FIFA 13 concerns over Rangers FC inclusion

By Alan Ng - Jul 20, 2012

Many of you are obviously looking forward to playing as the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Man City and Manchester Utd in the upcoming FIFA 13 game. However, spare a thought for the legion of Rangers FC fans, as their team’s inclusion in FIFA 13 is now under serious threat due to the clubs bankruptcy in real life.

You may have initially assumed that it would be no problem for Rangers FC to be included in FIFA 13 whatever the problems, but apparently there is. For those of you that are not aware, Rangers have now been relegated to the Scottish Division 3. If you play FIFA regularly though, you’ll know that there is no Division 3 included in the game.

This now poses a problem for EA on whether to include them in the Scottish Premier League along with Celtic and potentially cause more legal problems in reality as contracts would have to be met in order for them to appear in the same league. Another alternative available to EA, would be to place Rangers in the FIFA 13 ‘other teams section’ as a unique case.

However, that means that Rangers will miss out on participating in the league with their rivals and it may be rather upsetting for Rangers fans who had hoped the crisis wouldn’t carry over to the virtual world of FIFA. A decision on this outcome is now being made by EA Sports according to an article in The Independent, so we should see an end to this soon since the game is due for launch in September.

Any Scottish Fifa fans care to have a say on this? Would you be very disappointed if Rangers are not in FIFA 13? If we were to guess, we’d imagine that Rangers will just be available as a standalone team and not tied down to any particular league.

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  • WATP

    We are the people, always will be. 54 Titles and still counting and world record holders. We will be there in some some shape or form and the current team will still hump the Septic and the rest of the diddy SPL teams. RTID!

  • Sevcoo

    If you want your games and company to be associated to corrupt cheating lying thieving thugs……………………

  • Tommy

    I think Rangers should be put into Rest of World. I understand why the can’t be in the SPL, that would cause way too much hassle. But should FIFA 13 have what FIFA 12 did, once the owner of the game has bought a copy, when starting a Career, they can simply ‘Swap’ Rangers from Rest of World with whatever team they want in, lets say, the SPL. On the Playstation, when picking a team, you pressed SQUARE, and it gave you the option to swap whatever team you wanted for another. Once the game has been bought, it’s up to the owner what they do with it. I don’t see a problem with them being put in ‘Rest of World’. Nothing wrong with it. Rangers have a massive fan base and newco or not, they are still one of the most talked about teams in the UK, not being big-headed by saying that, but look at the papers, not often recently you don’t see Rangers in a paper these days, for whatever reasons. I say Rangers into ‘Rest of World’ and let the owner of a copy decide what they do with them. 

  • Roman

    Once again, Rangers expecting special treatment, if you’re not in the league then you shouldn’t be on a computerised version of that league. Simple as. If the Scottish lower leagues were included then they would be as well, but the fact is no one cares about Scottish football aside from the bigoted, childish, Victorian-age thinking fans that appear to follow most of the clubs. The standard of football in the SPL is shocking so why would they include lower leagues? 

    Feel sorry for the Gers fans after what’s happened to them, wouldn’t want that happening to my team. But as for all this ‘I won’t buy it if they’re not in it’ talk is hilarious, you may have a lot of fans but they couldn’t save your own team from going bust so why do you think people power threats will get you back in the game.

  • Stuarth39a

    Stick them andf all the other bust clubs in the same league to play for the wooden spoon

  • Stuarth39a

    Its a computrised game not a patch on the rerality the ptrevious ownersd of the gers have caused. Mayber it is tiome to wake up and smell the roses

  • Nathan Ballard

    Rangers have too big of a fan base for them not too be included. For obvious reasons we are not going to be included in the SPL I don’t see EA adding division 1,2 and 3 – personally I think we will be included in “Rest of the world” category.

  • Callumpaulmckendrick

    ahahha corse they shouldny be in ther tax dodging scum at nae one cares about ahahahah cheating for years isnt excepted either is aw the fans been rotten and roached ahahahahah! Hail Hail !!!


