Sleeping Dogs is perfect tonic for GTA V wait

By Alan Ng - Jul 25, 2012

We were impressed with the recent behind the scenes gameplay footage for Sleeping Dogs, but we have been blown away again by another look at the upcoming title from United Front Games.

This time, we get a detailed insight into how the game will play out, more specifically a full walkthrough of one of the game’s missions complete with commentary from the developer explaining the various gameplay aspects that will be available to you.

The video gives us a look at the ‘Mrs Chu’s Revenge’ mission, which sees main character Wei track down a triad gang member who has killed one of Mrs Chu’s close friends. Watch below though as soon as Wei steps out into the vibrant Hong Kong city and living in Hong Kong myself, I can see what a great job they have done in recreating the city.

The Cantonese speech and accuracy of the accent is very believable, while cruising around the city is a joy to watch as well – the graphics look fantastic. There is obviously going to be a lot of comparisons with GTA V, since the style of gameplay is very similar, but there are some acute details which United Front Games have made a key focus on.

For example, check out the combat – it looks a lot more technical than Grand Theft Auto and very brutal as well. We told you in an earlier article how they had drafted in UFC champ George St. Pierre to help make the combat more realistic and you’ll see that they have done a pretty good job in that aspect.

For those that still are not aware, Sleeping Dogs hits the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on August 14. Check out the full walkthrough from Mrs Chu’s revenge below. We’re loving that poster of Dim Sum as well by the way. Watch it and let us know how impressed you are with this game.

Certainly a game to keep you busy until GTA V isn’t it?

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  • Vic 2.0

    Not only that, but Sleeping Dogs ended up being BETTER than GTA 5 (essentially garbage), IMO. For countless reasons, it’s just plain more fun. Slightly better graphics do not make a better game, nor does a huge map when there’s little (that’s fun) to do in that map considering its size. Getting from one side of the map to the other is a hassle if not a bore, the characters and the story are pathetic compared to those in SD, and even the lamest extraneous content in SD (karaoke and cockfighting) blows the lamest of extra content in GTA 5 (dog training and yoga) out of the water. That’s not to speak of the hand to hand and melee combat which is infinitely better in Sleeping Dogs, as are the abilities surrounding gunplay and hijacking cars while driving alongside one and hopping onto its roof from your own vehicle, etc.

    Let’s see here. You can buy a vehicle, destroy it, and go back to your garage for another one. Skill/perk progression is easily superior. There are minor things that make it better as well, from the ability to take a human shield to the ability to put someone in your trunk and drive around with them to the ability to frickin use your cell phone and car door at the same time! Even the collectibles give you more incentive to run around looking for them, in both terms of their rewards and the likelihood you will actually find something (also thanks to the enormous map in 5). Lastly, consider that Hong Kong is an entirely new location in every way, whereas Los Santos is really just a fraction of the same map you played back in 2004. Sure, they added some places but they took out a lot of the content that made San Andreas so great (e.g., more enterable buildings, the jetpack, more extensive real estate opportunities, etc.) so it’s a wash.

    Flying and skydiving? That’s what Just Cause 2 is for! GTA 5 is an altogether unneeded game… unless you want to watch porn but can’t admit it to your friends, I
    guess? Or have an addiction to the word “f***” 😛

    And emergency vehicle missions! Where tha heck are they! Gone.

    GTA 5 = One big, beautiful disappointment.

  • Give me a break YOU ALL KNOW Gta 5 will be better its no question they are the best at what they do they have been fighting off games like saints row and true crime in the past

    • Painfultruth

      we aren’t being mean… well, some aren’t being mean, all fans want is info on GTA and a fair comparison. this isn’t fair, you can’t really say GTA will be better or SD will be better cos you have no real info on one. GTA fans are like savage dogs, due to the GTA info blackout, they are starving and savage dogs they want everything here and now and if something, like this article gets in their way, you will have your hand bitten off. i don’t mean to sound mean, but it is true. the sooner GTA 5 gets here, the sooner most people who come here and to places like this will be able to 1, appreciate this and 2, come off their withdrawal symptoms like a crack addict getting 1 snort 

  • Grandmaster

    I’m sick of hearing comparisons of Sleeping Dogs to GTA V. Just looking at how the vehicles handle in this it is a no brainer that even though we have little info on GTA V it will be much much better. The best thing about GTA and GTA IV especially is the driving mechanics which give the game a more realistic feel. Looking at this it just looks like a lame arcade game.

  • I M P O R T A N T

    Please note. “Sleeping Dogs” is not “Watch Dogs” 

  • jordan_houston_rfc

    On a good note for this they drive on the correct side of the road none of this bullshit American side of the road

    • Suck,myvacuum

      hahaha 😀 good one

  • Sadbjasidu

    Lets just sit back and think about who has created the best real open world interactive games, time and time again. Rockstar has been dishing out the best games for decades now and every time the game get better with quality and in-game quantity.

  • Peter

    GTA V will be amazing. how can you be sure it will be good? Red Dead Redemption, La Noire, Max Payne 3, GTA saga. All great games. The best company in the world. They never dissapoint me.

    • Suck,myvacuum

      they were good. defo no denying. but GTA 5 has next to no info and saying it will be good judging by those games can only mean it will as bad as those games by having a short fall where they did. tbh, i don’t think that everyone who is saying they wont get GTA 5 will say that purely based on whether it will be good or not. they are saying how can you tell it will be good on next to NO evidence to support those clams? people will get it eventually but, due to all this uncertainty, they wont get it before really checking it over. imho, it will need a spotless review EVERYWHERE and the gameplay will need to be immaculate before i consider getting it unless it is released before november or substantial info is given before then. GTA aren’t scared of their fans, so why cover everything up?

  • Youngscrips

    I’ll care about GTA V when they give me a reason to. Until then, I’m mos def checking out Sleeping Dogs

  • I-am-out

    sleeping dogs looks a bit to unrealistic, which is what GTA delivers fairly well… though, that said, i think i will be getting it over GTA. GTA is just getting annoying and very much boring. i mean, why announce a game in 2010 when you release a trailer (only 1) in 2011 and then 2 not very informative screenshots in 2012 and then not release the game until (what is likely to be) 2013? it seems as though GTA need to release it quick. they have tested fan’s loyalty to the max and with games like this coming out, they will lose even more fans, unless, all possible info on the game is given by, at the latest ,mid-august. the have tested my loyalty and mine has gone and i know, from looking at a lot of places and comments, i am only 1 of easily thousands. 

  • Dee

    Trust me GTA V will be amazing, Rockstar aren’t giving much information because they want us to have a more fun experience with the game

    • Answerthisfans

      i agree with “i-am-out”. 2 years is a long time with very little news. anyway how can you be sure it will be good? have R* given you info that they haven’t released to the fans yet? if so share it out

  • Steve

    To be honest i’d rather be busting heads in Sleeping Dogs than doing the same old repetitive things they let you do in GTA. I don’t understand how anyone can say GTA V will be better seeing as there isnt that much information on GTA V, the people that do they those types of things are clearly fanboys and need to grow the hell up.

  • Deathion

    gta iv had fairly good way to damage cars so imagine what gta v is going to be like

    we could all be having car pancakes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight snacks

  • mrx

    gta 5 will be better

    • Danneh2006

      Damn right it will

    • Answerthisfans

      on offence but how can you say that when there is like no info on it at all?

      • Lolfail

        he meant “no” NOT “on”