Skyrim Dawnguard PC to precede PS3 launch

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 26, 2012

It is interesting to see a number of blogs only just realizing that Skyrim patch 1.7 will slow down the release of Skyrim Dawnguard on PC and PS3, which we reported 2 days ago. The news has hit home today considering the 30 days are up for the exclusive Xbox 360 owners have enjoyed all through July, and following on from our explanation of this the other day we can now confirm that the PC will receive the first Skyrim DLC before PS3 owners.

This news will upset some PS3 players, the platform we spent over 500 hours on when Skyrim first released, and means the PlayStation 3 platform will be last to get the Dawnguard download. This is thanks to Skyrim patch 1.7 being needed before you can install the add-on, and after the PC beta is finished the latest patch will go live on PC first and then a submission process delays the Xbox 360 and PS3 patch by 1-2 weeks.

Bethesda has also confirmed this delay for PS3 users – on one of the official Twitter channels we found a tweet confirming the delay for PS3 users, which came after someone directly asked when the Dawnguard DLC would arrive on PS3? This tweet explained that it would launch in the “coming weeks“, even though we are now past 30 days of Xbox 360 exclusive.

Some gamers are getting confused when Bethesda answered this question in relation to the Skyrim 1.7 update, but as we stated before this is due to that patch being needed before PS3 and PC users can install the DLC. It is worth noting that the Xbox 360 received patch 1.6, so the next patch will include these fixes and skip that version for PC and PS3.

If you own Skyrim on the PC and PS3, how do you feel now that the 30-day exclusive has past and there is no Dawnguard just yet? We know that we reported a delay thanks to patch 1.7 a couple of days ago, but today we have official confirmation from Bethesda. Any extra PS3 delay would be due to the approval process Sony puts in place, so some of the blame lies there once the beta has finished. You might also want to know that the patch notes don’t include a growing number of bugs in Dawnguard.

Those of our readers having problems accessing Twitter should be aware there has been an outage on July 26.

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  • undiscoveredbumfluffer1234

    I FeEL GAy

  • Fleck

    Why would bethesda NOT release it on PS3 and PC? Seriously? Why would Bethesda say no to more money? Dawnguard will make them money on the other systems. They won’t just simply say no.

  • Tracer39

    We had the same nonsense with GTA DLC being bought out by M$. I just dont buy from companies that hold out on customers anymore, its their loss not mine, be it one customer. Its in my pocket not theirs.

  • Nucci2400

    The sad thing is that they will STILL make PLENTY of money from the Pc/Ps3 communities when/if the dlc is released..

    And these problems we face have only escalated in these last few years with multiple developers releasing unfinished games, still wanting the FULL price for it, releasing hefty priced dlc (that in some cases should have been in-game from the beginning) and making MORE money from t; and of course you have this: business men in suits who make idiotic deals and contracts that never benefit anyone but themselves, and on occasion while there are plenty developers who will let you in on EVERY detail of their scheduling and future projects to ramp up the excitement etc, you have some that won’t even so much as COMMUNICATE with the potential customer..

    EA is notorious for a lot of these business practices and they could almost be considered the Father of it all, but over the years countless others have followed their lead (Bethesda too it seems), but the problems we face as a whole gaming community (no matter your platform) will only continue and grow bigger because we (me included) continue to eat the slop they put in front of us, instead of DEMANDING better–our parents’ generation and the ones before them would boycott anything they didn’t like, and it FORCED the company to bend to their wills, we as a community need to grow a pair and stsrt sticking it to them the same way they’ve been doing it to us..

    This is a prime example of unethical business–it may have given X-Box users bragging rights, but that’s just about it and ultimately it didn’t benefit anyone, it just alienated a humongous group of players who just so happened to choose another platform, if we began to boycott things they would fold; if they lose our loyalty (or better yet MONEY) they will do whatever it takes to get it back..

  • The Hooded Man

    I am absolutely disappointed by bethesda.  First off, 30 days is just to long, I could see a week or 2 even being acceptable but a month?  And the fact that it’s still not release for PC or PS3 after those 30 days is even more pathetic!  I was once praising bethesda but now I don’t even feel like buying this because I already watch Let’s plays of it on youtube thank to xbox users, and it just doesn’t seem worth it at this point. 

  • Flamethrower911

    The delay is also 20% sony’s fault since they have to “verify” te patch for a week or 2
    That is the patch, dawnguard is a complete different story

    • Co-co

      Xbox does the same thing, Steam is the only thing that allows devs to release anything whenever they want to.

  • Mybrorystinks

    darn you bethesda…….

