Skyrim DLC 2: Hearthfire is the main contender

By Alan Ng - Jul 20, 2012

Skyrim’s Dawnguard expansion has yet to release on the PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms, but discussion has already begun on what Bethesda is planning next for their following DLC. The name ‘Hearthfire’ is slowly emerging as the main contender for the next Skyrim DLC title, but should we expect something similar in size to Dawnguard, or a much bigger world to explore this time around?

If you ask most Xbox 360 owners if they are satisfied with Dawnguard in terms of content duration, the majority of them will probably say yes, without a doubt. The fact that the expansion gives you a choice between vampires and the Dawnguard and both paths are different essentially doubles up on Bethesda’s previous 20 hour estimation.

However, if you ask the same question to loyal Oblivion fans who have poured over 300 hours into that game, they may still not be satisfied with the length of Dawnguard’s content and would much rather prefer an expansion similar in the mold of Shivering Isles for the next DLC.

So back to the mystery Hearthfire rumors though – does this name really sound like a massive new world to explore? It doesn’t to us and considering that Hearthfire is taken from a conjuration book within Skyrim, we would assume that Bethesda is just taking another little portion of the existing game and expanding on it – the same pattern as Dawnguard.

You can pick up the book in various locations in Skyrim, but a little fact that you may not know about is that the Hearthfire book is also located in Oblivion too in the Bruma chapel. It has already been confirmed that like Dawnguard before it, Zenimax has acquired the trademark for this name, so it’s odd on we feel to be connected to the second DLC expansion.

Back to reality though – Dawnguard isn’t even out for PS3 and PC, so we’re guessing that it is going to be a very long time before we hear some official details on the next DLC. What are your initial ideas on an expansion called Hearthfire? Do you agree with our wishes for an expansion similar to Shivering Isles?

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  • Grumpy Hamn

    Well here’s an interesting story for ya, the tavern in windhelm has a candle on top of the fireplace that has a very unique story behind it. You should all check it out, the inn keeper should tell you about it if you ask.

  • Oneeyedwonder37

    Well guys just by using the info from this page it’s easy to connect…. Every 2nd expansion is about a deadric prince, heart fire is the month of summoning nocturnal, Rune (Of the thieves guild a patron of nocturnal) has a side of his life that was hinted at but never explained, and they make a HUGE deal about nocturnal and her world in the thieves guild quest line… It’s about Nocturnal in my opinion 😉

  • Mazeton14

    Awsome loved downguard even tho it had me running back and forth most the time but man I hope we get some dwemer action up in hear.

  • Nebro7

    How about they get Dawnguard out on PC and PS3 and then I’ll care to speculate about the future…

  • George Magoon II

    I want to see a quest line involving the thalmore and talos worshipers similar to the civil war quest linew.

  • I would personally like to see more from the Psjic monks and more about the Eye of Magnus continuation. That and as others have said more war questlines would be awesome along with as someone else has said  maybe a 2nd war where we kick the THalmor’s ass.

  • Padds-11con

    ALL I WANT IS A STRONG STORY..that gets me of my seat and if elder scrolls will live back up to its standards new land with maybe a few uniqe cities withought load of crap like morthal pretty please Bethesda

    • Nicenahal

      Same! I’ll actually buy it this time if the DLC has a strong story!
      I usually have to run into a dungeon, find something, after killing the boss discover that I need another something, run into a another dungeon, discover I need a another something.go to a town, talk to someone to get something for them. FINALLY after 2hrs of running back and forth I finish the quest to get a sword that isn’t even as good as my own -.-! The stories are all the same to be honest. I hope they develop skyrim into something more realistic with a strong story. Not another, go get me this in this dungeon.

  • the dragonborn of black marsh

    and the dragonborn stumbles upon it in a dwarven ruin? Sounds awesome. Hope you guys like too.

  • the dragonborn of black marsh

    I know that everyone wants to go to cyrodill or morrowind but how about we go to black marsh. I mean I know it is far away but maybe like a portal opens up or maybe the dwarvens built a plane in skyrim secretly

  • callum

    in the dawnguard quests there was a section which you could not pass and led to a door???

  • Dekalbmounted

    Xbox Live coop play!

  • Miner031388

    i really like the new dlc but if they make another i hope its longer

  • Gboggess14

    I’ve noticed something in the TES games morrowind, and oblivion that the second major DLC has been about a daedric lord. Hircine in bloodmoon for morrowind and sheogorath in shivering ilse for oblivion. Coincidence? I think not.

    • Foshoskullz

      If they do another daedric lord dlc. I hope its either Mehrunes Dagon, Or Molag Bal

      • Lord Drake


        They Kind of did in dawnguard they said that molag bal created the vampie lords. so i doubt Molag Bal will be it. I think they should do it on one of the divines

    • Killjoy348

      What I want to see is instead a daedric god I want a aedric god quest and maybe some aedric armor with some weapons included

  • Ericempire

    Rune from the Thieves Guild serves as a giant hint towards future DLC seeing as how you say you’ll look for his origins but it’s never expanded on.

    Another thing the game has been hinting at a lot is the continuing of the Great War, or a Great War II because people are always saying things are tense and that the Empire only signed the treaty to rebuild its destroyed legions AND that the Thalmor can eliminate the Empire whenever they want they’re just taking their time.

