New BF3 Armored Kill vehicle model names revealed

By Alan Ng - Jul 20, 2012

The world premiere gameplay trailer for Battlefield 3 Armored Kill has now been released and to say it is good is a major understatement. We were blown away by the stunning content shown in the clip and it’s fair to say that September can not come soon enough.

The most exciting aspects of the trailer are the fact that we get another look at the five new vehicles that are coming, but also a first look at the visually stunning snow-based map, which we now know will be called Alborz Mountains. For those that need reminding, Armored Kill will grant you access to 2 new tank destroyers, 2 mobile artillery units, one ATV quad bike and also the ability to control and spawn on a massive AC130 gunship.

Thanks to the trailer, we now have another glimpse of the new vehicles in action. The tank destroyers will have vehicle seats for 5 soldiers and have been identified as the M1128 Mobile Gun System for the US team and the 2S25 Sprut for the Russians. New weapons for the destroyers haven’t been revealed yet, but we can confirm via the trailer that they will both have access to an extinguisher when disabled.

At the start of the clip, we get another look at the new artillery vehicle and its ability to shoot out 6 rockets in quick succession. These have now been identified as the M142 HIMARS for the US and BM-21 for the RU team – the image above shows the artillery in action to give you an idea.

A quad bike is also going to be included and has space for a driver and a passenger. As seen in the trailer, it looks like it is going to be the fastest land vehicle in the game and is going to be ideal for dodging incoming fire from tanks and above. DICE has included a very brief look at the ATV at the 0:25 minute mark – those things are fast!

There’s also some very tasty AC130 gameplay, including a first look at how the gunner sets will operate. It looks like aside from the main cannon seat, there will also be space for two gunners to open fire on the incoming jets around you. At the 0.45 mark, we also get a spectacular glimpse at how the AC130 will deploy its angel flares when locked onto by enemy aircraft.

We’ll be focusing on the other areas of the trailer soon such as Alborz Mountains, but for now it’s all about those new vehicles. Which one looks the most exciting to you? Conquest Bandar Desert on console is only going to have five flags compared to 7 flags on PC – is this a big problem for you or not?

It all looks very epic and we can’t wait to give this a go in September.

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  • tiller659

    As a PS3 player I know that I will never be able to play the game to it’s full potential, but this new DLC looks like it will be pretty sweet. If the new maps really are going to be the biggest ever, there will be practically no ground troops at all. It will truly be total vehicle warfare.

    The only thing I wish they would do for the new DLC is increase the player count from 24 to 32. I wouldn’t think that would put to much strain on the frame rates and things like that, but i don’t design games so who knows.

    Like Dynasty, I’m glad there is finally a winter type map. Nice to have a change up.

    • Mickehogberg

      I hear you..we really need a ps4 whith 64players???

  • Dynasty2201

    Have to say this looks awesome.  I just hope the maps are as big as they should be.  Anything smaller than Caspian Border is a fail.

    While the new vehicles are really cool, people are really, really pathetic when it comes to them, in that they will literally stand by the vehicle spawn and wait for it.  So I doubt most of us will actually get a consistent chance to have a go in the new rocket vehicles or the AC130. 

    They will be abused no end, get nerfed, patched, nerfed again etc.  Sad really.

    Still cant wait though.  This looks to be more Bad Company 2 now than Battlefield, and I like that.  Snow maps as well, finally a change in colour palette.

    • Torchedkiwi

       I hear you man, it’s sad really, but people are just douches, that’s how it works nowadays. Playing on Xbox, this is never going to be played to it’s full extent as it would on PC, I’m sure DICE will fix the issue of the lower player count somehow, but it’s not gonna be as intense.
      I also agree with the colour palette, I’m getting tired of the sodding desert/urban environments.