iPod touch 5G receiving belated release

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 25, 2012

Just over a year ago Apple reached the 60 million mark for iPod touch sales, so considering the extreme popularity we expected a new iPod touch 5G to launch later that year. This never happened and predictions towards the end of last year failed to deliver much, although Apple did provide a new white model and all new devices included iOS 5 from October last year. This means we are heading towards 2 years since a new iPod touch, and makes 2012 the perfect year to upgrade the aging hardware with major improvements for the 5th generation.

Every year since the first iPod touch launched we have seen a release date in September, and the same is expected this year although what new specs and features should be included with the iPod touch 5G? Top of the list has been 3G/4G for a while, and considering the iPad 3 received LTE this year it is very possible for the new iPod touch.

There are some obvious improvements needed for a 2-year old iPod touch, and these include a better video camera supporting 1080p, bigger storage options, a screen inline with the new iPhone 5, more battery life, faster processor, 1GB of RAM, obviously iOS 6, and some of the latest iPod touch 5G rumors point to a coating for less fingerprints.

The price is expected to be around the same as current models, but of course this will be great value considering the enhanced specs. There are some usual features on wish lists and these include innovation with cases (like Apple did with the iPad), a fingerprint reader, but we’d love to hear the features that are on your wish list?

What should the iPod touch 5G include, and is there a certain month you’d like to see a release date? Apple could also plan a massive launch day, October 4, or week to celebrate the memory of Steve Jobs. This could see a number of products launched around the same time, which might include a new iPhone 5, iPod touch 5G, Mini iPad, and new Retina 13-inch MacBook Pro. Imagine how many people would love to snap up limited edition Apple products with “SJ” on them to remember Steve Jobs, especially considering it’s one year since his death this October?

Personally we expect the new iPod touch to launch in September as it has done with all previous models, and considering the other products planned in October it might be a bit much to launch too many products in the same month.

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  • GB

    Ya! Definitely a new camera.. would love to see one that rivals the iPhone’s camera. Also, I’ve always wondered why Apple didn’t start building in an FM transmitter. I had a music phone that had a great built in transmitter and I loved it!! So convenient and easy to use, which seems very Apple to me.

    • madmofo145

      The only rumored specs so far have it ending up with the 4s processor and ram, although I would certainly hope for at least the iPhone 4 camera, if not the 4s’s. Otherwise a radio would be great, and it’s really about time it got one. There is also talk of a better touch screen tech going in, and some less viable rumors about haptic touch screens, and a couple other awesome but unlikely bells and whistles.

  • anonymous

    I wud want a bigger screen abt 4 to 4.5 inches, better camera better processor higher RAM, better graphics and may b an app dat can convert it into Aston Martin DB9….lol

  • Ipodtouch5gplz

    finally, someone is doing coverage on the ipod touch… like damn, everyone is talking about that damn iphone! I want my new ipod touch! I’ve been waiting almost two years for this!