    So there, have two ideas.

    • Ericempire

      As to the name Hearthfire, I really have no idea m/

    • guest

      i’m with you on the thieves guild expanstion also the 8th of hearthfire is the time for summoning nocturnal so daedric quest maybe?

    • Njl12345678

      no theives guild expantion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! alot of crap is glitched with the thieves guild, i cant do their quest line

      • Ericempire

        What is stopping you from finishing it? 😮

    • Nickbartoli

      I hope so. A great war 2 would be fantastic. They could do a lot on it I think and every player would probably enjoy it because the thalmor are such D-bags through the whole game.

  • guest

    hearthfire is the ninth month in their year so im thinking it might come out in september.

  • john

    i think it would be really cool if the remade the shivering isles for skyrim by changed the main quest for it

    • joe

      that would be an absolute waste

  • polo1126

    As someone already noted, Hearthfire is just the name of one of the months in the year. The new DLC, if actually titled ‘Hearthfire’, could refer to almost anything, not necessarily conjuration. My guess is that it will refer to some big event or battle that occurred during Hearthfire years before the events of TESV, and like in every other quest, the Dragonborn will be called to fight off some resurrected evil. Regardless of the premise, I hope we get a larger area to explore, such as the rumored Morrowind or even Solstheim.

    • Guest

      Oddly enough, on TES:Arena there is a holiday on the 3rd of Hearthfire called Tales and Tallows, which celebrates Necromancy, most commonly related to Conjuration. Just a link to add to your theory.

  • HKME


    Hearth Fire is the 9th month of the Tamrielic year, not just an in-game book. I’ve seen this lack of knowledge everywhere and have to say that it’s aggravating to see that so few are actually doing their research. It’s not a chore you know, accessing one of the highly detailed TES wikis.

  • Guest

    Just give me farming where it makes an impact on towns and I’m happy!

  • hope u like the ideas

    me im hopping they will do three dlc at least. I havnt played skyrim since my first time beating it and i wont until the GOTY comes out but during that time im really hoping to see them create a dlc where it goes in much greater dephths into the dragonborn but i think that instead bethesda will probably make there biggest dlc based around the snow elf prince which actually would be pretty BA so long as they dont screw it up eh boys and girls?

  • Cfitz01 Cf

    I personally want massive war scenarios between the imperial legion and the stromcloaks. perhaps the stormcloaks helping hammerfeil with ridding the land of imperials.

    • Bozineboy

      i agree i want massive wars which are replayable as i play on ps3 and cant mod 🙁

    • Seyd

      That Idea wouldn’t work because 1. Which ever side you choose in the civil war quest line destroys the Stormcloaks OR kicks the Imperials out of Skyrim and 2. Hammerfell doesn’t have imperials in it they aren’t fighting.

      • Aragoth

        Actually there is a war going on in Hammerfell, and what you chose could decide the side you would be on in the next war. Also if you have won with Storm Cloaks or the Imperials, then the other is just beaten not destroyed.

        • Guest

          Hammerfell kicked the thalmor out and broke away form the empire.  whatever decisions you make regarding the civil war has no baring on hammerfell.

  • Wiskers_j

    There is a theory going around on the Bethesda forums that says that “Hearthfire” refers to the Psijic monks who perform a special ceremony in the month of Hearthfire.

  • Roy

    Hearthfire is one of the months in the Elder Scrolls universe, not just a book. 

  •  I wanna fight the Thalmor

    • Vin

       Hell yes, i can imagine Dragonborn summoning an army of dragon to rid Skyrim of the Thalmor

  • ninja

    what about finally fighting the thalmor whether as an imperial or stormcloak.  and maybe a nice official dovahkin palace for at least the console players

    • liam farley

      No I wanna be a thalmor…

    • Seyd

      A Dovahkin palace really? That’s the most retarded request ever. What would be the point of houses? And who would make it and why? Sure people like the Dragonborn for what he/she does but who has the cash to pay for it and where would it be?

      • Aragoth

        No it would be a great idea. I have bought all of the houses with my first character, and personally they are just not good enough. One more thing I love having houses it gives you more depth. I am the kind of person that loves going deep into the lore, and going to my house and restocking or dropping off my loot.So next time you decide to call someone else’s idea “retarded” try to be a bit more open minded.

      • Jon

        I like the castle plug-in in Oblivion they need to add something like that.

  • Nerevar

    I want to go to morrowind, there i said it

    • Justcallmegodd3

      Hehe same jawn

    • Aragoth

      There is a good chance of going to not Morrowind but to the capitol. If you go to Riften and keep going south east you will come to a gate that is not accessible… yet.

  • Ryan

    To be honest, I wanted Dawnguard to be like Shivering Isles, but it took so long that I hope the next two are smaller and come quick so they can just start working on Fallout 4. I’m already tired of Skyrim and want to see what they can do with the creation engine now that they’ve got the hang of it. I look at it like this: Oblivion and Fallout 3 both ran on the gamebryo engine, but Fallout had such massive improvements over Oblivion. Imagine how much better Fallout 4 could end up being over the already well done skyrim.

    • the dragonborn of black marsh


    • fallout 4 most likely will be on the next gen consoles depending on their release dates