Nexus 7 screen quality issues

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 22, 2012

There are a number of reports online that focus on the screen quality of Google’s Nexus 7 tablet, and the amount of users reporting display problems seem to be increasing. The real issue here is the amount of people reporting the screen popping out compared to the number of devices sold, although the percentage of consumers reporting problems with their Nexus 7 has yet to be seen. The Nexus 7 wouldn’t be the first tablet to launch with screen problems, and we remember giving the iPad 2 a hands-on, which included LCD backlight bleeding that reportedly affected a certain batch of devices.

Interestingly it seems that the quality control of Nexus 7 screens might be worse than first thought, which is thanks to a range of issues being claimed. We’ve seen screen separation from hundreds of users, and one Nexus 7 owner said “the screen is popping out on the left side“, and they worry that if a replacement came would it have the same issues? Some people are waiting to hear Google comment on the problems.

Another report, seen in this article, claims the Nexus 7 is experiencing backlight bleeding similar to what we found with the second-generation iPad. This information came thanks to an image posted on Twitter, which you can see below and it clearly shows light bleeding from the edges. This example is pretty bad considering our experience with bleeding on the iPad needed a dark background, although the Nexus 7 bleeding in this photo is clearly on a white page.

Until Google confirms the percentage of Nexus 7 faults when compared to sales, then we should take these issues as they are and not necessarily an example for all Nexus 7 tablets. The only problem currently is the lack of information from Google on the seriousness of these issues, which continue to grow with reports of dead microphones, dead pixels, touch screen issues, backlight bleeds, screens separating and popping out, and a few other minor issues.

Have you had any problems with your Nexus 7? It’s worth noting that a number of people have contacted PR, and they stated Google had been very helpful after explaining their problems. Some people have replacements on the way, and they’re hoping these don’t suffer from similar issues.

After having a quick look on YouTube we could see numerous videos showcasing issues with the Nexus 7 screen quality, and we have included a few of these below. The problems in the videos include the screen touching itself, phantom typing, screen flickering, and in the first video you can clearly see the detached screen issue. These problems follow the hundreds of complaints over shipping delays that plagued the Nexus 7 at launch.

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  • vanwinkle

    I have had mine for over 2 weeks now and cannot report so far any of the problems listed above. Of course all electronic devices will have some batches that are faulty. Anyone who works in a relatively low paid job in a factory are going to have days when they say “**** it I know this ones faulty but its home time… or such ” My device is slick ,fast and my only complaint is no 3g but I knew this when i bought it. Also I am waiting for the bbc and 40D to get moving with html5 apps. Apart from this I am really happy.

  • R_bradwell

    I would avoid the nexus because of the quality issues. I have had 2 from Google play now and both have major defects. Getting a refund from Google is like pulling teeth. Very poor, have now been transferred to an expert since asking for refund. Of course no email from expert yet 🙂 . Only solution may be charge back on visa. Will update when have more.

    • I ordered one on the 28th june, never got it

      they gave me a false tracking number that not even the google call centre staff could track. told me it shipped over a week ago……………

      I rang up today and cancelled (they never replied to one of my 5 emails over the last month)

      the only thing they done well was take my money, if I don’t get a timely refund im gonna go chargeback route too.

      looking at these issues im gonna wait and spend £100 more on a better quality product.

  • zoozie

    I have the screen flicker issue..

  • bravokiloromeo

    I have one of the dead touchscreen issues. Google’s launch with this was quite frustrating – they released the Nexus to parter stores before they shipped their online preorders (and I preordered as soon as the page was updated), and they obviously rushed production and shipping without regard for quality.

    While it won’t hurt Google significantly, it will probably tick off a decent number of people. Google is slowly learning that people want a simple and refined experience with the devices and OS’s.

  • SteveTheMonkey

    I have the screen popping issue on 2 devices now, its not a major issue though.
    Given the price I wasnt expecting perfection so I canjust about put up with the tinny speaker ad the screen creaking every now and again – just hope that it doesnt get any worse.

  • what a surprise that a $200 tablet with a very sped up design process would have quality issues! seriously, am i the only one that saw this coming?

  • Glenn37216

    The 3rd video down (the grainy one) is mine. My touch screen has completely gone out now. I’ve sent in for a request for an RMA with Google and I’m currently waiting on a shipping label to be sent to me via Email.

    I firmly believe the first batch of tablets were rushed out. After reading the hundreds if not thousands of issues over in the XDA forums… the Play store seems to have the majority of the defects coming from the early batch of releases.