  • PS store is down still wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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  • PCElderScrollsFan

    Well, really it is because of the way that PSN handles patches is why you will not have Dawnguard as early as PC.  You did not get patch 1.6 because it costs Bethesda $20,000 roughly to go through the PSN patch certification.  They knew that there would be another patch shortly after Dawnguard’s release, even as little as a month after.  So why put out $20,000 and 2-3 weeks of wait when you will have to do it AGAIN before the first patch is even appreciated?  So, PC gets the beta patch, gets the patch that allows Dawngard to work on PC after it passes the beta stage, THEN it has to go through Sony’s lengthy certification process.

    Sony and Bethesda really shot themselves in the foot, there.

    • H794963

      “You did not get patch 1.6 because it costs Bethesda $20,000 roughly to go through the PSN patch certification.”

      If that’s the case then they shouldn’t have released a bunch of incremental patches. How many have there been? 7 finished (non beta) patches? So by your estimation they’ve wasted $140,000 so far patching the way that they have. (Or $120,000 if you want to count out the skipped 1.6 patch for PS3.)

      Do you have any source to back up your statements?

  • PS store is down still  

  • i agree

  • Danny

    i was thinking you say theres a wait time so sony can process the beta but what the hell do you think there doing right now they planned this maitenance so they can spend all day processing dawnguard and the beta so dont completly give your hopes up it could be out tomarrow or monday but im still pissed that bethasda waits till now to say something and still who knows who said the comment on twitter it might not even be a official bethasda site just a guy who started a blog

    • Danny

      oh ya and when i say beta i mean the 1.7v patch but not the beta the full patch

    • Please say that you’re a very young child. Otherwise there’s no excuse for that comment.

  • hell ya

  • Irishmania

    HOW ABOUT Bethesda releases Dawnguard for PC and PS3 at a MUCH lower cost than it was on 360, It’s bull-shit to have time exclusive for consoles, causes to lose customers and such, only way to get them back would be to have a BIG discount.

    • Corij_jolith

      They haven’t lost me as a customer, but it didn’t make me rush out and buy skyrim for the xbox. I don’t think there is a point to it really, because how much will microsoft really make on a seperate platform?

  • PS store is down still  

  • Boredloki

    I agree. I won’t continue to play a game when I’m not being treated fairly by the company. I’m sick of googling when the relese date is for ps3. They released the game for Xbox but have kept ps3 and pc users in the dark. Stuff like this should be illegal.

    • in reality it is giving the xbox an unfair business advantage

  • Disappointed Gamer

    well that Aug.6 date sucks. I have been waiting all summer to play. But I leave for Army Basic in a couple days. so I have to wait 3 more months to play it. Damn Bethesda.

    • the orj

       August 6? That’ll be the day they announce the next delay. I can’t wait!

  • Disappointed gamer

    This is an outrage. I’ve been estatic since the announcement of the DLC but it seems that they have failed us again. I know many people who have quit playing and have sold the game because of bethesda failed to fix the bugs and their unfair exclusive. If they keep this up they won’t have many people buying future games( including me.)

  • DeadlyFart50

    This sucks if its not released by the time school starts I’m not going to have any time to play with piles of homework and projects…Step up bethesda, do the right thing.

  • Bobwaldo

    Well, I talked to gamestop and they said dawnguard is guaranteed to come out to ps3 on august 6, hopefully they are right – 3 –

  • PS store is down still

    • guest

      Why do you keep saying that?

  • Insanity

    Really really pissed as a ps3 user,ps3 gets the dlc last of all gaming consoles and they havent given us even a freaking release date…that is simply a screw over and a reason to start boycott bethesda games.

    • potato

      It’s not Bethesda’s fault, it’s sony having to approve of everything. You just need to be patient and just wait.

  • DoctorCocktor

    LOL get fucked. i have both xbox and ps3 so i can enjoy everything. buying skyrim for xbox was a pretty good choice imo

  • sporeboy100

    lets pirate the DLC when it is out on PC hell, even pirate dishonoured when that’s out

  • Caleb

    Well this is unpleasant news… I woke up this morning, checked PSN and (Of course) no Dawnguard.  Not a big deal, I wasn’t expecting it to be released on the day the exclusivity ends, but now I hear that PC is getting it before PS3 as well? Again, not a big deal… I guess… and not there are rumors that PS3 won’t even -get- Dawnguard! If that’s the case, then I’d be pretty damned pissed. I’ve been anxiously awaiting this, and Bethesda is repeatedly busting my balls.

