iPhone 5 August launch discarded

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 22, 2012

Now that most Apple fans realize the iPhone 5 June launch window has past it seems all eyes are looking towards a release date in fall, which is around the same time as iOS 6. This hasn’t stopped certain blogs claiming they have an exclusive story and this has included pinning August as the new iPhone 5 launch month, which just didn’t add up to us when we first heard about it.

Following Verizon’s financial phone call 3 days ago most reporters and bloggers touched on the hints dropped about a fourth quarter iPhone 5 release, which came thanks to Verizon’s CFO explaining an unnamed smartphone would be a big launch for the last quarter. This would obviously be the iPhone 5 to most Apple fans, some Android users might disagree with this assumption, and at first this didn’t seem to tell us anything new.

Apple Phone 5 August launch discarded – considering the fourth quarter doesn’t include August and if we are to believe Verizon’s CFO had been talking about the next iPhone, then we can pretty much forget about the rumors of a launch next month. This would also support the recent report about the iPhone 5 being in an EVT3 engineering stage, which is not final production and also makes an August launch impossible.

Apple are making some big changes with the 2012 iPhone and by simplifying their supply logistics it seems that time and money will be saved, which includes redesigning the display to use technology that makes the screen thinner and supplied from one source.

There had also been an expected drop in iPhone sales over the last few months, and with Apple changing the launch window with the 4S and confusing consumers with the release this year, it seems the slower sales will last longer in 2012 thanks to this uncertainty. Why would you want to upgrade now when a major refresh is on the way?

Are you looking to purchase the iPhone 5 on its release date, or will you give iOS 6 a spin first? If the data and power connector gets smaller on the next iPhone, as expected, then we hope to see a free adapter inside the box as well.

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  • Ben

    I wish they’d just release it now, I’m stuck with this crappy malfunctioning piece of crap called the iPhone 4 until then!

  • It will be October 5th to mark the anniversary of Steve Jobs death. It wouldn’t suprise me if they called it the iPhone SJ

  • iPhone 6

    I want iPhone 6 now! Forget 5 timewasters!!

  • Hussain_k7

    I waited too long, I have been an with apple since iPhone 3 , but moving to the samsung S3 tomorrow.

    • Darr


      • why is it a mistake,and why he is a dickhead?the s3 is great phone
        way better to manipulate aswell.yuo apple fans are very sad bunch of loosers.

    • Raidanlara

      What a mistake

  • alybaba

    why reveal an October release date 3 months in advance instead of keeping everyone in suspense while still making money off of the impatient ones who give up waiting and purchase the 4s immediately before the announcement of an updated versions release. would not be a good business tactic

  • PL

    bad bad apple

  • Yes

    apple is to slow regarding iphone news…….thinking of samsung galaxy s3 instead.. 

  • Saad Khans

    I personally think they will just reveal the ios6, state that its comin this fall and reveal the iphone 5 with the release of ios6

  • Ananthakrishnands

    we want iphone5………………………………………………………………………

  • RickyT

    I miss the WWDC launches, they should bring back that release window. As to rumors I say keep them coming as if no site reported rumors on the iPhone 5, then there would only be news once a year when Apple holds the event.

    So thinking about it like that, you can bet all the tech sites will continue to hunt rumors and leaks each week.

  • Iphone Freak

    I agree with this guy ^^^

  • HelloWorld

    Just stop it with the rumors. Getting everyone hyped for no reason, let Apple give the official word.

  • Rpm

    Freakin iPhone ..just tell us when is the release date…

    • Bnc20062008

      August 7

      • Bnc20062008

        ….then you will know.