iPhone 5 size credibility

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 22, 2012

The credibility of Apple’s phone has been proven through amazing growth and sales, which considering we are talking about one phone it is a success story worth admiring. The iPhone 5 has recently been predicted to have 80 million sales lined-up already, if a certain report is to be believed, although we would expect this to be pretty spot on after looking at sales of the 4S model.

The photo above shows the iPhone 4S next to a Samsung Galaxy Note, and this illustrates how the size of the iPhone has kept pretty much the same while other smartphones are growing at each release. One reason a number of users are moving to Samsung is the bigger screen size, and this includes some iPhone users, but Apple know they need to increase the iPhone 5 display size and this is expected but only by a small amount.

The rumors of a longer iPhone 5 with about the same width have been repeated a number of times from difference sources, and the photo below shows what is claimed to be the 4S model against the upcoming iPhone 5. Even if this image is not of the final design, or any testing unit, it is certainly similar to what the iPhone 5 is expected to be in terms of size.

One of the iPhone features a lot of Android users poke fun at is the display size, and it’s common to hear about how small the iPhone looks and claimed to be “so 2010“, which is not due to specs but all about the size not changing to keep up with the norm in 2012. Features do need to improve each generation, although the old saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” could be right when it comes to the size of a mobile phone.

How big should a mobile phone be? The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is expected to be bigger than the first generation, which is already sized at 5.3-inches and certainly aims for a niche. There is obviously a market for this smartphone and this is seen by the amount of people leaving positive comments, and reviews of the Galaxy Note, but would those people that state the iPhone is too small also say the Galaxy Note is too big?

What would your ideal iPhone 5 display size be? The iPhone 4S and Galaxy Note are at totally different ends of the smartphone size scale, so this comparison is ideal to see how different phone sizes can be, but is it right for the iPhone 5 to feature a display that only slightly increases in size? Watch the comparison video below that compares the iPhone 4S to the Samsung Galaxy Note, and share a comment about the differences in size.

Give me a phone on my ear, not a tablet – In our opinion a slightly wider and longer iPhone 5 would be perfect, but anything near the size of a Galaxy Note would feel more like a brick or tablet on our ear, and certainly not what we think is ideal for phones. If you want to hear the latest rumors surrounding the iPhone 5 release date, then see our article from earlier today.

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  • Need a better iPhone !

    4.5 to 4.8″: would be useful. I have a 4S and a Galaxy Note and I would have to say that 4.8″ seems very attractive. I’m sick of squinting at iPhones. iOS Apps deserve more real estate. I am not going to buy an iPhone again until they do a decent sized screen …oh…and flash! It ain’t going away guys, iPhones need to have the player!

  • Alberto

    Karl Malm nailed the problem. If the rumours are true Apple is going to let down a lot of people.
    I have an iPhone and I love it, but I do a lot of reading, surfing, and usual computer stuff (much more than calling actually) so it’s been small since the beginning. I’m probably going to buy the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 as soon as it gets out

  • Karl Malm

    There is no one size that’s best for all customers.

    Apple needs to swallow its pride and release at least two models (with the latest hardware):

    One “standard” model at 3.5 inches, to not
    lose customers wanting a small phone.

    Another “XL” at least 4.5 inches to not lose customers who’d otherwise choose big Android phones.

    This elongated 4 inch rumor would only displease everyone!

    • pjh123

      I think you’re exactly right! I had a 4″ Samsung Captivate for 2 years and recently considered waiting for the new iPhone.  But then when I saw the rumors that it was only going to have a slightly bigger screen size, I opted for the Galaxy S3, which has been awesome.  And it’s not like I’m an Android fan-boy.  I bought the new iPad on its release date and love it too.  I just like great products.  But I think Apple might be missing some sales if they don’t do something to address the wider range of screen sizes that people are looking for, as you’ve pointed out.  Sure, they probably will sell 80 million units pretty quickly.  But maybe that number would be 120 million if they offered more choices.

  • Abs

    I personally like the screen size of the 4s, it’s been my favourite in terms of size.

  • Mariopapa82


  • sourgrapes22

    the bigger the better – I don’t do much calling, but a lot of reading and email. I am seriously looking at a Galaxy note. 

    • pjh123

      I seriously considered the Note, but just couldn’t go quite that big, as far as lugging it around.  I did enjoy testing it out in the store.  So instead of that I got the Galaxy S3 and the 4.8″ screen size is great. It’s enough bigger than my previous Captivate, but still small enough for a belt case.

  • Ananomous

    4.0-4.5 ideal would be 4.3. not too big that it is like i am holdin a tablet, but perfect as far as enough room to mess around with.. especially with the already touch friendly interface, the 4.0 size is definitely great.

  • Tillax


  • Nick

    4-4.3 INCHES

  • poop

    I like poop.

  • Dgd


  • im 5’4 so the new iphone will be the most perfect size ever!

  • 4in – 4.3in