New iMac still a 2012 possibility

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 22, 2012

The possibility for a new iMac in 2012 is still on the cards although we are running out of time, especially considering we are well into the 3rd quarter, but recent Apple rumors point to October as the last chance for a release date this year. The computer we’re writing this article on is a 2011 iMac, which we purchased in May last year, so with more than a year passing it seems a refresh is likely to come soon or miss 2012 completely.

Apple’s CEO has already hinted that any chance of an upgrade this year with Retina is basically not going to happen, but you could expect some Ivy Bridge love, storage enhancements, more memory, and other speed improvements. Numerous sources are claiming that later this month components will start to ship for the 2012 iMac, which will then take a little while to be assembled, so this would result in a launch in the 4th quarter for an iMac with a specs refresh.

Launching a new iMac and iPhone 5 at the same time – we find it hard to believe Apple would launch their biggest product, the iPhone 5, and the new iMac at the same time. This also doesn’t include the fact that iOS 6 will release this fall with iPhone 5 and millions of older iPhones as well, so with such a busy 4th quarter Apple will likely face major strain on resources. Some analysts believe that a specs refresh at the end of July is better, or if this window is missed then nothing should happen until a major upgrade in 2013 with the Retina iMac.

The start of this month started to show hints of an iMac refresh when stock started to run low with popular retailers, although it later proved incorrect and this had only been certain promotions causing issues. Following this report potential buyers are now pinning hopes on October, and hope the upgrade will include their wished for features like USB 3.0 and faster processing power.

Could you wait until 2013 for a new iMac? If you are like us and bought the 2011 iMac then it might not be such a big deal to wait a little longer, although those of our readers that skipped last years iMac might find waiting until 2013 a bit much. It all depends on the value you put on the Retina display, and if you do want this feature then it looks like you got to wait until 2013 no matter what happens this year.

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  • Turning-In-His-Grave

    Been waiting for 6 months for a new iMac.  My Mid-2007 is really bogged down now (seemed to get so after Lion). I also need to buy another iMac for work. Please Apple, just release the iMacs now. It’s getting to look like the iMac introduction is run by “the marketing guys” instead of when supplies are available. If they aren’t putting a Retina display in them (which I’d love but don’t need and am not waiting for that), it seems they should have plenty of Ivy Bridge chips, Thunderbolt, USB3 etc. by now and I can’t understand what’s holding them up from releasing them … unless some marketing guy is timing the release in such a way it won’t bump into the hooplah over Retina MacBook Pros and such. Or maybe someone’s timing it so that they can get the stock up … just seems odd that it’s been MUCH longer than any other time between releases.

  • A_zanandreis

    Why is Apple so slow in sending the new IMAC ..?? there are so many people out there waiting for buying the new Imac (me included) and apple is there sitting in their office telling us nothing on the matter..!! at least say to us if is coming in late july or october or 2013.. we are SICK of waiting !!

    • Smith9802

      I’m still rocking a 2006 Duo Core…but this old girl’s time is running out. I’m no longer able to upgrade to new anything new…Things are slowing down a bit, but the fact that I’ve had it this long allows me a bit of insight. I don’t need to be on the bleeding edge, but I’m really ready for something new to come out in the iMac line soon. 

  • Guy44racer

    I need two new computers for our office like three months ago and have been looking at IMac and also the touch screen PC. I’ve only owned pc’s in the past and it hasn’t been that bad. The reviews on the IMac seemed so good thought ok ilkk get two of those. Well I refuse to buy a 2011 model computer when there are newer ones available. Getting tired of waiting so I guess come August 1 I may have to forget the Apple and get the PC. Bummer but my 6 year old pcs need an upgrade.

  • Whirlwindgraphics

    My old power PC G5 mac pro is just limping along, waiting for a new 27″ iMac replacement. I REALLY need it SOON, to upgrade to the Abobe CS6 suite! Don’t care about the retina display, but sure would like the Ivy processor. If my mac pro dies before the new iMac release, I will be seriously TICKED!

  • I also waiting for iMac or the Mac Pro retina.
    This waiting is killing me and I am having thoughts of buying another HP or Dell.

  • Getto

    I’ve been waiting all year for updated iMac to replace my ageing Mini. I can’t wait any longer and I’m going to upgrade to a new Mini. Cheaper and it will keep me going a few more years.

    Apple has lost on a much better sale.

  • havoc

    just release an upgrade already! Don’t care about Retina displays- have been counting the days to buy the new iMac which my office desperately needs! Really am over all this speculation and waiting…

  • Aragoth

    OOOOH  I have an idea….. get a PC.

    • Afanboy

      Not an option, we r going for quality not quantity.

      • I thought we were waiting for a new Apple iMac to work on, not waiting for a PC to, well, work! Either way we’re still waiting.

  • atriusny

    iPhone 4 was called iPhone 4 because it was the 4th generation. Why would apple call their 6th generation phone 5?

    • Amer

      And what about the 2nd generation iPhone (released in 2008), do you remember how was it called? So, your logic is isn’t correct.

      • atriusny

        Yes, it was called 3G because it added the 3G technology to iPhone. The only phone apple called by number was iphone 4 and it was the number of its generation. So if the next one will be called by a number it will be 6.

        Having said that I think apple will follow what it did with iPad and will simply call it iPhone and document it as iPhone, 6th generation.

  • Rob Mosen

    Was hoping to replace my ageing Windows PC with a new iMac and have been waiting since the end of 2011 to purchase one. Not going to invest that much money in yesterdays specs when a new one is imminent (or at least I thought). I’m expecting it to last significantly longer than my dying PC so want as up-to-date spec as possible. Just not sure my PC will now last that long! 

    • Wayne Espinola

      I’m in the same boat Rob. My aging MacBook Pro is getting slower by the day. It has run like a champ for 5+ years now, but it is time. Like you, I’m not willing to buy today’s iMac when the new one is so close to release. I just wish Apple would give more notice, so I could plan/prepare. Instead, I have to monitor blogs everyday and read a lot of speculation (oh, the wasted hours). I use a 2011 iMac at work (using it right now), and I love it! I hope they release it soon before my old MBPro retires itself. Best of luck to us Rob.

  • Brucepivnick

    I have been waiting and waiting for almost 9 months to buy my first iMac. I won’t buy a 2011 version either. I will just wait longer, really getting irritated and pissed off that they have taken so long

  • Paul

    No way I will invest money in 2011 technology. My iMac is 3+ years old but I rather wait than give apple premium price for old stuff. I want an SSD as my startup disk, usb 3.0 – don’t care about Retina that much frankly, my 24 inch iMac -yes that old- looks fab still 🙂

    • Scott Evans

      1920×1200 looks great until you see 2560×1440. So i can imagine what doubling that would be. Don’t know if i really want to pay 500-600$ more just to get a higher resolution, but it would be pretty epic. As long as they don’t scale it down like they did to the retina macbook pro. 🙂

      • Scott Evans

        I have a 27inch 2.66 i5 from late 2009. Been thinking about buying a new one for almost a year now. But also refuse to buy old tech. Now that Ivy bridge is aging and a new processor is going to be released in march or april of 2013. I almost want to wait till next year. Ugh.