  • Dave! Yognaut

    I think its doubtful that Ps3 and PC are even getting Dawnguard. The Elder Scrolls Facebook page announced that Dawnguard was “the first Skyrim DLC EXCLUSIVELY on Xbox 360”, there have been a number of tweets from Pete Hines saying that they haven’t mentioned anything about Dawnguard on other platforms, and all the Dawnguard marketing material only refers to Xbox. I think we’ve all been led to believe a lie from Bethesda, and I for one am pissed off with Bethesda for not being clearer. if no news is out within the next week, then Bethesda can rot for all I care. They can keep accepting Microsofts money, in the long run, they’ll end up with no fanbase, no platform willing to have their games and no company to work for.

    • the orj

       Bethesda has been rubbing elbows with valve for too long now.

      Valve is notorious for misleading and keeping customers in the dark, It’s rubbing off on Bethesda unfortunately.

    • Zenamez

      They did this with Fallout New Vegas’ “Dead Money DLC” stating that it originally was meant to be an Xbox 360 exclusive but due to the backlash (and reverse porting people did on The Pirate Bay) they were shoved into releasing it on the other platforms. 

  • Josh Amaral

    Some gamers are getting confused when Bethesda answered this question in relation to the Skyrim 1.7 update, but as we stated before this is due to that patch being needed before PS3 and PC users can install the DLC. It is worth noting that the Xbox 360 received patch 1.6, so the next patch will include these fixes and skip that version for PC and PS3.”

    The PC version on Steam also received patch 1.6, so why do we need 1.7 if Xbox doesn’t? Or am I reading this wrong? 

    • Lenfred

      1.7 fixes a small amount of Dawnguards many glitches, it isnt needed, it’s a waste of time in my opinion.

  • we r dawngurd

  • Doobadooba

    Play station store is just having mantenance 🙁

  • the orj

    This DLC should have been out for all platforms about 3 or 4 months ago.

    I loved Skyrim but I’m so over it now. A few months ago I would have gladly paid full price for DLC but not anymore. Maybe in a year or so I’ll be in the mood to revisit Skyrim and I’ll scoop up Dawnguard for 5 bucks or whatever it costs then.

    Way to drop the ball Bethesda! Angering your fans with non-communication and a constantly delayed quest pack (that’s all Dawnguard is, essentially) is crummy business. Had you released this while the game was still hot your sales would have gone gangbusters. Not anymore.

    • Guest

      dawnguard is not going to be $5 in a year, shivering isles has been out for a while now and it still cost $30

      • Josh Amaral

        The GOTY edition of Oblivion is $20 in Canada.

      • the orj

         $30 for Shivering Isles? Where do you buy your games? You’re getting ripped off buddy!

      • tom

         30$? dude Game of the year edition is 20$ includes every DLC + game
        Where do you buy your games @ScamRus?

  • PS store is down for me to 

  • Headcrabs

    Now, somebody tell me why PS store is down. Are we getting it? Did Bethesda pull through with their words? Is dawnguard released and is this entire story a Joke from Bethesda? I would like to know!

    • Lenfred

      No, the maintenance is just general, Playstation does it a lot for some reason. If it was for Dawnguard I like to think that Playstation would tell everyone.

  • :(

    this is just terrible. i mean they had 30 days to prepare. i mean they are done with the dlc and they just had to lunch it witch 1.6. that is just ridicoules. 30 days finally over. i almost died in that periond with my friends trolling me . and now this is just bullshit

  • Some Dude

    Bethesda really screwed up on this. The 30 day exclusive crap was bad enough. Now they won’t even give us a release date! I won’t be paying full price for Dawnguard if this is how Bethesda wants to treat us. Bad business decisions shouldn’t be rewarded.

  • vampire lord fan

    i think its some bullshit that they promis us it to be out on the 26th july when its not… -_-

  • Some Dude

    This is absurd. Bethesda really dropped the ball on this one. At the very least they should be selling the dlc at a discount due to the 30 day exclusive nonsense. Now I think pc and ps3 users should get it discounted and some other perks. I’m not going to pay my money after Bethesda has dragged ass releasing this. Announcing a release date would be nice too.

  • Irritated

    See, the problem here is that they say 30 days, then 1-2 days for PC, and now 1-2 weeks for the PS3. They could be fixing bugs, or they could be working on another game. The results still remain Bethesda. You promised something that you couldn’t keep, rather you delayed it. You rushed to get it on the shelves, teamed up with Steam Workshop with mods that update on their own and screws everything up in the sense that they could conflict WITH updates, and not to mention, you’ve only done so much with the navmesh bug. Bethesda, be the corporation you used to be. Not what you WANT to be. I expect the bugs to be fixed in the PC version and the PS3 version because I’m not paying for something delayed and it doesn’t work the way it should.

