Skyrim 1.7 patch slows Dawnguard for PS3

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 24, 2012

The days couldn’t go any slower for gamers counting the days until Skyrim Dawnguard finds its way to the PS3 platform, and considering the exclusive with Microsoft is meant to be 30 days then that made it easy to work out a release date for Skyrim’s first DLC on PC and PS3, which should mean a launch on July 26. We touched on this in an earlier article with a countdown timer that has just 2 days and 4 hours to go at the time of writing.

Following on from looking at Skyrim patch 1.7 and fixes needed for both Dawnguard and the main game itself, we had a lot of feedback from players that either had some bugs to report or voiced frustration over exclusivity and the lack of problems being fixed in the original game.

We now know what is included in Skyrim patch 1.7 – thanks to a posting on the official Bethesda blog within the last few hours we now know the bug fixes, and the initial patch 1.7 release notes for PC beta. It is worth pointing out that Bethesda said these fixes are for all platforms unless stated otherwise. Xbox 360 exclusive fixes include a fix for Kinect-enabled dragon shouts, this is not for English versions of the game, and also improvements with 360 Kinect voice commands and the loading screens for add-ons.

You can see the full list of Skyrim bug fixes in patch 1.7 via the image below, and this beta update is currently live on steam for PC users. We welcome the stability improvements but wonder where the quest fixes are, especially considering many of our readers have reported problems with completing certain quests?

Skyrim 1.7 patch is a setback for Dawnguard on PS3 – considering the Xbox 360 had patch v1.6 around a month ago and the PlayStation 3 has never seen this update, then we should expect the PS3 to miss a version and jump directly to v1.7. It wouldn’t make sense to release one version to the PS3, as it’s needed for the Dawnguard DLC, and then another in a couple of weeks.

If we are to believe the next patch for Skyrim on PS3 is version 1.7, then you can expect that to land in around 1 to 2 weeks. This is because the PC has only a beta right now and when it finally gets submitted to the PS3 it takes another week or two for approval by Sony. This has been the pattern for many patches over the years, and also past Skyrim updates as well. Dawnguard will need a PS3 patch before you can play it, so taking everything into account we believe that the first Skyrim DLC won’t land on the PS3 for another week or two, which is later than the planned 30 day delay.

How would you feel if Dawnguard doesn’t land on the PS3 for another couple of weeks, which would be thanks to patch 1.7 being needed first?

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  • Amy Capen

    I don’t even play Skyrim, or Elder Scrolls, but this constant wait while they patch up crap that should have been fixed with proper play testing and making people like my fiancee wait is @!#?@! ridiculous. If ID didn’t do the stupidest thing in the world and sign with this company to distribute it’s games like Rage, and now a doom 3 relaunch I’d be boycotting. I am personally sick of Microsoft getting Royality treatment when everything they touch has a trail of Viruses, malware, and possibly hack attacks behind it. This is unfair. Makes you wonder how much money Gates and CO. Bribes software publishers to get content and certain games for their systems first. I still pray that Rare comes back to Nintendo.

  • NeoPunKz

    Bethesda hates PS3 owners… 30day Exclusivity with xbox, no v1.6 patch for us, and now we have to wait even more for them to decide we´re worthy to play their games? they should give us at least 50% off the value, if there´s still people willing to give money for that DLC…

  • Mr.Data

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  • Fuckxbox

    If this does not come out in two day ill move to bullshit xbox

  • Jonnefun

    I will kill somebody if it doesn’t land on ps3 in one or two weeks

    • Daviddoolan:)

      or me and you could agree to a sucide pact

  • CG-Johnson905

    In all honesty, I had/have no real problem with waiting for dawnguard. My real issue is the fact that they’re letting millions of PS3 owners fumble around in the dark while a simple “Dawnguard for the PS3 will be released AROUND yadda yadda…” would satisfy many-a-user. 
    Of course, you’d have to be a real overly-emotional jerk to really stop buying Bethesda games over a DLC. I mean, I could say that too, and I’m just as pissed as the next guy, but you better believe that the second a “Fallout 4” were to be announced, I’d have my $60 ready.

  • Voice_of_reason

    See how line 4 makes me look stupid? That’s why proper spelling is important.

    • The stupidity of line 4 has nothing to do with spelling.

