Final Fantasy Versus XIII alive, but new gameplay needed

By Alan Ng - Jul 24, 2012

It turns out that it was a false alarm all along folks. After the internet grinded to a halt following rumors of Final Fantasy Versus XIII’s cancellation, we’re pleased to say that Square-Enix has finally come out and officially commented on the story.

It is great news as well, as the game hasn’t been cancelled at all. Final Fantasy Versus XIII is still on the way and company CEO Yoichi Wada took to Twitter to state that someone had been spreading false rumors about the game.

He also revealed that the game is looking better than ever, with the city in particular one aspect that he can’t wait to show off to fans – even going as far to say that their city presentation ‘will knock you off your feet’. What he didn’t mention though unfortunately was when the game was going to be shown next.

With the game now back in the limelight, all eyes point to the Tokyo Game Show in September for the next reveal. Can you believe that it has been six years since we saw the first trailer for the game at E3 2006? There’s probably going to be more relief than anger towards Square-Enix now, as there’s no doubt that the game remains the hottest property that the company has left in its tank.

This is probably a good lesson for us all on to not believe wild rumors when they first surface. We’re very glad that Square-Enix has come out and done the right thing by denying the rumor, but now they need to back it up with some new footage. Let us know your thoughts on the Versus XIII saga.

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    So what about the gameplay?