and you can also boot straight to desktop. Problem solved.

    With that in mind, you can forget about Metro (if you don’t like it – I happen to like it anyway) and still benefit from all the other enhancements in Windows 8. For gaming, the biggest benefit in Windows 8 is performance! The gains in performance are huge and I really don’t know why Valve can’t see that.

    I’m not sure how many gamers use more than two apps at a time. When I play a game, I have it full screen anyway so it’s only one app. But sometimes I might run another app at the same time, so Metro will actually be fine for most gamers anyway and will perform extremely well.

    The new Windows 8 app store also allows 3rd party devs to promote the classic desktop games in the app store, so that will be a huge advantage in terms of getting your existing games noticed.

  • unshou

    Can’t say I share the general perception here of Win 8.  I’ve been using Win 8 on my PCs (at home and at work) since March and I’ve had no problems with it.  The Metro UI is a non-issue to me as I hardly ever need to use it – and when I do need to use it, it works just fine and I don’t feel I need a touch screen monitor to use it.  A mouse works just fine.

    Anyone that thinks Win 8 needs a touch screen monitor clearly hasn’t spent time using Win 8 on a PC.

    The one thing I would say about Win 8 is that it performs a lot snappier than Win 7 ever has for me.

  • Sutherland416

    Its the worst version of windows ive ever used on a pc deff a catastrophe in that sense…. On tablets wont be as bad but itll still be bad

  • Don’t like Windows 8. We don’t all have touch screen monitors to use the new tile layout. It is certainly a “Catastrophe”

  • ShonenLaw

    Windows 8 is a mistake for PC’s, I cannot understand why Microsoft is going for a tablet UI which is meant for tablets. For PCs? They already went that far using that idea for 360 and no one likes it, Windows 8 is not a PC OS, extremely simple designs for logos and UI. Windows 8 will fail, Gaben is 100% true to his words, Its too late for Microsoft to do anything about this, scratch that, they won’t because of who they are. Staying with Windows 7 for life.

  • Love it. And from various developer days I’ve been to and seeing what it is really about gets me very excited.

  • Windows 8 is an embarrassment. 

    • Guest

      Can i ask how long you’ve been using it for?

      • Robert Varga

        Indeed, the right question!