      You are whining about not getting a “complete” game, when in fact Skyrim is 100+ hours without the DLC, and the DLC in this instance is more like a sequel with the ability to integrate directly into the original game. The statement might hold true in some other games, but is foolish when looking at Skyrim.

    • The stupidity of line 4 has nothing to do with spelling.

      You are whining about not getting a “complete” game, when in fact Skyrim is 100+ hours without the DLC, and the DLC in this instance is more like a sequel with the ability to integrate directly into the original game. The statement might hold true in some other games, but is foolish when looking at Skyrim.

  • Voice_of_reason

    1 Get an Xbox and a PS3. Each console has it’s perks. You can buy a used console for $80.
    2 Learn to spell if you want to be taken seriously. 
    3 Bethesda has made a bad business move by not keeping their fans informed. As you have read that will cost them business. If they had announced a release date when Dawnguard went to Xbox a lot of PS3 fans really wouldn’t have minded. If Microsoft wants to pay more for the same product let them. Just tell your other fans when they will get theirs.
    4 Why are we even buying DLC remember when you bought a game got a finished product.

  • Mjames28

    Im an avid xbox user and im not gonna rant about time exclusive dlc. I have friends who own both consoles after i got them to pick up an xbox. And your right about getting what you pay for xbl is a much superior service than psn. It hasnt been hacked and shut down for one and patches are brought out sooner. I like theervice so i pay for it. If sony was smart they would to. Then what would you say becaus eit wouldnt be psn is free.

  • Mattswift007

    what times dawngard come out for ps3 because its the 26 th now and am still waiting

    • Well, you might want to wait until it’s well into the 26th in MOST places, rather than just turning into the 26th in your far-off corner of the world before saying “it’s technically the 26th somewhere, where is it?”.

      The PSN Store doesn’t update until well into the day. Worse news, PSN usually only updates on Tuesdays. This stupid article fails to consider that fact and it also fails in assuming that Dawnguard will be released without any announcement.


    What yall understand that it is buisness nothing eles get  i dont mind waiting stop acting like childreen and let it go.

  • Redog1995

    If money is the reason for the delay, I’d rather have update 1.6 and dawnguard now for ps3 and never get 1.7.

  • Lil_smoke_7

    Playing the DLC as it is now only adds to the fustration of playing the original game; Microsoft merely payed bethesda to release the plug-in prematurely for their console.

    • Rantingasain

      Exactly why I’m not ripping someones head off, xbox got it first but they got 4/5 of what they payed for

    • Griever13

      word up!  You have to pay for xbox live in order to even get the skyrim patch.  So you ge 4/5 of the game, with all the bugs that come with it, and still have to wait until 1.7 to release to fix he bugs, on top of the $100 a year warranty if (and when) your xbox brakes.  Im soooooo glad i trashed mine and got a ps3, late release and all…

  • Ayzediu

    It’s fuckin pretty stupid, I would never, ever, ever, buy an xbox just so I could have the dawnguard dlc early. if it never comes out on ps3, well, I guess I never play it.

    also don’t worry guys, quantic dream and naughty dog are on our side. Beyond is gonna be epic, and xbox don’t get the game at all, let alone dlc 🙂

    • Brownbear98

      Xbox gets an even better game called halo a game that psn will never see

      • BigDog

        Halos crap same story every time same sad character, point and shoot its a brain dead game for brain dead people, who can not play a proper game

    • Brandonigrec

      So true!

  • Lil_smoke_7

    Never worry about timed exclusives again and convert to the 360; Dawnguard is great!!!

    • InDIGnation

      Er, thanks, but now that I’m playing a version of Skyrim with modded in new features, quests and more colourful graphics. Why would we want to convert to a console now just to get DLC slightly earlier? I don’t get why people are so highly strung about DLC anyway, it’s not like it’s the end of the world if it doesn’t come out on the 26th.

      • 2012

        dude… THE WORLD WILL END if it doesnt come out  on the 26th…its what the maya’s foresaw ..they knew that Skyrim’s first dlc wouldnt be released on the 26th for pc and ps3 users so they warned bethesda to release it on time…but now it seems the world will come to and end ..bethesda failed us..


