GTA V wait delivers community innovation

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 26, 2012

While some gamers are checking for Grand Theft Auto 5 news everyday, others are getting creative during the long wait for something more from Rockstar. Considering we have only seen an official trailer and a few screenshots it’s enough to drive you crazy, but a couple of community members decided to do something constructive with their time while waiting for GTA V to receive a release date, which included creating a 3D version (thinking GTA IV) of the first Grand Theft Auto game.

The GTA IV fan created mod combines both GTA IV and the 2D map from the first ever Grand Theft Auto game, and this innovation is thanks to two community members, known as Flitskikker and Blaster_nl, which shows how some gamers spend their time while waiting for GTA V. We say “gamers” because this creation had been uploaded to YouTube by “taltigolt“, and when someone told this user “Rockstar Games will only take developers with a certain accreditation“, he replied “I am NOT a developer I am just a 19 year old kid posting videos I don’t expect to get hired at a game company for it“.

It is worth pointing out that Rockstar made this video a favorite, and also featured it in their news wire, which helped the video reach more than 70,000 people so far. We wouldn’t expect Rockstar to hire people that create mods like this, but it does show they recognize creative talent.

We understand the frustration of waiting for GTA 5, especially considering we really want to get hands-on as well, but the moaning gamers are more annoying than the lack of news from Rockstar, although it’s good that most people are positive towards the next GTA game and understand that it will be well worth the wait. This stance by most gamers comes from the knowledge that Rockstar has a good reason for being silent.

If you are planning on buying GTA 5, have you been involved in any constructive projects related to Grand Theft Auto? Are you happy with Rockstar and the way they’re handling GTA 5 so far? We have also seen some fans setting up crews in preperation for the next GTA game, and if you have done this feel free to share your crew name. We have also included a second video of GTA London, which is sure to bring back memories for some gamers.

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  • Legion

    So let me get this right. The only valid attitude to GTAV is wait and see, expectations are for arseholes and anyone expecting a bit mroe from Rockstar are idiots?

    This attiude is why we get one video and 2 screenshots in 8 months. They know we gamers are collectively just cheap sluts with our heads back, eyes closed, mouths open.

  • Qupid Gaming is our clan name in preparation for the release of GTA V, also clan is linked in with GTA IV + Episodes, Max Payne 3 & Red Dead Redemption so if your interested in a hard working, co-operative clan then message me on PLAYSTATION NETWORK AT qCritical

  • FergieTim714

    Made a GTA movie using mission clips and gameplay from San Andreas, it is freakin awesOme. I feel Rockstar should wait as long as they need to, to finish the game, but I also believe they should provide us die hard GTA/rockstar fans with SOMETHING, such as a screenshot or two a week, or any kind of small fact about the game for example.

    • FergieTim714

      To keep us hungry for more! Keep our appetites wet for the game.

  • Gumby65

    You guys need to change name from Product Reviews to Product Maybethiswillhavespeculations.

  • Gumby65

    You guys need to change name from Product Reviews to Product Maybethiswillhavespeculations.

  • Niggamsne2

    best crew on rockstar social club for gta v..

    >>>> Los Santos Anarchy

  • Arondavid

    Gta v is taking too long now come on guys

  • A remake for GTA London would be utterly AMAZING.

    • London NEEDS to be the setting for GTA VI.

  • Saim_52

    All those old gangs from La would be gone… Now it’s all bout bloods not crops not those essays

  • RED-DEAD-Warrior

    My Crew would be called Grove St something, i donno yet

  • Steve Austin

    Take a bow Rockstar!

  • GTAGary

    I will wait as long as it takes for GTA 5, and I hate the moaner gamers as well, grow a pair.

  • Susan

    GTA London – now that is an amazing game.

  • RickyT

    Love this video and it’s nice to see Rockstar looking out for user creations like this, and then sharing them with everyone. Moaner gamers, hate them, and for Rockstar to put this video in their news feed shows they like gamers to get something to see and read that might not strictly be news. The gamers that moan about the lack of GTA V news should just keep looking but stay quiet.