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iOS 6 jailbreak inevitable after beta success

Are you looking to jailbreak iOS 6 at the earliest opportunity when Apple unleashes their latest mobile software upgrade this Fall? Some of you may have been thinking that Apple would increase their security from iOS 5, but recent evidence has shown that it is only a matter of time before Apple’s new update falls under the jailbreak hammer as well.

Jailbreaking is now a legal process of course and isn’t really seen as a ‘naughty’ thing to do to Apple’s new prized possessions any more. Freedom is everything these days of course and you can just bet that a handful of loyal Apple fans are chomping at the bit to jailbreak straight away and enjoy the finer delicacies of their device once it’s prized open.

Apple are already well underway in their beta testings for their new software, but already we can tell you that the latest beta of iOS 6 has already been jailbroken. Circumvented by the infamous RedSn0w tool, we’re hearing that you can now use the iOS 6 beta 3 IPSW file combined with Redsn0w (0.9.13dev3 to jailbreak the latest beta of iOS 6 in a tethered state.

Since it’s only a tethered jailbreak at this stage, there is not much future value in it. However, it does send out a message to Apple, proving that cunning developers still have the brains to prize open their latest security measures. With the final version of iOS 6 due out in a matter of months, does it give enough time for Apple to completely make iOS 6 jailbreak-proof? We very much doubt it.

As a devoted Apple fan, what side do you currently reside on? Do you see jailbreaking as a normal process for you now when you install a new version of iOS, or do you still try to avoid it at all costs?



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