    • Convert?! Its a product of leisure not a necessity and writing ‘convert’ makes it sound like a religious cult, we know how they usually work out. 

  • Storm

    Alright I give up on Sony… as soon as next gen consoles come out I’m getting a x box, at least they know not only how to get what they want but how to piss off the competition at the same time… I’m just saying that sure they bribe people but does it work? yes it does… and saying the ps3 is better and then ranting in comments about what Microsoft does right is just a little hypocritical, I’m just saying :3

    • Nick

       Sony do this too, so converting to Xbox will only remedy this for some games and you’ll have to wait for DLC on others.

    • It goes both ways…. don’t fool yourself.

    • The Playstation 3 has better design, technology and exclusives. Microsoft’s ‘pay-to-delay’ business practice falls under none of those categories.

      If you’re so hyperactive that you’ll switch systems just to avoid a wait, you’ll get precisely what you deserve — no Naughty Dog, no ThatGameCompany, no Quantic Dream, overpriced online, frequent breaking, lackluster exclusives, ugly design and so forth.


      • Brandonigrec

        Gentleman,we have a new philospher on our hands.U mad xbox?xD

  • Kronos

    Look at oblivion, the xbox and pc gets the spell tomes, the castle, mages tower, they got a ton of DLC what did ps3 get? Shivering isles and knights of the nine. PC and 360 got them as well so the ps3 was shafted on dlc for oblivion. I eagerly wait for dawnguard, but my paitience is running thin. I really do hope the bring it out for the ps3 but it wouldn’t suprise me if microsoft had an under the table deal going on so betheseda wouldn’t give out much for the ps3

  • Macfadden30

    if it doesnt come out this month im fuking done with bethesda

    • Eflynn902

      i know what you mean. ive never liked bethesda but if dawnguard doesn’t come out tomorrow i will never buy another bethesda game ever again

  • Lil_smoke_7

    Never worry about timed exclusives again and convert to the 360; Dawnguard is great!!!

    • Tylertc1228

      Ah shut up

    • Felix Langley

      So you expect me to drop all the great exclusives PS3 has that Xbox doesn’t, get worse graphics, have to pay for online and pay another £250 to do so? I think not.

      • This whole fiasco reeks of Xbox catering to a demographic afflicted with ADHD.

        If anyone switches over because of this, it’s only a plus for the other Sony customers. It means Sony doesn’t have to take that sort of person into account as much when deciding the direction of the Playstation franchise.

  • Cheyeian

    They are not screwing ps3 owners, pick up a vita now so you can play skyrim on that. Would rather play on that than a Xbox with crappyer graphics, they got a next Gen game that uses the same graphics as the ps3 version of oblivion. Look up the side by side on youtube, it is funny. The vita has better graphics than a Xbox on any hdtv. Dawngaurd or at least the next dlc or patch after 1.7 will have remote play available

  • FarHorizons

    Also, every time I hear the “BETTER WITH KINECT FOR XBOX 360” after the Dawnguard Trailer, I want to smash something.

  • FarHorizons

    Microsoft must think they’re the authority of gaming, buying out all these companies to make DLCs Xbox Exclusive.

  • 123

    I realy didn’t mind waiting a month (I was piss at first but I got over it) but the fact that Bethseda didn’t really give any info on the subject wether or not that they are even going to realese Dawnguard for PS3 makes me mad if told me that they wern’t going to release it to PS3 I would be extremly mad but I least wouldn’t have to worry about it enymore

  • Rhamon3

    everyone needs to chill, im a PS3 user and im ok with waiting. Skyrim is an amazing game and I don’t mind waiting for dawnguard. I want it to be out as much as the next dark elf but our complaining will do nothing.

    • Bethesda is treating their paying customers very poorly by not keeping us abreast of the release schedule. That’s the real problem. They seem to be saying that millions of PS3 users who paid just as much money for Skyrim aren’t worth the effort of a tweet.

      And the only way Bethesda will know my particular gripe is if I use my big boy words and tell them what’s pissing me off.

  • That_DUDE!!!

    BETHESDA IS A WHORE!!! They keep getting on their knees because Xbox helps “pay them through college”. 