    Rangers should be in 13 simply because they are the most successfull domestic club in the world fact they are also the biggest supported team in uk fact guiness book of records states rangers hold the record for the most movement of people for a one day sporting event ever fact over 300,000 thousand people in 2008 for uefa cup final .celtic fc should not be in any game involving children as they have a long history of child abuse at there club wich there board and managers covered up for decades they also harboured well known peadophile jim torbett for years under the protection of jock stein fact po

  • Sg0470

    Definately dont think they should be in the SPL, but why cant EA add the scottish divisions 1, 2 + 3, they do it for the English leagues and some other european leagues, so why not the Scottish?? It is great fun making your way up the divisions.

  • Mgreen43

    PUT IT WITH “Rest of the World”. They can play with the Greek teams and Boca Juniors, etc.. Then you can pick them ( without the league tho).

  • Ervert21

    Rangers are most definitely still a team and shall remain one for a long time to come. Leaving them out of the game completely would be a great loss due to their history and world wide support. Putting them in the rest of the world section would be the best idea.

  • Danziscool

    i would be pissed off if Rangers were in the spl, they no longer exist. The club has liquified because they cheated their taxes. The fact that they are even considering it confuses me. RANGERS ARE GONE, FACE IT.

    • the rangers fc

      rangers are not gone! ther club are still proudly playing in scottish division 3! the company have been liquidated and have been replaced by a new company! SAME PASSION, SAME FANS, SAME HISTORY, SAME CLUB!

      • Willow

        SAME PASSION – Possibly
        SAME FANS – Probably
        SAME HISTORY – No! Zero history. Played 0 Won 0 Lost 0 Goals for 0 Goals against 0 Goal average 0 Trophies won 0
        SAME CLUB – Definitely not. If it’s the same club then what is that ‘other club’ (RFC) awaiting BDO’s arrival to liquidate it?

  • Poo

    You’re all completely stupid -_-

  • G_Bomb

    Putting all of the scottish divisions into the game would be great, but it won’t happen. Stick them in the – other teams – section. I love playing old firm matches on fifa with my hun pals, and with the squad that rangers are likely to have there will be some proper pumping to be done.

    • ax’sasnkc

      why not?

  • Reyna

    FIFA 13 should contain an SFL1, 2 & 3 to accomodate Rangers. Everyone enjoys rising through the divisions. EA sports should reward their Scottish fans by having all their professional leagues & teams in FIFA.

  • Graemegh17

    Personally, Fifa 13 should just stick to the way they always do the leagues (promote the promoted teams and relegate the relegated teams).  For Rangers though, they should be part of the “other” team options.  Personally, I think if you could, it would be nice to pick any team in the world, and be able to put them into any league in the world to play in for Fifa games.  Would be nice to play Rangers in the English league just for randomness’ sake. lol.  Just an idea lol.

    • Poo

      You can on fifa 12. When you are choosing a team on career mode press triangle and you can change the leagues. Keep this feature in fifa 13 and problem solved. Scottish fans can just choose rangers from the “rest of world” section and place them in the SPL -_-

  • Hollyflo

    Who gives a monkeys????

  • Jeru Knew

    Jeru, like many others, is confusing the name of the holding company with the name of the club. EA should probably scrap the SPL from the game and include the SFL instead. That’s what the TV broadcasters are currently doing.

    • Kobe

      LOL ur a fuckin idiot

      • Jeru Knew

        And now I see the SPL is begging for a share of Rangers division 3 media rights. They’ll maybe get a few crumbs out of that. Priceless!

  • Jeru

    They (EA sports) have a licence with  the SPL.Sevco 5088(the teams official new name)are not in the SPL so cannot be included in the game.They don’t merit a unique case just ask the SFA about how they tried to make them a unique case haha.Third Division newco.

    • Jeru Knew

      Good point. They are indeed a unique case. Rangers are still all anyone in Scottish football can talk about. Look at you, for example. The obsession continues.