  • Micah899

    REALLY?! COME ON!!!!!!!! I have skyrim on PC and PS3 and i was hoping for it to come out today, but NOOOOOOOOOOOO they have to be retards and make us wait even longer. i already hate microsoft’s 30-day exclusivity, and it’s even longer, so WHAT THE FRICKIN CRAP!!?!!?!?!

  • X-GamerGurl-X

    how much is this dlc going to be for ps3 if someone in the UK is going to buy it? 

    and I think ppl should be more patient really, be happy it is coming out to PS3, the worst case would be when they say ‘ps3 will not be receiving the dlc’ im in no hurry for this to come out, it gives me a chance to level the last few of my skills up to 100! 

    • Tylertc1228

      Its not coming out for ps3 that’s why

    • Lenfred

      I think its roughly £13, but I’m not completely sure.

  • Poop

    what the heck bethesda!!! you had 30 days to get this dlc to work!!!! and now you say in the coming weeks!! gay

  • i will wait till tusday if it is not out me smaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaash

  • Tylertc1228

    You know it might not come out to ps3 at all is what I heard, I mean what’s so good about Xbox, ps3 has all it has and blueray and better graphics, all Xbox has is you have too pay for online, what’s so great about that, the only way they will make up for this BS is if they put mods on the ps3 and not Xbox, which they are thinking of doing btw.

    • S

      So much stupidity in one post…

    • Bob

      Yeah, so none of that’s anywhere near accurate…
      Good try

    • Josh Amaral

      As a PS3 and PC gamer, Xbox is a fine system too. It’s easier to program for as it’s similar to the PC, however the blu-ray and better graphics part is partially true. It all depends on the developer and how use to the PS3’s hardware they are. I.e. Naughty Dog make amazing looking games for PS3, but they have made quite a few exclusives on the system.

  • Pastorpope

    This really makes me not want anything to do with Bethesda. It also makes me wonder if they actually care about their PS3/PC consumers. I seriously doubt I will buy their anything from them if they keep this up or make us PS3 users wait any more than 2 weeks.

    • Lenfred

      Well I think we can all pretty much agree that they don’t care about thier PS3 consumers.

  • Jesus

    Bullshit, they sell out to microsoft for money and then they just forget about everyone else? They say nothing about when it will be released and they say that there will be a delay the day we expect it to release? I wouldn’t realy care when it is released but not saying anything is just insulting.

  • Definitely a bit irritating.  I didn’t assume it would come out today, but I was hoping for more assuredness and not the usual runaround.  I love Bethesda’s work, but I prefer Sony because of their exclusives (they align better with my gaming tastes), so why can’t I have the best of both world’s when it seems as-if everyone else can?  At it’s heart isn’t game making about customer service?  If so, then some work needs to be done, because someone is continually aggravating a large consumer base.  I don’t think there is enough momentum, yet, but push the right buttons and the right time, and it could start to negatively affect business. 

  • Blaze


  • TheDistressed

    I really can’t believe this. Does Bethesda really care about PS3 users? When Oblivion came out for the PS3, I was saddened that we only got Shivering Isles and none of the other great DLC packages that PC and XBOX360 gamers got, )like the well that could cure Vampirism without all the Black Soul Gem nonsense), but still I let it slide, maybe they didn’t have enough time to port it, idk. But then they released Skyrim for the PS3… terrible lag, glitches that weren’t fixed till MONTHS after the release (some still haven’t been fixed yet, mucky textures still bother me constantly), this too I also let slide, maybe it was harder to port onto the PS3, idk. But now I’m getting ticked, they still have not given us the patches we need and now we’re getting pushed past the PC release too… at least PC gamers get Mods! (Which btw are probably funner than any DLC Bethesda can throw at us) In the end, the only thing us PS3 gamers are going to get, is the same DLC XBOX and PC got, just MONTHS later when everyone has already milked it dry and posted spoilers/walkthroughs on it online… *sigh* not to mention there’s nothing for us PS3 gamers to look forward to with this expansion, (XBOX got exclusivity, and PC gamers will probably make amazing mods revolving around the new Dawnguard fortress and dragon weaponry)… we may even get bugs with this DLC! It makes me shake my head… I’m seriously questioning buying another Bethesda product for PS3, I may as well get an XBOX or PC at this point, at least I won’t feel as betrayed and screwed over as I do now…     

    • Lenfred

      But they want you to buy an Xbox! Thats the whole point of this 30 day exclusive thing, it’s to convince people to buy an Xbox! I’m a PC user and I think it’s ridiculous what they are doing to thier PS3 fanbase. When you buy a copy of a game, you expect it to be of equal quality as other versions of the game. You also expect that you will be kept up to date on what going on, we seem to be kept in the dark over this DLC. You also gotta bear in mind that although us PC players get mods, that still doesnt change the fact that they are screwing us over too. 

