GTA V Vs Sleeping Dogs gameplay

By Alan Ng - Jul 21, 2012

We still don’t know whether GTA V will be released this year or early 2013, but if you are looking for a similar type of game to get your fix, we think we’ve found it. You may not realize, but the new True Crime game is coming out and it has been rebranded and renamed by Square-Enix as Sleeping Dogs.

We’ve just seen some of the most recent footage for the game and we have to say that it looks pretty impressive. It’s fair to say that the previous True Crime games may have not taken your fancy, but with the series now being rebooted and handled by Square-Enix and United Front Games rather than Activision, things are looking very promising indeed.

Like GTA, the game is an open world adventure with a very big emphasis on hand to hand combat. To up the realism stakes, Square-Enix has even called in UFC champ George St. Pierre to assist with the fighting mechanics and you can get an idea of his input into the game in a clip below.

The city of Hong Kong looks stunning as well from a graphical point of view. It’s not all about the close quarter combat though, as you’ll also be able to participate in gun fights as well and again like GTA, there is going to be a big selection of vehicles to choose from – over 65 we’ve heard.

If you previously haven’t paid attention to this game, perhaps now is the time to do so as some of the gameplay may just take you by surprise. If GTA V is definitely releasing sometime in 2013 which now looks likely, you may want to consider Sleeping Dogs as an excellent alternative.

Take a look at the series of gameplay we have to show you below and let us know which game takes your preference. The US boss of Square-Enix recently said that Activision was ‘crazy’ to abandon the True Crime franchise – do you agree?

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  • Vic 2.0

    Sleeping Dogs is MUCH better than GTA 5 ended up being. After playing SD, GTA 5 did nothing but disappoint me. Sure, it has better graphics and a bigger map. But I can get that just by stepping out my front door in real life! Doesn’t make it enjoyable when everything I tried to have fun doing in GTA 5 had been done better in previous games. Sleeping Dogs is a prime example of that. Only thing it doesn’t have (that counts for anything at all) is flying/sky diving, but then Just Cause 2 did that better three years ago. But no matter, back to SD.

    Now, no one (who’s sane) will deny that GTA 5 has better graphics and the map is bigger. But then, the graphics in SD aren’t BAD either. As for the map, it’s still quite large. And what good is a HUGE map when there’s little (that’s fun) to do in that map considering its size (Google “GTA 5” and “boring” or “bored” and tell me what you find)? Getting from one side of the map to the other is a hassle if not a bore, the protagonists are pathetic and despicable compared to those in SD, the story (if you can even call it that) falls short by comparison as well, and even the lamest extraneous content in SD (karaoke and cockfighting) blows the lamest of extra content in GTA 5 (dog training and yoga) out of the water. That’s not to speak of the hand to hand and melee combat which is infinitely better in Sleeping Dogs, as are the abilities surrounding gunplay and hijacking cars while driving alongside one and hopping onto its roof from your own vehicle, etc. And THAT’S not to speak of Rockstar’s obvious dependency on shock value (because they can’t figure out a way to put any OTHER sort of “value” in their games anymore). Case in point: needlessly explicit voiceovers in 5 if you should happen to hire a prostitute because you always found the experience in previous GTAs… funny? Not anymore they’re not. I’d say they were DISTURBING but then what would I call that whole torture mini-game? You know, the one where you HAVE to torture an innocent person to progress the story? Options include slowly pulling their teeth out with pliers? … Odd choices, Rockstar. Anything you need to tell us?

    Let’s see here. In Sleeping Dogs, you can buy a vehicle, destroy it, and go back to your garage for another one. Skill/perk progression is easily superior. There are minor things that make it better as well, from the ability to take a human shield to the ability to put someone in your trunk and drive around with them to the ability to use your frickin’ cell phone and car door at the same time! You can save outfits to make choosing what you want to change into a breeze. Even the collectibles give you more incentive to run around looking for them, in both terms of their rewards and the likelihood you will actually find something (also thanks to the enormous map in 5). And though this is purely subjective, I would even go so far as to say the radio stations are better in Sleeping Dogs. Ambiance is markedly better, because you can’t walk ten feet in Los Santos without being inexplicably antagonized by someone (addicted to obscenities, it would seem) who apparently has no real beef with you to begin with.

    Which leads me to the importance of location (…location, location). Consider that Hong Kong is an entirely NEW one in every way. A breath of fresh air, whereas the city in GTA 5 is really just a fraction of the same map you played back in 2004. Sure, they added some new (boring) places but not letting us see the casinos of Las Venturas in these remarkable new graphics is unforgivably dumb, as one might call the lack of gambling in general (no, the stock market is not the same, but way to take the excitement out of EVERYTHING, Rockstar)… But Sleeping Dogs has gambling 😛

  • F

    I got Sleeping Dogs the other. I really recommend it, particularly to GTA fans.

  • MrVercettti2

    They really are trying so hard to avoid the True Crime Questions lol

  • Maxy3494

    GTA V vs Sleeping Dogs vs Watch Dogs. I want to get all 3 but i cant cos the amount of memory which they will take up on my PS3 is mad. Ill just be getting GTA V.

  • To me, and this is my personal opinion. I think I’ll get this game only to ease the pain, since the new GTA 5 won’t see the light until late 2012. But still, this isn’t and won’t ever be a replacement for the GTA frenchise. I mean look at it !? It looks good, great graphics and stuff, but the physics engine makes it look like a every day arcade game and even more the game seems very well in combat (wich is the purpose of it) but when you’re roaming around the city in a car or motorcycle, it seems a little cluncky with many unreal aspects. So I’ll get this for the fun it (I hope) should bring me, but when GTA 5 comes out, this is going back on a EB GAMES shelve taking dust like others did before it. 

  • Teddybear

    i don’t think this article was really worth it. i mean, how can you judge 2 things when you know nothing about one and a lot about the other without bias? you can’t simple as. i do think though, in all seriousness, that i wont be getting GTA V for the reason that, idk much about it and it does seem as though GTA are starting to do this to be annoying and to test our loyalty. well, i am not going to lie, they have tested my loyalty and unless there is substantial information about GTA V by next week, i think i wont bother. too much hassle and, for me, that has shattered the illusion

    • Isamieh

      AGREED. But now, just by watching the demo, I actually want to buy this more than gta v because I actually know how the gameplay is going to work out.

  • Guset

    Looks great. Square Enix can have my money as long as it releases before GTAV.

  • RaMo

    i kinda want to get this but it will be dissapointing if i get this and gta 5 comes out like a month later

    • dan why

      Let me let you on a little secret we’ll be lucky if we get GTAV mid 2013 so i’d buy this game to ease the pain 

      • Or we could all play some Saint’s Row 2 since Saint’s Row 3 sucks IMO.