Twitter down today, back up soon

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 26, 2012

It is not often that you will find Twitter go down, or Facebook for that matter, but today is one of those days that will see millions of Twitter users trying to access the popular social network and finding a broken page. The homepage will load occasionally although most of Twitter is down, so you can imagine the frenzy taking place in coffee shops, in offices, on the train, and many strange places where users love to place a quick tweet.

The Twitter status page doesn’t mention when the service will come back up, but they do inform users that the “Twitter Site Issue” is being worked on. In a quick update around 20 minutes ago Twitter explained users will experience issues accessing the service, although their engineers are working to fix the problems as soon as possible.

Are you having problems accessing Twitter, is it down for you? We have contacted a few of our work colleagues in Europe, and in the last few moments we have reports of Twitter being down in London, and Paris. What area of the world are you from, and how is Twitter running for you?

We’ll update you as we get more and at the time of writing we’re not sure if the downtime is affecting other related services, which includes the mobile apps. The outage has only started within the last hour, although it is not known how much longer things will take to fix or why the service went down in the first place.

Twitter’s growth over the last few years has been amazing, mostly due to celebrity adoption, and we did see frequent outages thanks to the heavy load. Twitter going down has since become something of a rare occurrence.

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  • Gibberish

    Just back online in Gibraltar. Fingers crossed this won’t jinx it!

  • Campbell

    Twitter is down in Florence, Italy as well

  • cindy m

    Down in Tulsa, Ok

  • Emma :)

    Manchester Uk also 🙁 

  • Emma :)

    Manchester Uk also 🙁 

  • I’m hip.

  • LaLa<3

    Miami, Florida :'(

  • Carlisle

    Before anyone says it i will state that Anonymous has not nor will they ever take down twitter

  • Guest

    Down in Indiana

  • Nunyabeez123

    it does affect the mobile apps 🙁 

  • Victor Yates

    twitter down in Tucson, Arizona ….USA…but the weird part is I still have PEOPLE following me…HELLLLPPPPP!!!! 

  • Craig Hardie

    Still down in Edinburgh, UK.

  • @zomboy666

    Down in Yorkshire too. I’m withdrawing like a crackhead.

  • @zomboy666

    Down in Yorkshire too. I’m withdrawing like a crackhead.

  • klee

    San Francisco, too.

  • Goldendust2002

    Twitter down in Georgetown Guyana, South America as well 

  • your father

    Maryland, US -_-

  • @crazyjools

    Twitter is down in Kwa Zulu Natal South Africa

  • RIckyT

    Twitter is down in New York, US.

  • Allray15


    Twitter is currently down for .We expect to be back in . For more information, check out Twitter Status. Thanks for your patience!

  • Clem

    Confirming that twitter is down in Paris, France

  • Harry Attwood

    Twitter is down at St. Petersburg, Russia too.

  • Harry Attwood

    Twitter is down at St. Petersburg, Russia too.