      • TheDistressed

        Oh, don’t get me wrong, you guys are getting boned too! I’m not saying you guys aren’t, trust me, I know you guys are getting hit hard with the 1.7 patch delay as well, I’m just saying that at least you guys are able to mod an already amazing game… in truth, all of us, PC and PS3 gamers alike, are being ostracized by Bethesda, who are too busy smoking a cigarette after the amazing night tey just had with their bedfellows: Microsoft… it just really makes me upset that XBOX gamers seem to get all of the immediate treatment and we get shoved under a bus of patches… it’s like gamer segregation  

        • Lenfred

          Well PC already has the 1.7 patch in beta form, but I agree that perhaps Bethesda have gotten cocky since Skyrim is a great game. Playstation is pretty new to TES right? Oblivion was PS3’s first TES game? Thats still no reason to treat them like some sort of lesser console manufacturer. I know that it is more difficult to port stuff over to PS3 due to it using Blu-ray, but they could at least try right? I wouldn’t mind so much if we were kept up to date on the DLC and if we got an exact release date, but for some reason Bethesda aren’t doing this.

        • TheDistressed

          Yeah, PS3 gamers are pretty new to this deal, Maybe Bethesda hoped we wouldn’t notice when they cut out a large chuck of DLC (even the complete rip-off “5-dollar horse armor” garbage) when they ported Oblivion, but we’ve been getting boned over since the start, why can’t they just treat us all equally? Just give us a release date and let everyone be happy, don’t push something off for a month, and then push it off even further without any forewarning until the day of anticipation, and then expect everybody to go to their PS3 and yell “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY” on the day it arrives, which will probably happen when over half of their fanbase is back in school, and too bogged down with work with even bother buying it until a later occasion… it just doesn’t make any sense  

        • Lenfred

          Well it seems that Bethesda lean towards Xbox now, I’m not too sure but I think they did exclusive DLC with Fallout: NV too. I think the whole practice should be stopped, PC never gets exclusive DLC, unless it’s for an exclusive game. I think it would benefit everyone if there were no exclusive games or DLC, everyone would be happy, no one would complain. I mean did Bethesda really need the extra money? Perhaps this is another reason why they have delayed it – building up hype. I really want this DLC, and because we have no exact release date I check for news everyday. when it is finally released, despite the quality of whatever DLC they release, people will rush to buy it. If I’m gonna be honest, when I stop and think about Dawnguard, it doesnt seem that great. Essentially two types  of crossbow and a major focus on vampires which doesnt interest me that much (don’t get me wrong, theres plenty of cool stuff). But I still really want this DLC. At least the next DLC is the last 30 day exclusive DLC, then everyone will be somewhat equal. Although i doubt they would have fully fixed evrything wrong with the PS3 version by then. 

        • TheDistressed

          The whole process is just going to continue itself with Hearthfire (or whatever it plans on being called) there are even rumors abound that PS3/PC gamers won’t even get Dawnguard… I was super hyped on the concept of a Vampire War, and Dragon Weaponry, I even made a character for each side in preparation for the DLC, I would be willing to even put up with this ridiculous delay if it meant I would at least be able to experience the DLC… but if they don’t release it, in all honesty, I won’t be surprised, this hasn’t been the first time Bethesda has withheld content from PS3 users, why would they stop now? It’s cheaper right? Since when did the gaming industry become all about money, I thought it was about pleasing the fanbase? Show’s what I know  

        • Lenfred

          Would they honestly hold it back from PC and PS3 users? Surely that would be false advertising? Ha I’ve started to like games such as The Witcher 2, a reasonably small company all about the fans. Every bit of DLC, was FREE! I think the big companies are focused on money now, no matter what the quality of the game is. Well I don’t think they’d put it on PS3 without making a profit, so it wouldn’t be cheaper to leave it off of PS3. 

  • Really Now

    i took today off work to have a full day of dawnguard without any interutions and they tell me i have to wait another 1-2 days or weeks…really can i get a exact date for this dlc

  • AwkwardTurtle1.7

    I probably won’t even have any time left to play Dawnguard by the time it eventually gets released on PS3, it’s halfway through the summer holidays in the part of the UK i live in, if Bethesda takes any longer to release Dawnguard then i won’t have time to play it because i have exams to think about, among other things. 🙁

    First they release Skyrim with lag that made it unplayable for many players, then they take several months to fix it (and even then, a lot of the lag is still there, they didn’t fix it completely). Then they hold back the 1.6 patch on PS3, which fixes things like enemies not respawning and the atomic nirnroots. Even now that the 30 day exclusivity period is over, Bethesda still can’t give us a release date for either patch 1.7 or Dawnguard on PS3.

