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MW3 Terminal PS3 release date set in stone

We finally have some good news for those of you with Modern Warfare 3 on the PS3. Xbox 360 owners have been enjoying the free remake of Terminal for a good while now, and now we have a solid release date for when the map is going to be arriving on PS3.

Infinity Ward has announced on Twitter, that Terminal will be releasing on PS3 on August 17th, which falls on a Friday. If you happen to have an Elite subscription on PS3 (we don’t know why), then you’ll be able to download Terminal one day earlier on August 16.

Although not confirmed by Infinity Ward yet, we’re guessing that August 16 will also be the date when the new DLC content drop arrives on Sony’s console too for Elite members. To refresh your memory, this pack will include new multiplayer maps in Decommission and Offshore, while there will also be another Spec Ops mission called Vertigo as well.

Judging by feedback on the Xbox 360 version of Terminal, it seems that everyone is loving the remade map. We’ve seen a lot of requests for Infinity Ward to now continue this trend though, and bring back other popular maps from MW3 such as Afghan and Highrise.

Still though, we’re just pleased that the company has made this a free download for all platforms, when they could have easily charged for it knowing that the collection of young COD fanatics would happily throw their money at it straight away. We say all platforms, but there’s still no release date for when Terminal will be out on the PC – hopefully this piece of info is coming next.

Are you looking forward to playing Terminal on PS3? What remade maps would you like to see next?



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