EA lock Premiums out of Battlefield 4 beta

By Alan Ng - Jul 24, 2012

When you fork out an additional $50 for a game on top of the $50 that you have already spent purchasing it, you would expect the publisher to be pretty generous when it comes to giving content and other sorts of goodies back to the gamer as a way of saying thanks, right?

Wrong. Although Battlefield 3 Premium will offer early access to the remaining DLC expansion packs for the game, we can confirm that your Premium access WILL NOT include a beta code to try out Battlefield 4 towards the end of next year.

After Battlefield 4 was announced, many of you had thought that Premium would also include you on the beta list, but it appears that access is staying exclusive to Medal of Honor: Warfighter pre-orders for now. The reality is that EA never promised such an offer in the first place, but is it simply the right thing to do considering how many had instantly supported EA’s attempt to offer premium content for Battlefield 3?

We think it is a simple gesture to give as a way of saying thanks for your continued support, and there really isn’t any defence here. Not giving a beta code to Premium owners is a big mistake in our opinion and we’re fearing that the company may come in for a wave of criticism over it.

If EA needed a reminder of how strong public opinion can really be, you only need to remind yourselves of the whole situation involving that free Battlefield 1943 code. Consumers who picked up the PS3 version of PS3 were entitled to a free 1943 code as EA had initially promised, but the company went back on their word.

It was only when increased pressure ultimately forced EA to cough up with the codes at last, and we could be seeing a similar situation arise if EA make Premium players cough up more money to try out the company’s next game. Don’t forget that many BF3 are already unhappy that Battlefield 4 is coming so soon, so is this a further low blow in your opinion?

If you have Premium right now and expected a free ticket into the Battlefield 4 beta, let us know how you are feeling right now. Are you still going to pick up Medal of Honor anyway or not?

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  • smiffy

    my opinion of EA has Been waining since i was 15, they seem to destroy every game they touch, first command and Conquer, then Mass Effect now Battlefield franchise. The Straw on the camels back was having to essentially pay for a Game twice, and the whole thing of only having private servers made battlefield 3 unplayable, everytime you out skill the Admin : kicked. thier insane greed has come to one conclusion and that is that i will no longer buy games endorsed by EA unless they either start giving there customers more respect or lower the price of, lets be honest thier poor and rushed games.

  • MasterSmith

    Am I still going to get MOH: Warfighter…ummm Yeah.