    I still remember how Bethesda lied and said that the PS3 version was “getting lots of attention” and it would be equal to the other two platforms, unlike Fallout 3 and New Vegas. I found out the hard way this wasn’t true at all, so that’s the last time i believe anything Bethesda ever say. :/

    • Josh Amaral

      Have you cleaned the inside of your PS3?

      Mine plays Skyrim without any problems, it has since 11/11/11. Though, I limit the amount of my time my PS3 is on for, so perhaps that’s part of why I haven’t had the issues that many have.

      • Lenfred

        Depends on your game time. The more you play it, the worse lag you get.

  • You know what Bethesda? You’re officially the worst game company ever you could’ve gotten off of your lazy butts and made the patch during the 30 day wait but what did you do. Decide to screw all the ps3 users. You guys are just like ahh we mine as well let them play our sucky game for another month or so its not like we are going to lose like half of the United States support. Well you want to know what I say? If you don’t release it a week i’m not buying it or any of your other future stupid games like the stupid elder scrolls online which i would never get any way beacuse it looks like it sucks. And Assassin’s Creed 3 looks so much better anyway

  • Hobart

     @Crazydude2598 You have to be delusional if you think the PS3 version of Dawnguard will be the best version, because it will now come out last. Bethesda isn’t going to work on the DLC to fix bugs in time for PC and PS3 release. Just watch, when DG comes out for PC, the PC players are going to be reporting the same bugs, that Xbox players reported. Remember DG was in beta for Xbox for barely over a week, and Bethesda fixed nothing that the beta testers reported. Bethesda will just port Dawnguard bugs and all to PC and profit.

  • Nicktm22

    Yea they did this before with oblivion ps3 never got what Xbox got we got one add on they got more. We better get skyrim add on soon but y is psn store doing update they only do it on Tuesday unless new dlc is coming out.

  • Seeyounexttuesday

    It might be a bummer that we get it late but at least PS3 Users dont pay 5 quid a month for membership lolol

  • Crazydude2598

    i know it sucks having to wait for dawnguard but that is a good thing too that just means that us ps3 users will be getting the best version of dawnguard

    • Mastastubs

      Nooooooope PC will be best bc we have modds 😛

      • Micah899

         YEAH PC!!!!!!!

        • Lenfred

          The cool thing is that the mods are actually made by the community, and before the steam workshop,  they made mods completely by themselves. We shouldn’t give Bethesda credit for the mods, it’s their kick-ass fanbase that makes it so awesome. 

      • TheDistressed

        This is true, I’m a PS3 gamer, and I’m not afraid to admit that the PC version will definitely be the best of the three, it’s just fact

  • Logansmo2

    Honestly, I’m ok with waiting a few weeks for a less buggy version for the PS3. I am even ok with the 30 day exclusive with X-Box since I was informed of this. The thing’s i am not ok with is the lack of openness and respect carried out by Bethesda. I paid $60 just like everyone else and am willing to pay the ridiculous price of $20 for this DLC. The message Bethesda sends to me and all other PS3 owners by doing this is, your the last thing on our minds. Do PS3 owners not deserve the same amount of courtesy and respect as X-Box owners? All in all, set a confirmation date, show more courtesy, and I’ll shut up.  

    • Micah899

      i guess xbox gets it sooner because they have to pay for online (HAHA SUX 2 BE THEM) i dont know, im just taking a guess

  • I think that Bethesda seiriously needs start thinking of the ps3 users I mean this is bull I’m fine playing the game without it but ps3 has completely been thrown under the bus

  • Elspazred

    Some of you people sound like a bunch of bratty children whinging about not getting your treat first.

    I don’t recall Bethesda saying it would be released on the day after the 30 day exclusivity to xbox,just that it would come out “AFTER” the 30 days.Two days or two weeks is still after.

    This is a pathetic display of entitlement I’m seeing all over the net right now,people need to htfu it’s sad.

    • Nobodyinparticular

      This is a comment board; it’s intended for people to submit their comments. “Whinging” about how people need to “htfu” is like walking up to a salad bar and telling people to stop “whinging” that there is no salad….

      • Elspazred

        What about patience?If the salad bar didn’t have more salad in time would you hate the restaurant forever and never ever go back like some of the people are saying about Bethesda,or would you wait a bit to find out when more is coming or just go elsewhere for the time being and check back some other time?

        We’re not entitled to to this dlc,no one has paid for it yet as far as I know.They’re doing this because they want to release more content,not because they owe anybody anything.It takes time for these things to happen(patches,DLC).Look how long it took for Skyrim to some out in the first place,whats a little while longer really?

