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iPhone 5 release preparation started by Pegatron

Have you well and truly jumped on the iPhone 5 bandwagon yet? It is common practice for the frequent amount of speculation we are seeing flying around for an upcoming Apple product launch, but within the last few hours we have potentially heard some info which could put all of the speculation to bed.

Infamous leak specialists Digitimes are at it again, this time going on record to say that the next-generation iPhone 5 has now officially entered into production with component suppliers Pegatron. The Taiwanese company, along with Foxconn are seen as crucial partners of Apple in the company’s hopes to provide enough stock for launch and now that Pegatron has apparently entered production, we’re guessing that Foxconn are also now in the final stages of wrapping up their secret iPhone project.

The iPhone 5 is anything but a secret now though, with Apple seemingly paying no interest this time around in concealing the wave of images which appear to suggest that the company will finally use aluminum materials for the back casing of the next iPhone – a stark comparison to the strict stance that Apple took in protecting the iPhone 4, when it emerged that a prototype device had leaked out into public hands.

Production may have started, but it still doesn’t pinpoint the exact launch date for Apple’s next iPhone. We’ve heard a multitude of release rumors suggesting that an announcement is coming as early as August, but the general consensus among consumers, is that the device is more likely to release sometime in October, following the same release pattern as its predecessor – the iPhone 4S.

Are you now starting to get excited for the next iPhone, following these new rumors about production? We’re guessing that a lot of you are also paying attention to the upcoming Galaxy Note 2, which could be the main device that Apple will compete with this Fall.



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