iMac 2012 leaving factories in August

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 25, 2012

It looks like reliable sources are confirming there will be a 2012 iMac, which this news comes just a few days after we reported there could still be an iMac in 2012. The new iMac would likely see a release date in September after being shipped to factories in August, and these rumors come from the Apple’s supply chain and were sent to this popular blog from a KGI analyst.

We already knew that any iMac in 2012 would only be a refresh, and those of our readers looking for a major upgrade that included a Retina display would be disappointed. The lack of a Retina display had been hinted by Apple’s CEO recently, but this hint also included a solid indication that 2013 would deliver a Retina iMac.

The KGI analyst made it clear that Apple would ship a low number of desktops in July, but this would be made up by a massive increase in August thanks to the refreshed 2012 iMac shipping from factories. Apple has also made zero growth in Q2 of 2012, but the second half of the year will be much better considering the major products expected to launch in fall. The weaker economy will slow things a little but considering the lineup, iPhone 5 / 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro / Mini iPad / iPod touch 5G, Apple should see a bumper end to this year.

The patience of Apple fans – we’ve seen an increasing number of people wanting to hand over money for the new iMac and the frustration is starting to show, which includes comments like “I’m sick of waiting, what’s taking so long?“. There are genuine buyers waiting for the 2012 iMac, and rather than buy the aging 2011 model or a Windows computer that they moved away from years ago, it is the new iMac they want but frustration grows when Apple won’t even confirm when or if a new model is coming.

Do you think Apple should at least confirm new products are coming, which would stop people waiting for something that could miss a year? This had been seen with buyers waiting for the iPod touch 5G last year that skipped a year for the first time, and also the current iMac is well over a year old and would really upset buyers if it missed a 2012 refresh. One problem with revealing upcoming products is the possibility that people would stop buying current models, and Apple wouldn’t want this.

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  • Robert McCoy

    I hope that Apple steps up the iMac launch. If not, I see a lot of frustrated Apple users leaving the brand.

  • taylor s

    I’m so frustrated looking at different rumors. Just forget the Retina Display and the lamination issues, show me the new iMac and take my money. C’mon Apple!

  • mikehesketh

    I have waited month after month for hints of a new iMac model to be released… to the point now that my current machine is not compatible with an upgrade to Mountain Lion and I’m now at the limit of my ability to move with shifting technology and software. I was about to make the jump and just get the current iMac model when it looked like no update machine was coming this year, but then… drop in price online and rumours circulating once again about the possibility of a refresh to the iMac has caused me to wait yet again. Error messages and diminishing performance is pushing me to desperation… I would never go to a Windows machine as this is always a negative investment as far as I’m concerned but if apple would spend lest time fruiting around with their Retina displays and focus on the large swathe of industry professionals that rely on Apple desktops and at least throw a life line we would all appreciate it. Secrecy and mystery is one thing… but it borders on ignorant and condescending when there is a significant number of consumers awaiting some hint as to where to invest their $1000+/£1000+ in a new machine. Sort it out apple…. even a decent hint would secure your money being invested in you and not elsewhere.

  • jimmy

    Apple WTF I want a new Desktop not a 2011 model in 2013 come on. Give the people what they want a new F imac

  • Danodonoghue

    Seriously, remember what you are doing by buying a PC. Within 6 months you will remember the snail’s pace, lack of stability and ugliness of the interface that drove you to Apple in the first place…

  • Des

    I am just about to jump from being a solid windows user in to the Mac world – I saw the screen and loved for photography – I was about to by a top specced iMac then heard about the ivy bridge – I am foaming at the mouth as I want a Mac so much (fed up of windows being too unstable) I have the cash but every day I read the rumours, I dont want to buy only to find out the following week I could have got the new model / release. It is so frustrating that Apple dont even give a real hint, they just hope that the long standing users and newbies like me will just suck it up – Jeeeeze Apple give us a break – I want to buy the kit but this BS wait is just turning back to thinking of getting a newer PC !!!!!!

    • Hang in there – They will refresh soon. I’m like you, just want the newer model and probably won’t ever benefit from the latest and greatest. But it is the latest and greatest. 🙂
      You won’t like the newer PC’s. Been there and done that with a business class lenovo. It looked so ugly on my desktop that I sent it back within an hour of assembling the ugly thing. Wires everywhere!!
      My office computer was replaced by an iMac (for my wife) operating Windows in native mode. Our business software requires windows – But I would like to add – if you are going to buy a new PC,,, by an imac and run native, it screams. You could never own a better PC than the iMac.
      As for my machine, I’ll wait until October. 🙂

  • Haider

    *sighh* Apple WTF are you guys doing i’ve been using apple for a good 15 years and now i’m just getting fed up with this BS, apple need to change the way they are dealing with the professional customers who got them to where they are now rather than just ignoring and focusing on these stupid iPad this and iPhone that laymen “computers”… a bit of loyalty and stop keeping us in the dam dark.

  • Paul

    From a responsibility point of view (investment in new hardware) Apple always leaves its customers guessing. I think this is unfair and makes it impossible to plan hardware purchasing decisions. Also one does not know what specs the new hardware will have and what software will be (dis)continued. Disgraceful that a company that is so customer usability oriented doesn’t come forward with its plans.

  • Ruerogers

    this waiting for the ivy bridge iMac is more irritating than the weather.

  • DamK

    Absolutely sick and tired of Apple dragging its feet in the sand when it comes to releasing the next iMac … bullocks to the retina display … couldnt give a flying … Ivy bridge me, USB 3 me and a give me a get with it graphics card …. Dell here I come !!

  • Waitung_Customer

    If You see the numbers apple just published, the “CPUs” are just 14 %, that means iMac and MBx. No wonder that apple is moving away from desktop computers. I really appreciate the quality of iMacs.
    The question is, is it worth to wait. For me I wait till October:Windows 8 PC  vs. iMac 
    and keep doing backups (-:

  • Winfo

    In the same boat…long a loyal Apple supporter, but this “secrecy” has to end some time. I’m sick and tired of shelling out money only to have new models land a few months in. When the die hards start to think the Dell looks good, then Apple may find it is on a slippery slope. Seriously considering the Dell as well. 

  • zazou

    Too late.. I got tired of waiting and I was not about to spend the money on old technology.  Went ahead and bought the Dell XPS one 27 inch, and all I can say is that I am glad that I did…  I may go back to Apple in a few years, that is if they are still making desktops… 

    • Djerzprod

      WOW…I am so close to jumping on board with this guy…I mean, honestly, WHO REALLY CARES ABOUT RETINA (its just a gimmick).  Just give me the ability to have USB 3, New Graphics Options, and Ivy Bridge.  I have money burning a hole in my pocket (head, heart, backside).  If this upgraded iMac is not released soon, I will get that Dell XPS One 27 or the HP Z1 and hackintosh the darn thing!!!