        And if some people don’t get it before other commitments take place then that’s life.No one can expect them to release anything according to their personal schedule,saying you’ll never buy anything from Bethesda again because of this is pretty immature.We can’t expect them to please everybody all of the time,it’s just not possible.

    • ShuttleFox

      I understand your point of view, I honestly due…but when you come in to the gaming industry or music industry, one of your core responsibility are to your fans even Bioware and Bethesda understand this. Now i can understand the delay, but they could at least give us a generally date and say, “this is the general date, however it may change, so please be patient with us.” For most people gaming is a lifestyle/hobby like skateboarding or painting. This sense of entailment is grown from Bethesda tacit creed of making video games the fans would enjoy and love, because if it wasn’t then  Bethesda company would only be making video games for themselves lol. So if a consumer is investing time and alot of money into producers product that is obviously meant for the consumers enjoyment then there is inevitably gonna be some level of entailment from the consumer. Its just how things run in a producer/consumer society we live in. (I apologies for my terrible grammar)

    • TheDistressed

      I’m not upset that XBOX’s content was released first, in fact, I couldn’t care less! All I want is the courtesy of having 

      A.) At least SOME information about the release and 
      B.) The same quality and treatment that XBOX gamers have been receiving. 

      Bethesda has proven time and time again with their PS3 ports that they just don’t care, I hope our version (being the last released) will at LEAST fix the bugs present in the XBOX version, although in all honesty, I doubt that’ll happen either.   

  • Fleck

    Yes. They treated PS3 users pretty bad. I’m gonna let it slide this time. But if i get treated like this again for the next DLC then I will be ticked.

  • John21durham

    I was waiting for this add on for the PS3 I stayed up all night and finaly when I go on this morning it says that the PlayStation Store is undergoing maintenance I mean does that mean they are putting it on there or what?

  • Dasher1899

    So, basicly a bunch of ticked off People who want this thing to release
    Faster means to Bethesda “hmm… Maybe we should give them
    More time then…”
    Because these guys could have worked on all of this for the
    Last month! Do these guys even know how Ignorant this really is?

  • Hobart

    It’s time to stop rewarding these obviously amateur and uncaring developers.Bethesda is one of the worst developers in the gaming industry, but they are treated like game developing gods, but they clearly aren’t. Bethesda should never have won any GOTY awards, except for Best Broken Game at Launch, just like Fallout: New Vegas.

    • hidden in the truth

      NV was Obsidian not Beth Beth did Fallout 3 and that was fine for me NV I could not get past the intro as the the game was that buggy should not of been released. Before you say anything about it remember that NV use the exact gaming engine as Fallout 3, and that was working fine for everyone near the end so how can you go backwards when essentially the game was the same. That is a shitty game company they did not even learn from Fallout 3 and kept the ending open instead they gave us a shitty slideshow and called it a definitive ending. Worse of all most of it wasn’t even narrated by Ron Pearlman………………………. OK rant over but still Obsidian not Beth there games are glitchy because they try something new not glitchy because they are just lazy……… Rant really over now.

  • Bethsda dont even say anything to anybody

  • If its not out before first day of school, im not buying it. Im now a full time student and my desire to play will be lost. Thanks to Bethesda for relelasing it first to PC players, many of the will pirate a version of Dawngard. 

  • Spicey

    This is bull****, it’s not enough that xbox gets it a month earlier but now it’s longer – and we don’t even know how much longer because they haven’t given us a date! They’ve had 30 days to release the patch so we can get Dawnguard as soon as the 30 days is up. But instead they decide to just abandon PC/PS3 users because Microsoft have paid them.

  • Krakkenskullz

    This might be the last game i will buy from bethesda, with all the bugs in the game i cant even complete portions of the main quest line, I have a ton of quest related items i cant get rid of and now after saying that DLC would be out after 30 days of it being out on XBOX its still going to be “weeks” before the PS3 users get it, not to mention all the other bugs that are being reported with the PS3 game and DLC. Its sloppy work on the part of bethesda.  PS3 users are flat getting the shaft when it comes to bethesda. XBOX is getting all the support and at least the aftermarket programers are fixing some of betheda’s mistakes when it comes to thre PC version. Where as PS3 users are having to make the best of it and deal with the quest bugs and crashes.The 1.7 patch has already been released for PC, Besthesda has had 30 days to get things line up with this patch so PS3 users could get the Dawnguard DLC on time instead PS3 users are once again being shafted. EPIC FAIL BETHESDA!

  • kensu

    God that’s horrible journalism, the tweet was in reference to the 1.7 patch NOT Dawnguard. We still don’t know when either is being released, or if the PC will get it first.

