FIFA 13 concerns over Rangers FC inclusion

Many of you are obviously looking forward to playing as the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Man City and Manchester Utd in the upcoming FIFA 13 game. However, spare a thought for the legion of Rangers FC fans, as their team’s inclusion in FIFA 13 is now under serious threat due to the clubs bankruptcy in real life.

You may have initially assumed that it would be no problem for Rangers FC to be included in FIFA 13 whatever the problems, but apparently there is. For those of you that are not aware, Rangers have now been relegated to the Scottish Division 3. If you play FIFA regularly though, you’ll know that there is no Division 3 included in the game.

This now poses a problem for EA on whether to include them in the Scottish Premier League along with Celtic and potentially cause more legal problems in reality as contracts would have to be met in order for them to appear in the same league. Another alternative available to EA, would be to place Rangers in the FIFA 13 ‘other teams section’ as a unique case.

However, that means that Rangers will miss out on participating in the league with their rivals and it may be rather upsetting for Rangers fans who had hoped the crisis wouldn’t carry over to the virtual world of FIFA. A decision on this outcome is now being made by EA Sports according to an article in The Independent, so we should see an end to this soon since the game is due for launch in September.

Any Scottish Fifa fans care to have a say on this? Would you be very disappointed if Rangers are not in FIFA 13? If we were to guess, we’d imagine that Rangers will just be available as a standalone team and not tied down to any particular league.



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