GTA V and Watch Dogs have mutual plan

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 22, 2012

Comparing Grand Theft Auto 5 and Watch Dogs might not be a fair fight, especially considering the fan base Rockstar has attained over the years, and while Watch Dogs looks amazing visually it would still need time to build a following. Watch Dogs did make a showing at E3 2012 and left many gamers searching for more news, which also stole the show for some gamers. It has been revealed over the last couple of days that GTA V and Watch Dogs have a mutual plan to give Gamescom a miss.

Gamescom is one of the world’s largest trade fairs and will be an event focusing on entertainment and interactive games, but Rockstar and Ubisoft are not bothered about displaying the above titles at this gaming event. Confirmation that Ubisoft’s Gamescom lineup lacks Watch Dogs had been published here, although the article does point out that Far Cry 3 and Assassin’s Creed 3 will make an appearance.

When it comes to GTA V it seems that Rockstar are not bothered about E3 or Gamescom, and in fact some gamers feel the Grand Theft Auto franchise is too big for these game events. It had been thought that GTA V would make a showing at Gamescom, which came after a few seconds of the next GTA game landed in a trailer for Gamescom. This had been from the original Grand Theft Auto V trailer and those behind Gamescom have since explained this had been “in error“, and offered an apology for any confusion.

They have since removed the GTA reference from the Gamescom trailer and we also notice a recent TV spot, seen in the video below, having a disclaimer after it that states “games sequences contained in the Gamescom trailer are taken from already published game-trailers“, and that these visuals are not to be taken “within the scope of Gamescom 2012“. You can see an abstract from Gamescom in the image on this page, and this has now cleared up any initial confusion with the Gamescom trailer and what it might mean for this years event.

It’s worth noting that Rockstar would prefer to launch their next GTA 5 trailer directly on their website, and don’t normally reveal trailers during events. Currently the release date for GTA 5 could fall in 2012 or 2013, and Rockstar are yet to confirm the year, month, and exact launch date.

Would you buy both GTA 5 and Watch Dogs, or are you dedicated to one franchise? You might also want to read about the confirmation of planes in GTA 5 and how realism is needed in an earlier article, and a look at Sleeping Dogs here. The second video below shows some Watch Dogs gameplay from E3 this year.

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  • With NBA 2k13, Borderlands 2, XCOM. coming out this year.
    another XCOM, and BIOSHOCK next year (two months apart early) 
    this game most likely won’t be out till maby a year from now. 
    I REALLY REALLY HOPE i am wrong. 

  • Chances are Watch Dogs is going to be next gen console. if i was a betting man i’ll bet that. (only reason b/c i can’t put that game in my gamefly q.) also the release date is to be confirmed in 2013. so that could mean it won’t be out till maby 2014. who knows.. 

  • watch dogs is different it has different gameplay different idea so its more exciting then gta 5

    • More or Less. its the same type of game. only difference i see. you can use electronics around you to your advantage in watch dogs. 

  • Zacktacularme

    If you look at GTA since they have started, they haven’t really taken the game as far as you would think a franchise of that caliber would be. The story is always the same, you’re a gangster/mobster/hoodlum and you fight for control of a corrupted city. The game mechanics are always the same, the graphics always slightly improve from the previous game but that is it. hell, look at the marketing aspect..clone copies. I will admit that Watch_Dogs is the underdog going up against GTA but i feel that GTA is outdated and Watch_Dogs is going to do better if they end up going head to head. personal opinion. 

  • Alan

    Honestly I want gta 5 and watch dogs to come after the next gen consoles because it would suck to have to switch discs out because I own a Xbox 360 and like l.a noire and max Payne I dont think the Xbox could fit it all in one disc

    • A disk with a DLC code for. the game will workk out just fine. (extra bonus item for pre-orders) 
      If the rumors are true about next gen consoles then looks like i’ll be going to pc gaming..
      and next gen consoles won’t be out till around 2015. 

    • Hehehe, pc gaming. 

  • i like gta games but if they plan on making a gta 5 they better make it soon

    • Puck

       GTA V has been in development for a long time. It rumored to be released in Q4 of 2012 but more recently sources indicated it might be Q1 of 2013.

      • Thats the problem rumors. I’ve heard that the build model is complete and that they are just working out the bugs. if thats the case then game could/should very well be out by end of this year.

  • Snake050872

    Watch dogs (and I could be wrong) seems locked in a steel and concrete city. Boredom Galore! so was GTAIV, boring again, you could not even dive underwater like in GTASA! Now rockstar is going back to where the fun is GTASA FUN! and probably adding more fun like camping, hiking, surfing, mountain biking, house living, you name it! It will destroy WD if you ask me

  • Munkeymomo

    To be honest I think I’ll be buying Watch Dogs, GTA 5 and Sleeping Dogs, they all look epic and I love that genre, so why pick one or the other? Both for me. 🙂

  • RaoulFlannagan

    It would be so epic if Rockstar made a surprise appearence at GamesCon…a big “f**k you” to Ubisoft! 

    • Josh Gordon

      Watch dogs will kill gta5. What new will there be to do in gta 5? NOTHING. Watch dogs looks NEXT GEN gta5 looks just current gen average. Dont be a fanbody and hate Watch dogs. i USED 2 be a gta fan

      • there will be lots of stuff to in GTA 5.

      • Dannyboy 1993

        Hmmmmm it would seem you don’t have the ability to be a fan of more than one thing.

      • Ty

        gta 5 is going to be just as good as watch dogs and there will be more things to do

      • bill

        Given its fan base and fluid open world freedom, allowing players to cause havoc, something Watchdogs, revolving around more subtle, nuances means, evidently won’t by design allow to the same degree, I think both will sell well, but GTA clearly has the upper hand

      • but then you took a GTA IV to the console

      • Zacktacularme

        I completely agree. WD is where GTA should have been like 2 years ago.