  • Fleck

    It would just mean that PS3 always gets the short end of the stick. Bethesda hates PS3 I guess. We didn’t get any patches for months fixing the lag issue. When the 1.5 came out there was still issues, some player’s PS3 completely froze. Now Bethesda ignored us with 1.6 patch. Bethesda won’t realize any dawnguard information for us. I mean seriously? Come one. I knew I should have gotten a 360 version.

    • Rhamon3

      the 1.7 patch includes everything from 1.6 patch

      • NeoPunKz

        good luck trying to download V1.7 right now…

    • Eflynn902

      I had a choice between an xbox and a ps3 and i chose the ps3 because it has blu-ray and free online play, little did i know that the price to pay for those features was getting continually screwed over

  • Old-Timer

    Well this is very disheartening. I blame only myself for expecting the DLC to come out this week. Nothing I can do but wait. Hopefully it’s not a buggy release.

  • Walkerdominic98

    Jeez stop complaining it wont solve anything. If you ask me I’d rather wait for a dlc withe time and effort put into it rather than a crappy half finished download

  • Justinakz

    y cnt every one just shut your fuckin mouth ok xbox pays for it and their customores pay monthley for xbox live ok .i am a ps3 fan its called paitance

    • Senator476ad


      why can’t people spell these days?…

      • Zak Spain


      • Fakeemail

        Why, can’t, customers, monthly, and patience. I’m a teacher and I hope whoever wrote that is 5.

    • Ethereal_Spirit

      WTF is the use of xbox live on a offline game like skyrim?

  • ughe

    bethesda you treat ps users horribly i hope you know, but i get microsofts assholish exclusive but you should be thinking about other platforms as well cause i all i hear about is dawnguard for xbox. and people wonder why no one likes xbox. putting that 20$ in your paypal and letting it sit there, letting it burn a hole in your pocket is at least less hellish than this wait      -rambling for a cause

  • bethesda-bs

    my god! the damn dlc should be free for us for this torturous waiting! >_< ughe

  • Hawke

    I have $20 already on my account to buy dawnguard and every day it get’s easier to look at other stuff on the psn and say “that would be a better use of my money”. If I have to wait almost another month I’m just gonna get dissidia 012 like I wanted to before they announced dawnguard.

  • hubbajube

    I’ve been telling people on ign ps3 was going to wait longer. I’m frustrated with waiting too, but come on you can’t tell me you didn’t see this coming considering how they screwed PS3 fans over with the FO3 DLCs and Deadmoney for New Vegas. I bethesda as a company on how they treat PS fans, if it wasn’t for the fact that I enjoy their open world games on a big screen TV i wouldn’t buy them and keep giving them chances. You I think i’m just going to torrent Fallout 4 or the next big bethesda rpg. That way I get the game, but bethesda gets nothing out of me. seems far after how they’ve lied and raped me over with the DLCs.

  • Drag_racer_933

    tbh i havnt had any probs with my skyrim.. im just worried if there gonna fix a few things like the restorations an the invis chest id be hella sad if those go

  • Sloth

    lol…im gonna stick with Dragon’s Dogma…the hype with dawnguard and skyrim for me is over…DD at least doesn’t update nearly as much and the action is better….ill stick with casting giant tornadoes on a cyclopes and causeing flaming boulders of death to kill anything getting in my way lol

  • Tylertc1228

    This is why now one likes Xbox

    • The reason I don’t like XBOX is the ugly GUI, the childish exclusive like Halo, the high system failure rate, etc. I hardly care if they pay for exclusives and it’s not really their fault that Bethesda is failing to communicate.

  • ughe

    i give up bethesda you win. it seems like your trying to lose ps3 customers
    good job im out.

  • Grubba

    all this delay makes me wonder if Bethesda or this dlc is even worth my time in all this delay im not playin skyrim and almost disenchanted with it if it takes to much longer one of the other great games i wanna play will come out like guild wars 2 and then i get to keep my 20 bucks i was gonna use on dawnguard

    • Ddd

      I’m thinking the same way. If Skyrim: Dawngaurd won’t come out for the PS3 this week, let alone the next few weeks, it’s not worth my time.

  • Jajaone1

    actaully to me is like xbox got the crap copy of dawnguard and when we get it (ps3 users) it will be better than the one microsoft got..!!! 

