Final Fantasy Versus XIII cancellation ultimatum

By Alan Ng - Jul 23, 2012

What an earth is going on with Final Fantasy Versus XIII? If you are a big Final Fantasy nut, you’ll probably be already aware of the huge rumor that surfaced over the weekend suggesting that the game had been cancelled after six years of development.

This would obviously be very sad news if it turns out to be true, but it’s important to note that Square-Enix has not yet come out to confirm or deny the rumors. The game had been expected to be one of the main eventers at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show in September, but this report by Kotaku seems to have brought everyone to a standstill.

It’s true that the game had been bordering on Duke Nukem Forever territory with its ridiculous development time, but who could have even imagined that the game that many people view as the savior of the franchise would be cancelled? We certainly don’t want to believe it yet until we hear from Square-Enix and it seems like many others don’t either, with conflicting reports online suggesting that the game hasn’t been cancelled at all.

If Kotaku’s sources are correct, it would be really worrying if Square-Enix has chose to not publicly confirm the cancellation in fear of global condemnation, which would obviously affect the company’s future titles. Presuming the game has been cancelled, where does the future lie now with regards to the franchise?

Final Fantasy 15 would be the next obvious choice, and we wouldn’t even rule out Square-Enix taking content from Final Fantasy Versus XIII and just rebranding it as Final Fantasy XV as a ‘fresh start’. We need answers though Square and we need them quick. Final Fantasy Versus XIII is too big a game for you to just stay silent on this one.

What are your initial thoughts on a possible cancellation? Do you want to believe it? Are you finished with the franchise if it’s true?

You can join the debate on Final Fantasy 15 here. We posted this two years ago, but the amazing feedback continues up until this day with over 500 comments from you.

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  • IrritatedDragon

    Hai gaiz, Versus is still in development. They got the CEO of all people to come out and say that they’re still working on it. Without giving a release date/laying the multi-platform rumors to rest/any other information, of course. Except the city in Noctis’s Kingdom is beautiful. Yay…
    Still waiting for a release date- IrritatedDragon

  • Turbo88

    Its simple if you think logically about this. They put the main theme ‘Somnus’ in theatrhythm final fantasy making me feel as though the game may be coming soon, therefore I feel there are probably 3 possibiliteis being:
    1. Everything will be at TGS 2012
    2. It has been renamed XV
    3. (Most unlikely, but possible) They are waiting for next gen which is why they showed Agni’s Philosophy Tech Demo at E3 to reveal what FFversusXIII will look like

  • Linnahiril

    Hmm…I hope I’m wrong, but the fact that Square hasn’t come forward to dispel the rumor is a bad sign. I mean, if they were 100% sure that they were making the game, wouldn’t they immediately want to squash rumors that could possibly hurt their company? Whatever the case may be, their reluctance to address the  issue strongly suggests that there is something going on, though we won’t know exactly what it is until they tell us. It’s probably best for us fans to hope for the best but expect the worst. 

  • ZaZaZoom

    Final Fantasy has been dead since FFX. The best games in the franchise now are in the Super Smash inspired Dissidia. Square Enix is too indifferent to fan input and requests. They need to pay for that.

    • -___-

      how do you know dissidia was inspired by super smash bros? -__- hate when geeks like you make up your own conclusions to things.

  • Nick

    This website (PR) is a joke.  They speculate over non-news items and never have anything of significance to contribute to the discussion.  “Journalism” at its absolute lowest.

  • “but who could have even imagined that the game that many people view as the SAVIOR OF THE FRANCHISE would be cancelled?”


    • Mr. Right

      Versus was shaping up to be the best FFIX. If you don’t believe it you either have terrible tastes or you have done no research on Versus whatsoever.

      • Mr. Right

        My mistake. Site has no edit feature. Meant to post;”Versus was shaping up to be the best FF since FFIX. “

  • The-curly-wurly

    Do Square realise that their only chance for regaining many of their former fans and reinstating the Final Fantasy standard rests on the outcome of this game? I’m not sure they do. I just want news, but if it’s bad news then Final Fantasy will end for me right there. Please Square, give people what they want!

  • The rumour should be enough to affect stock prices, and if they don´t officially say anything, they will be tortured with questions about the game in every sinlge interview they give about any game for the next 20 years.
    Cancelling versus, and turning XIII into a DLC dependent game is ridiculous! People pay well for their games, they don´t expect to get to the end needing DLC and an extra game to see the ending!
    Square used to be the coolest game company now it turned into comercial seasoned pro-stitute!

    • um dude FFXIII-2 wasn’t a DLC dependent game. every plot point in the story was wraped up. the only problem is it leads into the next storyline seeing as they basically destroy time and space.

  • Blazeheadedrocker

    If they actually cancel this then the level of pissed off I will be will scare even satan. I’ve graduated now and I’ve been waiting and DYING to play it since the 7th grade. If they cancel this, I honestly don’t know if I could ever find it in me to forgive them. I’ve always loved the Final Fantasy series, the last thing I’d want is for them to cancel the one I’ve been longing to play most.

    • KarakuraNinja

      yeah, Square could never make up for the lost time I spent follwoing information on it for 6 years, they cancel it then they die, they keep halting production for less interesting games, what a retarded company. No one likes Lightning, she is unpopular yet they still think they can make some trilogy out of the most boring character

      • Blazeheadedrocker

        I actually really liked 13 (the visuals got me lol). But yeah I strongly agree. They said they don’t comment on rumors, however I think their lack of response to defend their case, whatever it may be, is irresponsible to thier fans. And that really grinds my gears. I want to know what the hell is really going on. It’s even worse because when I heard a couple months it went into full production I was excited as hell. Now this crap. What the heck are they thinking?

        • Blazeheadedrocker

          As long as we’ve been waiting for the truth, they owe it to us.

      • well the game in question hasn’t been in devlopment for 6 years it was more along the lines of total time of 1 and a half years. seeing as when VersusXIII was annouced tetsuya Nomura said he hadn
        t even begun production on the game but rather that was the pitch video. in the six years tetsuya had to do two kingdom hearts games as well as do character design for final fantasy games in general. but I can garuntee you this game isn’t canceled. there is simply too much already done with this game to cancel it.