        • Josh Gordon

          Exactly. GTA is supposed 2 be the head of sandbox games or what ever the genre is/ They should of made the world mapping size bigger in gta4. That would of been the big step again. Im not talking about how big the map is, Take a look at watch dogs. It feels real because people are actually tall. the roads are very wide. cars look the same size as they do outside ur front door it looks like a real life. I can already tell the game is going to be better then gta because theres more to the game. U will be able 2 hijack cars. Run round killing people and it will be alot more realistic. Disappointed with the gta5 trailer big time aswell i really expected it to be a BIG game. Dont see the point in releasing it this generation anyways its nearly over

  • TekkenOne

    Im thinking WatchDogs is going to give GTA 5 a run for the boarder. the game demo was pretty sweet action and full of that’s kick ass..  Rockstar needs to pull thier heads out of their asses and give up some new info, trailer, photos.. something… bound to grab up both. glad someone is atleast stabbing at a interesting concept of a popular game.

    • They did release photos a few weeks ago for GTA 5. (don’t know what happend to the trailer they where suppose to post online)
      And i’m going to stop you right there and say that GTA5 will destroy Watch Dogs. 

      • gta fan

        watch dog might have more graphics but it wont be good as gta v

        • more or less that is what i said gta fan.

      • Zacktacularme

        It what way will gta beat wd? is it gta’s same story they have used for every game? their inferior graphics, or maybe the fact that they refuse to take that step into the 21st century and use items other then guns lol. wd has a better system for these things. I have seen it first hand and it does things that I have yet to see in gta. unless gta evolves, its re-releasing gta IV with a new city…exciting. sure you can possibly go camping or hiking but for what? to see choppy mountains and outdated water renderings on a stream? the textures are not consistent is what my problem is with gta. they offer more misc things to do because that’s all they can. 

        • well see who wins when both games are out. lets just wait till then to argue 

  • Austin

    what about dawn guard for ps3

    • Bob

       …. if you want to find Dawnguard news maybe you should, get this, search for it instead of GTAV?

  • DeadCell79

    I will be getting both. Theres no question about it. I just hope both games are for this current Gen and not the next

    • they shouldn’t be. Last i heard GTA 5 is done. they are just working out the bugs/glitches.
      but don’t know about Watch Dogs

      • Hahahah

        But gliches made gta 4 more fun!!! xD swing set glitch! =D

        • True it was fun, But then it got old

      • Lowpayne911

         Last you heard? Can I hear it too, please, and not from M’aiq the liar?

        • Well IDK who M’ai

        • well i would post the link but it won’t post on here. look up build model done for gta 5. 
          (but like as i said last i heard. It could very well be rumors.)

  • 666 HeRiTk

    They are developing these games for the new ps4 and xbox systems. There will be no games until Holidays 2013. Its the only thing that makes sense

    • assassins creed 3, halo 4, Borderlands 2. just to name a few those games are coming out this year. 

      • 666 HeRiTk

        they’re not coming out with this game for the ps3, sorry

        • assassins creed 3 and borderlands 2 are coming out on your console holiday this year. You said NO GAMES UNTIL holidays 2013. and Halo 4 is a game. even if it isn’t on your console it is still coming holiday 2012. 

        • 666 HeRiTk

          those games you mentioned to me are gay thats why their coming out in 2012. those games I mentioned wont come until the holidays 2013 when the new systems are released. 

        • Watch Dogs most likely will be next gen. But not GTA V.
          I highly doubt these games will be next gen. New consoles won’t be out till 2014 LATE 2013 (MIN)(even if they do come out) I really don’t see new consoles till around 2015.)
          Also its already been confirmed for ps3 and xbox 360. GTA V will be out this year if not then around March in 2013. Watch Dogs i’m going to say that game will come out prob in September of 2013 
          (just throwing that out there).. 

        • 666 HeRiTk

          your going to get your feelings hurt then when you have to come up with over $800 and you have to buy that system just to play the new game

        • no i wont. b/c i’ll be playing GTA V on my xbox360… just you wait.

  • GTA V

    Bboth games look amazing if you ask me so i am getting both and i am a true GTA FAN!

  • liltroyof99

    I would buy gta v. Watch dogs, maybe not sure.

  • Rustinpeace

    That’s a shot from GTA IV. Niko Bellic?

  • Matt C

    March 17th 2014 – Gta 5 released …

    • lc123

       2014? Are you retarded?

    • Lowpayne911

       Yeah, gosh, don’t you know the world is ending this year? :

  • Insanity

    i am gonna buy gta v and rent from the local video club watch dogs

    • Blogan250

      I will buy both since it seems their both going to come out around around late spring and early summer of 2013 . I will get both since that is the time around my birthday.

  • RaMo

    Im going to get both gta 5 and watch dogs and play watch dogs until gta 5 comes out

    • RickyT

      Sounds like a good plan depending on the release dates.

  • Kerry

    I am going to buy both the next Grand Theft Auto and Watch Dogs. GTA 5 is a no-brainer for me, but Watch Dogs looks extremely promising…just look at the visuals in that gameplay.

  • Susan Smith

    Why do Gamescom show trailers for games not going to the event? Stupid if you ask me.

    • Cassius2012

      Because they want to build publicity for their event. But your right it is stupid and very misleading.

  • RickyT

    I just hope GTA 5 comes this year and not next.

    • Niles

      Probably won’t because if they haven’t announced a release date more than halfway through the year and only have one trailer, then they most likely haven’t come too close to finishing it