Samsung Galaxy Note 2 confuses with new rumors

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 22, 2012

It’s fair to say that most phone makers are more open than Apple with their upcoming iPhone 5, although the same problems arise when following rumors of new smartphones, which includes the expected Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The release date might not be known and Samsung hasn’t confirmed anything, but so-called sources point to a launch this year and possibilities of a showcase at Unpacked 2012.

The hype machine works for Samsung just as it does for Apple, although the latest speculation surrounding specs for the Galaxy Note 2 are confusing some people. This article points out a benchmark report that claims exclusive information on the Galaxy Note 2 performance, which is shocking considering the secrecy surrounding this smartphone and also the lack of details from officials.

Statistics from GLBenchmark state the Galaxy Note 2 has a “1280×720” screen resolution, which is of unknown size and technology. They also state the phone is running on Android OS 4.0.4, and packing a 1.6Ghz quad-core Exynos processor. Considering the first Galaxy Note has a resolution of 1280×800, this made some people doubt the credibility of the benchmarks and those that did believe the claims expect a disappointing Galaxy Note 2.

One reader has explained a reason for lower screen resolutions in benchmark reports, and they claim the benchmarks are normally run-off a set screen resolution. This is done in order to make it easier when comparing to other devices, and this could be set at 1280×720. Take a look at the benchmarks and further details via the above links, and then share a comment below.

What are you expecting to see with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and is this a smartphone you would really love to own?

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  • Michaelwilson

    The new note probably does have a 1280×720 screen. The note will be slightly thinner in portrait and longer in landscape to help with some peoples problems holding the phone. Instead of having to modify software to shrink in size and move from one side of the screen or the other so that your thumb can reach.

  • Aaron Vavricka

    im with william_lau i highly doubt it would have a 720p screen. the note now is amazing!!! SGNII!!!!

  • This would most likely be the 1st phone that I would pre-order. The Galaxy Note i have now is just fine but then I kept asking if samsung would ever make a better phonetab…..they answered my question in less than a year lol. SGN2 here I come!

  • Harveyd63

    Come to Verizon! !!

  • Tomekinaofa

    I don’t care I just want it to come to sprint!!!

  • Tillax

    I’ve always been a fan of the iPhone but looking at the existing note and the s3 (both amazing) I can’t imagine what apple would have to do better either the S3 or the new note. My next phone will likely he a samsung android device unless apple both produce something very special (which I’m beggining to doubt) or allow more customization and freedom in general (which I doubt even more). The new note seems ideal for me but I would like to see slightly improved resolution over the possibly leaked benchmark figures. I’m hoping that the fixed test resolution theory is true.

    • William_lau

      I’m hoping for a 1080p RGB Matrix display with 442 ppi

      • Tillax

        442 ppi, that would be incredible but I’m not sure my eyes would appreciate the full benefit of such a pixel density. The existing note does have an amazing screen already but I still think it would benefit from a slight improvement and I think my eyes would notice.