BF3 DLC adds new Armored Shield, Death Valley maps

By Alan Ng - Jul 23, 2012

Most of you have probably already watched the amazing new premiere gameplay for Battlefield 3’s Armored Kill expansion, but now we have some news for you that you may not have heard yet regarding the upcoming new content.

So far, DICE has officially revealed two Armored Kill maps as Bandar Desert and Alborz mountains. Both were shown in the gameplay premiere, with Bandar Desert officially being the biggest map in Battlefield history, while Alborz Mountains also being very significant in the fact that it finally adds a snow map into the game.

Now though, we have the names of the other two maps that will be included with the expansion and they are Armored Shield and the amusingly named ‘Death Valley‘. The developers were speaking in a new interview with EA France and also revealed the very juicy information that all four maps in Armored Kill will include 20 vehicles to choose from.

These 20 vehicles will be split up between the different flag points, as some will only become available when you capture a specific flag. We already knew that this would be the case with the gunship, but now it looks like the tank destroyers will also become available after capturing a certain flag as well.

The quad bikes and regular tanks are going to be available in the home bases though, so it looks like those quad bikes are going to come very useful as players race to jump in to get to the other vehicles before the other team take the flag. It’s fair to say that the anticipation for Armored Kill is even greater than that of Close Quarters, the first post-release DLC to come out for the game.

Battlefield 3 is primarily about the vehicles, so we have a feeling that there will be a lot more interest this time around with five brand new vehicles to try out, as well as 5 new vehicle unlocks to take back to the base vehicles. If you haven’t already forked out for Premium, now may be the time to do so in order to get two weeks of early access before regular players.

Let’s hope that we hear more on Death Valley and Armored Shield soon. Let us know your initial ideas on these map names.

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  • wert

    i wonder how death valley is

  • Dynasty2201

    I cant wait, I just hope that these new vehicles cant be exploited.

    Gamers are pathetic when it comes to taking advantage.  So maybe those rockets will fire too quickly, so anyone in a tank might as well not bother getting in one for example. 
    Unbalance makes the game almost unplayable sometimes.  I hope DICE have ‘nailed’ it though.

    And the new ‘biggest map’ is 800 metres longer than Caspian Border;s 1100 metres, so nicely bigger, but how that is bigger than any BF2 map is beyond me.

  • Dawgfthr

    Can’t wait, the vehicles is what takes this game over the top.  I just wish they would address the issue of only being able to enter a game with 4 people.  I know the whole 4person squad thing and all but honestly even wheh you enter a game with 4 people there is a good chance you will be placed on different squads/teams, so why not just let you enter a game with more than 4 people.  It would draw more players.  My group of guys I play with is a lot larger than 4, and a lot of them went back to MW3 due to the party  system being more user friendly.  Please DICE address this.