    • Lurker

       Or if we will get it at all. Tweety below. Unless he STRONGLY misworded his message:

      Tweet by Peter Hines

      We have not announced Dawnguard for any other platform, nor given a
      timeline for any such news. If we have news, I promise I’d tell you.

  • Hobart

    You should put in your article that Bethesda has seemingly dropped support for the PS3 all together. They released patch 1.6 for Xbox and PC, then stayed completely quiet about when the patch is coming to the PS3 for nearly 2 months. At the beginning of this week patch 1.7 was announced, which supposedly will have the 1.6 fixes in them. I’m sure by the time 1.7 comes out on Xbox and PC, PS3 gamers will once again be shafted and will have to wait until 1.8 to get fixes from 1.6 and 1.7. Bethesda clearly has no care for the PS3 or it’s dwindling fanbase. Bethesda seems 100% okay giving 1/3rd of their fans the screw. Bethesda needs to go out of business ASAP.

    • Wfenton1981

       In the long run it will probably lose companies money accepting these ‘bribes’ for early game/dlc exclusivity. Annoying 2/3 of your customers is not good business investment sense. It’s ridiculous anyway from the point of view of (in this case Microsoft) as do they actually think people will buy an entire Xbox 360 games system in order to play this DLC one month early? Not to mention the increased stupidity in Windows being owned by.. hmm.. Microsoft? Of course it isn’t fair for PS3 users either, but I do hear many stories of the awkwardness of PS3 programming and Sony’s own odd systems of ‘validating’ patches. It also has to be considered that the PS3 is much more different than an Xbox is to a PC.

    • RC

      Yup, overall, bethesda is a screwed up company.

  • Reece

    This was inevitable, they were too quiet for it to go as planned. Anyway, the xbox version is playable right? So give it to us.

  • I think its stupid, because they had thirty days they could of finished the patch and then release the patch when the 30 exclusive for xbox was finished instead of starting to work on it now or in the middle of the thirty days if they started to work on the patch right away once dawngaurd was released they would of had the patch done and they would have to wait for the 30 days to finish then release it by the end of this week  

  • Theres a mistake in there. “It is worth noting that the Xbox 360 received patch 1.6, so the next patch will include these fixes and skip that version for PC and PS3.”

    PC already has 1.6, only PS3 has not recieved 1.6 and will get it with 1.7. Since I play on PC I should know since I have fought half the game on the back of a horse now.

  • RC

    Wow. PC gets it first? Not fair one bit. Bethesda, I hope you realize that this is screwed up. You guys make no sense. SAD…

  • Ps3

    This is ticking a lot of people off. I’m gonna wait on week and If its still not out I’m selling skyrim no use now. And I’m selling all my other games by them.

  • Max

    I think it’s better to wait for some more days if it means a less buggy version of the game.
    However, I feel that Bethesda is letting down many PS3 users: first the delay for the 1.6 patch, now even further delay for Dawnguard, despite the fact that they had to wait for the 30 days exclusivity to run out.
    Maybe Bethesda should take more time fixing the bugs on all platforms and release updates for everyone at the same time, rather than having large parts of its fan-community smoldering with jealousy with every new feature they release…

  • blboy29

    honestly im a little ticked off.  I would understand a few days maybe even one week.  Hell id be ok wth 2 or 3 weeks if they just gave us an exact date rather then saying”In coming weeks.”

  • Mr Anon

    The Pete Hines Tweet does not bode well at all, seems to suggest we were foolish to think we are ever to get Dawnguard on PS3/PC…..

    • TheN00bishcake

       i agree, we may not at all because it seems xbox n00bs get everything sooner than pc and ps3 if we pc and ps3 people get it at all

  • Enragedgamer26

    I’ve been waiting and looking for when the pc version would be released, to know that it will be released ps3 dosen’t change the fact that the pc users do not have it today either, SECONDLY when will it be released for sure because this is starting to sound like bethesda is pushing it off for ANOTHER month, some of us have school to get to.

  • 1.7>:(

    I don’t even want 1.7. They didn’t have to give it to us. I’ll take 1.6 if it means dawnguard earlier.

  • Melody26

    honestly if it was out today for the ps3 like they said it would be!, i would have made the $60 purchase for the dawnguard! even though it doesnt have as much content in it as 1 would assume after this much time and no dlc…but after this! i will pass on it and probably just get a pirated copy for the pc evntually lol

    • Don’t think it was ever stated it would be released today, only everyone assumed it because of the 30 day exclusivity of the Xbox 360. If it has been stated by Bethesda could you link me where?

    • Its $20