  • Zamboni11

    We all have been waiting too long for this dlc on ps3. Why would they sign I contrac so stupid to let Xbox get dawngard first ps3 better get some thing Xbox players dont have for this dlc maybe some new spells shouts some thing to make us fell better about this lame contrac that you guys just had to go sign

  • Zamboni11

    I think you should at least give us a ps3 beta or some thing. All ps3 user’s have been waiting to long for this dlc

  • Ecbagas

    Well, it says it needs approval of Sony first. And make it official -,- no wonder it will delay some more.

  • Sort it Bethesda!

    One word to describe this garbage. BETHETIC!!!

  • X16900

    Maybe we all would have had everything sooner if they didn’t waste so much time on the worthless kinect support, how many people are really going to use that? And KEEP using it.

  • Dmaul97

    You kidding me? With the crap Bethesda has given to PS3 you really think they are just going to all of a sudden be somewhat decent and release this things PS3 users deserve in a couple of weeks?!?!? I’m expecting (with all te crap Bethesda has handed me as a PS3 user) November AT THE EARLIEST for me to FINALLY be ALLOWED to play dawnguard. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been forced to think like this because of how godforsakenly horrible Methesda treats PS3 users.

  • SkyrimOwnsNoobs

    Ugh, seems like I was wasting my time Bethesda.

  • KasaiWolf

    Geez PS3 fanboys are so pissy. Yes Xbox got it first and yes they got some of the patches first but thats just the way it works. Nobody on this forum can change that and if I were a PS3 owner I would be ashamed of all the whining thats going on here. Go get another game until it does come out. DLC is not the be all and end off of the world. Remember there was a time when computers didn’t exist.

    • HP

      Ok one thing is that you wouldn’t be saying any of that if the roles were reversed. I for one find it pathetic that xbox even felt the need to get the exclusive deal, I mean that doesn’t shoe that the consol is any better it just shows that they are willing to buy people off.

      • Commander Fluffy Taco

        The PS3 has exclusives, too.

      • KasaiWolf

        In all honesty I wouldn’t care if the roles were reversed. I chose Xbox because I liked it and liked most of the games on it (Halo and Left 4 Dead to name two). You obviously chose PS3 because you liked something about it also. But one thing that nobody should be doing is being pissy about what Bethesda and Microsoft do. There isn’t anything that we can do about it and it reflects badly on other PS3 users that have patience. 

    • Commander Fluffy Taco

      I’m not ashamed of all of the whining because I’m not whining. However, I do agree that people just need to be patient and understand that Dawnguard has many problems that need to fixed before a it can be played properly on PS3.

      • Chanceschouten

        thats because PS3 is better

    • Dmaul97

      20 bucks you would whine and complain a ton if I (PS3 user) got Dawnguard before you. Hey, I’m 20 bucks richer!!! I can buy Dawnguard when it FINALLY comes out on PS3!!!!!!!

    • That_Guy

      I’d imagine you’d be pissy too if the shoe was on the other foot. Xbox fanboys are the same way when they don’t get what they want.

    • MacDaddy

      its not so much as the wait but its the relative unfairness that bethesda has bestowed on ps3 and pc users. which those to ports are its most loyal customers.

  • Anonymous

     I don’t care about the DLC.  Not buying it.  I would like to see all the bugs fixed in the Skyrim game I have for the PS3.  Their added “long range killcam” causes more problems than it’s worth.  Often, the killcam caused the killshot to miss.  Occasionally, the bow graphics gets stuck in the drawn position and only clears after you un-equip & re-equip the Bow.  Very annoying during combat.  Many miscellaneous quests are still glitched to be un-completeable.  They system crashes for no apparent reason more so than before patch 1.5.  Now, I have to wait longer to see if Bethesda managed to fix the bugs they introduced in patch 1.5?

  • Insanity

    i am so pissed,first they screw us over with the microsoft agreement then we might lose a patch and wait for game a week or 2 and they dont even give us a release date…

  • Insanity

    i am so damn pissed right now,been waiting it to land on 26th or 27th and now i am supposed to wait a week or 2 ? it better be damn worth it


    DUH, if you read the article, you would see it is likely not to be released for another week or two.

  • Lawrence_of_arabia10

    How do I see the patch and download it. The ps3 version only comes up with the update of tropies every time I Play it.