GTA V planes need realism

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 20, 2012

Hearing that the Grand Theft Auto 5 maps are going to increase in size sounds good, and that Rockstar officially commented on planes making a return fills us with excitement after the hundreds of hours we spent with helicopters in GTA IV, but it’s hoped that Rockstar create something realistic in GTA V when adding these planes with big maps. Within the last 24 hours we have seen a video uploaded to YouTube showing the current GTA game and featuring how planes are done bad, which is due to mods but also highlights a level of realism will be needed within GTA v.

The mindless fun of Grand Theft Auto will increase with the next installment – some gamers are concerned about adding a lot more air combat into GTA V, which can be understood especially in multiplayer situations. The mindless fun can get messy considering the crazy things you can do with weapons, but this is part of the fun and seeing Rockstar expand the map size can only increase the games potential. Customizing cars, reaching new heights with planes, working out in a gym as seen in the trailer, and a lot more can make GTA V feel more realistic.

We’ve included a fun video below that shows how some gamers love some mindless fun within GTA IV, although this is made crazier with mods, so take a look and leave a comment about your most mindless memories from Grand Theft Auto?

Planes need realism and limitations – there will need to be a balance when adding a bigger map and planes in GTA 5, and Rockstar will need to offer a certain level of realism for it to feel real when flying these aircraft, but also limit them in some way to stop things getting out of control and feeling too unrealistic. One of the biggest asks for GTA 5 is modifications for weapons, vehicles and planes. If Rockstar bring these features to the next game it would be interesting to see how they keep a balance of gameplay and realism.

You can expect the planes to be nothing like the unrealistic demonstration seen in the video below, and when mods were used to fly a car in the previous games. Adding features for the game to feel more lifelike can also ruin gameplay if too much simulation is included, and requests for realistic weather, earthquakes, and control rumbles might not be for everyone. Scaling the map size is certainly what most of us want, but how Rockstar fill the bigger map will be just as interesting.

What do you want to see with GTA 5 aircraft and realism? Imagine playing multiplayer and walking around a plane with friends, how cool would that be? There are so many ways we can take to the sky, imagine hot air balloons, blimps, a robot suit like Iron Man, gliding, and so much more. Share a comment with your ideas below and the need for balance.

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  • gay tony

    how to grand theft auto v release date ?

  • Hervey_13

    All those great ideas sound pretty fun,but we have to coinsider how are those upgrades will affect online multiplayer,balance is essential for good gaming online experience

  • Backtothefuture3123

    I hope they let us be a Drug Dealer just as a small mini thing for extra cash, sell weed to the walking npc ,

    certain area known to be drug areas. that would make it more reaslistic

  • ” the current GTA game and featuring how planes are done bad”

    Along with all of these articles.  Give it a rest, Chubb.

    • Icanwrite

      He’s a fricking insult to the games journalism, just stop with this tripe…

  • dan why

    My God you guys are obsessed over this game give it a rest 0.0

  • Jessesacks

    No flying cars. Please.

  • JoshOwens

    There needs to be a distinct element of realism. I like seeing parachutes and helicopters making it into GTA IV, and the possibility of aircraft in GTA V is certainly enticing, but I would not like to see anything like flying cars or flying boats. It has to be fun, but if you make it unrealistic it it will not be as fun. IMO

  • Aron

    They need to retain the realistic feel of GTA IV, but still make it fun and playable, such as bailing out of a car at high speed and ragdolling into everything. Parachutes are a must, and I bet they will make it back. I’m sure it will be a great game.

  • Goat Juice

    I feel a little dumber, having read this article.

    • Tony’s Got Juice

      It’s OK Goat Juice, it might just be your natural way of thinking. Nice article BTW.

  • yeahhhhh

    iron man suit?

    absolutely ridiculous, BUT
    i’m all for it if it’s randomly placed in each lobby
    we all saw what happened with the buzzard and apc in GTA4, i don’t think any of us want to repeat that
    unless they add some sort of anti-air

  • 360Trooper

    The mods in GTA 4 were pretty mad and fun, but I’m looking forward to some more realistic planes in GTA 5.

  • RickyT

    Cannot wait for the bigger map and planes in GTA 5 but realism is a must for me, and considering these will be built by the same developers that create the game I expected it to be amazing. Obviously not like Battlefield 3 aircraft, but certainly something special.