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Sony’s GamesCom 2012 lineup declassified

GamesCom 2012 is fast approaching and all eyes on are on what Sony bring to the table this year. We may not be seeing that rumored PS3-4000 model any more, but we do have an initial lineup of games that will be shown.

Until recently, there was increased rumors that a new PS3 slim model would take to the center stage at Sony’s GamesCom presser. Although there’s obviously a chance that this may still happen, recent whispers has suggested that the new console won’t be ready in time for next months event.

That means that it is up to Sony to wow the crowds with an event focused on software, and let’s hope that it is a lot better than their E3 keynote. The company came under a lot of fire for failing to give the PS Vita more stage time and it was later admitted by the company afterwards that they should of shown their handheld more.

With that said, you can bet that the Vita will be one of the main highlights of GamesCom 2012 and titles such as PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale should once again get a big showing. We’re hoping to finally see some Final Fantasy characters announced for the cross-platform brawler and an announcement about an upcoming demo would be a nice treat as well.

Thanks to some intel from German site Playfront, we now have a list of some of the other titles that are due for a showing. Below is that list, although be aware that it could be subject to change since GamesCom 2012 doesn’t kick off until August 15.

PlayStation AllStars: Battle Royale (PS3 + PS Vita)
Call of Duty. Declassified (PS Vita)
Assassin’s Creed III (PS3)
Soul Sacrifice (PS Vita)
The Unfinished Swan (PS3)
Dust 514 (PS Vita)
The Last of Us (PS3)
Wonder Book: A Book of Spells / (PS3)
LBP (Franchise Update)

We’re really excited to have another look at Soul Sacrifice, but we think you’ll agree with us in saying that the stand out title there is Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified. Bizarrely, we still do not know who is developing the game and we haven’t even seen a hint of gameplay yet.

Activision has promised that it is going to be the ‘full COD experience’ on a handheld, so we’re really hoping we get to see multiplayer soon and see if it matches up to console quality. Zombies is a long shot, but wouldn’t it be awesome if the game includes that too?

What are you most looking forward to seeing at GamesCom 2012? If we do not see any gameplay for Black Ops: Declassified, we’ll be very disappointed indeed.

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